Myrobalan vs Mustang for plums in 4a/b and wet/heavy soil

hungryfrozencanuck(4a)March 1, 2014

2 part question here.

I'm in Zone 4a/b in Quebec, Canada.

I have a 1 acre flat, south facing lot with fairly heavy clay soil and some drainage issues (some areas can be wet for 3-4+ weeks in spring during thaw and again a couple weeks in fall with rains). Summers are hot (25-35 Celsius - 77-95 F) and fairly dry though with 2-3 days of rain it can be wet for 2-3 days after to drain.

I want to try planting some plums from a couple of local(ish) nursery/orchards who have hardy stock.

I'm getting Toka, Superior, Mont-royal and Kahinta. For 2 of those I have options of either Myrobalan or Mustang for rootstock.

Mustang info I found (

Q1) Anyone able to give me advice between the 2 for my soil?

Q2) Also how would they compare in wet tolerance to Bud 9 for apples? I've got wet and not so wet areas so I'm trying to organize where to place my apples vs the plums this spring - the rootstock that is more tolerant wins the wetter spots.



Improving drainage is not an option as I would have to get permissions from over 5 neighbors to trench through their yards.

Planting on large mounds are vetoed by my wife (who is already not super keen on the amount of yard I am expropriating for my mini-orchard).

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You've probably heard the saying...fruit trees don't like wet feet.
I can't answer to the root stock but you might still be able to move dirt which I've done in a low spot. I plowed several times and pulled dirt up with blade on tractor, making a slope for better drainage.

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Thanks but I probably have a 4" drop over 400' so it would take more than a bit of dirt to do anything and as I said my wife is not keen on tearing up the existing landscaping. Thus far I can get away with say a 8-12" high mound that extends 2-3 feet in diameter. I'm just going to plant and see but I want to try and optimize the best I can.

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santo379(9, SE TX)

I have a weeping Santa Rosa plum on Myro rootstock that seems to be doing fine. This is the second year in the ground and it has started to blossom.

I don't now anything about Bud 9, but I use M111 Rootstock for apples, which seems to have some tolerance to wet soils.

I would recommend to mulch as much as you can to help alleviate some of the drainage issues. Mulching every year will help break up the compacted soil allowing for better drainage.

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