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rebeccaguimaraesNovember 25, 2005

For everbody who suffers from geographic tongue, i am very happy to say i have a solution, i had it for 2 years and no doctors helped, they dont know any thing about it, and i think it is pathetic, because through research, i have found a solution in a book. If you have geographic tongue you are suffering from a deficency in vitamin B, so you need to try nettle tea, i also have been drinking fennel tea, it is amazing, it cleared up in 2 weeks. NOw in the morings i drink, hot water and lemon, and nettle tea afterwards(note let it cool, so it is warm when you drink this) I know how frustrating GT is, so i hope this helps many people with this annoying problem, im sure it will, i thought nothing would cure it, but now my tongue is pretty much back to the way a healthy tongue should be.


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Having problems with geographic tongue? I'm a long time sufferer...10 years +. I have the creases, the appearing white spots, the red name it, I've had all the symptoms. I had given up on finding a solution. I've tried eliminating yeast from my diet. I've been taking B complex vitamins for over 5 years. I've applied Kenalog to my tongue, and at night I sleep with a mouthgard. Can anyone relate? Well, I've by acccident have come across something that helps. I broke a tooth on one side of my mouth and was forced to chew food on the other side. After doing this for a many weeks I began to notice that the one side of my mouth where I didn't chew, I was getting those famous white circles appearing. This made me think. Perhaps the lack of swirling saliva in that area could be a possible cause? Thinking this, I took a look at how I was eating and realized that I eat too fast and don't really chew much before swallowing. So after this realization, I immediately tried for the actually the first time in my life to go real slow when I eat and chew my food for prolonged periods of time. In doing this, I attempted to keep a nice amount of swirling saliva mixed with my food all around my mouth. What would take me five minutes to eat, I would now eat for over an hour. I would take a bite, and chew it until it was like puree in my mouth. The result? I immediately noticed a difference. My tongue began to clear up. I've been doing this now for about 5 weeks, and my tongue is holding it's own. I have noticed a few white spots coming around, but they're not as noticeable, and they seem to dissappear somewhat after having a good long meal. This is something new to me, and if anyone out there would like to give it a try, please drop me an email and let me know if you have any success.

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I have had GT for about 10 years and have searched on and off for a long time for a cure. I have wondered if acidity in the mouth was a problem as the only way to take the pain away was and is to drink a small amount of cream or milk which is alkaline. Takes the pain away instantly. Interestingly two months ago I started taking multi-vits and now the flare ups are fewer and further between. When I get a flare up it settles quicker too. I had wondered about a vit deficiency but one lady mentioned the B complex, mainly B2. My acne has also cleared up so not sure if there was a link. I am now able to eat bananas which I have not done in 10 years.

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Link to previous threads on this subject.

The last few posts are a good example of the problem with anecdotes, especially with a disease that waxes and wanes. Geographic tongue remains poorly understood, spontaneous (coincidental) remissions can be mistaken for cures due to whatever lifestyle changes or supplement use is occurring at the same time, and what seems to work for one person (at least for awhile) can't be generalized to everyone having the problem.

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i've had gt for twenty plus years and i've found that eating green string beans makes my gt go away within hours!does this work for anyone else?

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My 5 year old son was diagnosed with G.T. several months ago and I was told that there was nothing we could do but that it was harmless. As he also suffered terribly from mouth ulcers I questioned if there might be a connection. I have suffered from mouth ulcers and had been told that they are caused by a vitamin B12 deficiancy. As a result he started taking it in the only form he could for his age which was with a combination of iron and folic acid. And lo and behold his tongue started to improve and now he has the healthiest little tongue - I am delighted!!

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Let me first start by saying I understand your pain and frustration. This is a terrible problem to have and it doesn't help that just about everywhere you turn (doctors, books, internet, etc.) you hear the same thing - nothing's wrong and no treatment necessary...
I'm now 26 years old and a male.

Here's my story:
I struggled with dysphasia (difficulty swallowing) for as long as I can remember. I couldn't swallow large pills, big bites of food, and about a couple times per week my throat would basically back up with the food I was eating and I would have to excuse myself to the bathroom to bring up what I could... very embarrassing in public!

After years of dealing with it on my own I decided to have it checked out. Over the course of a couple years I had two procedures where they ran a scope down my esophagus to check things out, and on one occasion even shoved something down there all while I was awake!

Eventually, I was diagnosed with esophageal sphincter spasms and was prescribed Prevacid (similar to Nexium, Prilosec, etc.). Amazingly, this almost fully cured my spasms and I can now eat without worry.

I never had geographic tongue or scrotal tongue until after taking Prevacid. Once it hit, it hit hard. Pretty deep cracks started to form in my tongue and large, painful ulcers followed. Just as the ulcers would clear up and I thought the worst was over they came back. I never know what to expect. My mouth dried out, my tongue hurt very bad, it affected my speech, and I became very depressed.

I tried everything I could find on the internet - all of the vitamins and minerals suggested and in all forms, logged what I was eating and drinking, took morning and night pictures of my tongue to try to keep a hold on how things affected it, tried not eating certain foods, drinking apple cider vinegar (yuck), nothing worked... I even purchased the Healthy Tongue Secrets online book hoping for a miracle, but there was no new information there, I got all of that from the web already.

I came across a website made by a guy who figured out his GT (URL below). He suggested watching the amount of alcohol intake and using hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash. I have to admit, I was a bit of a chicken and didn't want to dump hydrogen peroxide directly in my mouth, but I found an alternative! Listerine makes a mouthwash called Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse that contains Hydrogen Peroxide. This in the morning and at night combined with an Aquafresh Hydrogen Peroxide toothpaste have made all of the difference in the world! I still try to watch how much alcohol I drink, and if I know I'm going to I will use the Listerine just before and definitely after when I get home, but I think I've finally got my GT under control.
Occasionally, I'll still get a small spot (about 1/4'-1/2' in diameter) here or there, but for the most part I don't have any of the major issues anymore, plus my teeth are whiter!

Again, I sympathize with you! I know what you're going through. Hang in there and hopefully my remedy will help some of you. Stay positive.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Has anyone had any success with the ebook "Healthy Tongue Secrets". I have tried some of the suggestions but I am still suffering from gt constantly. Should I get my money back? Any suggestions to help with the pain my tongue is in? HELP

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I'm not sure if this posted, so I'll post it again. My GT began 2 years ago. It happens every single time a eat chocolate, even in small amounts. I believe that it's linked to the Herpes Virus, which uses the Argenine in chocolate to replicate. Once the virus dies, the toxins cause the GT. This is personal theory because I see a cause and effect. Sublingual B12 helps, since the sublingual form is highly absorbable. For those who do mouth rinses, you're making it difficult for the filiform papillae (that's what disappears)to disappear, but you're not targeting the cause. I wonder if anyone else out there has GT from chocolate too.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

It is very possible that Chocolate plays some part in triggering your symptoms, the herpes virus connection is not as strong though. Your body never ever ever has a shortage of arginine that is strong enough to discourage herpes from growing, and chocolate does not have so much that it would radically change the availability of arginine in your body. Also what are these "toxins" that are produced?

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There is enough Arginine in chocolate to encourage herpes replication. That's why chocolate consumption is not recommended in avoiding herpes break out. L-lysine is used to suppress Arginine, hence improving the herpes condition. The "toxins" are the die-offs of the herpes virus. Please keep in mind this is my theory only. If it's not the Arginine in the chocolate, then it's some other chemical since chocolate is loaded with chemicals (natural). I could further experiment by exposing myself to other herpes aggrevator and observe if GT occurs in order to confirm or disconfirm the herpes connection. Come to think of it, very strong espresso such as Caribou will bring on GT. Coffee is also high in Arginine.

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I seem to get GT about 4 times a year. This routine has been going on for about 4 years. I have tried all the over-the-counter solutions (Zinc, Vitamin B, Peroxide, Brushing GT area w/iodine salt, applying toothpaste, multivitamin, etc..) and all the above seem to work to some degree, but take 7-10 days. I was not trying to cure GT, but shorten the lifecycle. I've found a way to shorten the lifecycle (stop spreading) to 4 days - if you catch it on day 1. What I've found is going to cause you some pain, so DO NOT do this unless you check w/your doctor. Here it goes:

1. Brushing GT area w/iodine salt for 5 minutes.
2. Apply a few drops of Clove oil - THIS WILL BURN AND TASTE BAD!!!!

Repeat daily until you see improvement.

In my early experiments, I had also applied Wormwood oil, but I almost puked, so don't waste your time on it.

My GT triggers have been rather consistent:
lack of sleep + spicy food + stress + alcohol = GT

Hope this helps,

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My Mayo doctor suggested liquid benadryl and that does help. Someone on the web suggested mixing it with liquid Maalox, and I will try that. GT started for me when I used a plastic mouth guard for TMJ.

I am starting to wonder if it is related to a vitamin B deficiency. Now I have to take water-soluble B vitamins for kidney disease (poor absorption). My mother had pernicious anemia, and had to have B12 shots. So, I'm thinking it's the B's!

Next up: hydrogen peroxide rinse and toothpaste. Thanks, ericsch2000. Couldn't hurt and maybe whiter teeth too!

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No more geographic tongue, canker sores, cheek patches. Biggest help was sub-lingual B12. I was taking it several times a week, but as things got better, I took it less often, Now I take it as soon as I notice a red patch or tongue soreness. It has been a big benefit, esp since I can get shelf brand. Should probably take at least once a week for maintenance.

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I am so glad I found this site, I had gt a few times when I was younger, never last long. I started premenopause and now I have it all the time, my mother has it all her life, and my son has it off and on when things triggers it. I have tried everything, exept for the liquid benadryl and maalox, that will be next, I have tried coconut oil and that soothes the burning but the lesions are fading but still there. I am hoping wants my hormones settle that I will back to normal. I am praying for every one of you who has this problem,God Bless

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I have been having gt for at least the past three years and it comes and goes at random. sometimes for three days other times for a month. I always seem to have it and it burns! I hate gt! I have never tried anything to help it but i am definitely going to try some of these suggestions. No one else in my family has it and i never know when i'm going to get it. my goal: to find a consistent cure

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It amazes me the talk of herpies and chocolate! Ok heres the deal there is not enough information on this condition and drs are not sure of cures. However here it is....if it is gt you have it is a fungus similar to trush. It is caused by certain medications (antibiotics), a weakened immune system (possibly from a disease)(such as cancer or hiv). Anyway long story short the cure is oral Nystatin, a perscription medication you swish in your mouth and swallow, a typical dose is 1tsp 4x a day, it works. I can not believe no one with this condition here has mentioned it! Forget the eating and food changes, vitamins and such and get a script. I hope this has helpped, good luck! I am absolutly amazed at the lack/false information on the internet about this. I have not found anything accurate about this problem so I cannot even add a link other that the one for nystatin.

Here is a link that might be useful: nystatin pub med health

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I've noticed having these spots on my tongue and only through my own research discovered the term GT! Glad to have that answer, though surprised it leads to more questions! Oh well, I actually think I've gotten better! Mine has not come back in quite a while and if it does I'll try the same thing to see if it really can effect it!
For other health reasons I went on a 100% raw 100% fruit & veggie diet. I saw so many things get better that I didn't even know were a problem! The GT healing was one of those benefits!
I didn't even have to do it long, give it a try, everyone is different. I was 100% for 3 days, then only added 1 thing a day (grains, etc) slowly back to processed food over a month.
Hope someone else can benefit, it's great for your whole body!!!
Be healthy!! : )

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I had gt really bad when I was a child i remeber them hurting and nobody knowing what to do and they never seemed to go away when I was 12 I stopped eatting meat and they went away I'm 24 now and though their have been 1 or 2 times that I've had a spot that's it. I don't know for sure if eating meat caused them or not but my son also has gt and I've noticed if he eats a lot of fish and chicken his toung is fine but after a pice of red meat those mean spots show back up I hope this helps someone else I feel your pain and so dose my son

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i have had gt my whole life so quit complaining about it its not that bad it just is annoying kinda like a splinter

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Try eating coconut oil, my 4 year old has had a GT her whole life, and in one week of eating coconut oil every day, it is gone and her tounge is normal!

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Hi all, last year I posted the iodine salt / clove oil remedy suggestion. While that remedy is still useful to stop GT from spreading, I've discovered something that actually prevents GT: Raw unfiltered honey.

I keep a detailed log of my GT outbreaks and remedies because I so very desperately want to be cured. In one of my outbreaks I decided to stop eating dark chocolate, but I had some serious sugar cravings from going cold turnkey. So, I decided to try raw unfiltered honey as a sugar substitute. The strangest thing has happened, no more GT! I do not know how or why this works, but I suspect it because of the live enzymes.

The only other time I was was able to go for a few months without a GT outbreak was when I was on a raw food diet, which obviously contains 100% live enzymes, being that the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds had not been cooked or processed.

I would love it if everyone could try this remedy out to verify my results. Please try taking 4 tables spoons of raw unfiltered honey each day, for 2 months and let us know if it works.

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I agree with Dustin, I have had gt my whole life and it really isnt that bad, the flare ups are minimal and I am not going to make myself gag trying a bunch of nonsense that might work. Linking to herpes...are you people serious?

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I found that keeping some dequalinium hydrochloride on your tongue for 5-10 minutes two or three times a day helps a great deal against the burning, and also lessens the white kind of "plaque" that develops. My theory is that the burning is largely bacterial and/or fungal in origin. I will try the hydrogen peroxide as well.
I also took A LOT of anti-fungals and used anti-fungal mouthwashes such as nystatin and nizoral, but that had minimal effect.

Someone in this thread said that she switched to an all raw diet. It should be noted that humans have been cooking their food for thousands of generations now. If you go completely raw, you are likely the first human in your genetic line for a hundred thousand years to do so. All your ancestors going back at least a hundred thousand years cooked at least part of their food. For the last 8000 years, the vast majority of their diet was cooked (and there was also always a meat component). In other words, your body is not genetically laid out for this, and raw foodism causes its own set of health problems (e.g. frequent amenorrhoea).

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My son has geographic tongue diagnosed as an infant. I am a nurse. I brought him to a lesions of the mouth specialist and he was diagnosed with gt. He is 20 now and still get's it.
Because it basically does not cause any major problems, the medical field has not done any research to find out why it happens and have prescribed any combination of treatments.
I read in a Nutrition Book that it is a symptom of a deficiency of B vitamin, caused by the intestine not absorbing adequate amounts for food.
I began to spot check my son's tongue over the years and discovered that it has a lot to do with his nutrition but never able to pinpoint a specific food.
It started after his 2nd treatment for an ear infection with penicillin he had a bad reaction and is allergic to penicillin.
Last year he went to a Nutritionist who helped up to understand that the antibiotic reaction had affected his digestive tract and absorption of vitamins. With further education and eliminating foods etc., we have discovered wheat intolerance, egg yoke, nut, and various foods have altered his absorption from his digestive tract. He now is one by one eliminating the food that result in the geographic tongue. It is malabsorption due to intestinal inflammation from allergies to foods. Now it only happens when he eats the food he should avoid.

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I first got GT when I was 7 months pregnant with my third child, also the first time I ever took prevacid btw. The crazy part is that when I had the baby she had it on her tongue too. Literally the day she was born. I breastfed her for 7 months and there was never any change. She is five now and we both still have it. She has never complained about it but mine is very painful and is so far on the back of my tongue it feels like sandpaper in my throat...which is why I found this forum tonight. Its hard to say that food causes it when my newborn had it before she ever ate food but certain foods definitely make it worse...and lack of sleep, stress and dieting. I get a vitamin b shot once a week and my GT is worse than ever so I don't think that is a solution either. :(

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I have had GT my whole life, I never met a Dr. who knew what I had. The only suggetion was to soak my tongue in buttermilk which I hate! I started drinking Braggs apple cider vinegar and VOILA much better.

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I have had GT since I got a reaction from taking an antibiotic for a bee sting. The reaction was thrush. Interestingly I noted that in a few posts Prevacid was mentioned. I have been taking Prevacid since 1990. The bee sting was about 3-4 years ago. But for a long time I have been concerned about what happens when taking Prevacid. Since it limits the amount of acid produced, it seems logical that complete digestion may be affected. Without getting the full benefit from the food your eating its easy to see that nutrition will suffer. Unfortunately I've tried to get off from prevacid and have talked to numerous doctors about this, but they all are convinced that prevacid is safe for continued use and has the least side effects. I now suffer from the effects of chronic inflammation throughout my body and can find no way to get back to normal.

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I have had GT since 2006. I was literally traumatized when I started getting the lesions on my tongue! The first person to diagnose me was at an Urgent Care and he jumped the gun and said, "I have no idea! I think it's herpes!" and that led me straight to panic mode. After seeing 5 other doctors and having them look and inspect it they all confirmed it just being GT and that I would have to find ways to maintain it and keep it under control.

I have noticed that it hasn't been as bad in the last year and I am not really sure why except that the only thing I have changed have literally been my intake of multivitamins. I take Host Defense MY COMMUNITY mushroom supplements which are miraculous for colds and flus and I also take Thymex and Catalyn by Standard Process as well as Silica. I have noticed an improvement in the number of "outbreaks" that I have.

The biggest irritants for my tongue issue seem to be trauma-induced. I have severe bruxism and a really bad "open bite" that requirs surgery. Only two teeth on both sides of my mouth meet up so when I chew things I have to kind of get violent to get it all eaten. Well, I notice that if I bite weird and hit my tongue...flare up the next day!

It's the same with canker sores for me. If I bite my lip I get canker sores. I think they are trauma induced. I can also say that knocking out ANY mouth wash including ALCOHOL is a MUST!!! Listerine is a BIG no-no for me. If I use it...INSTANT geo-tongue!

I have geographic tongue right now and I am pretty certain it is from gargling a cayenne/apple cider vinegar combo that was too hot for my tongue. Spicy foods irritate it and get it going.

I really want to slap the people on this board linking GT to herpes because that is untrue and it SCARES people!!! Stop!!

For me, it's always related to the foods I eat (no spices and no alcohol) and any kind of harsh activity that might effect my tongue. Literally...tongue injury! It's not fun. But, it goes away and you survive.

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I have had GT for 4 years now with no answer as to why. I recently went to a naturopath and took and blood test for iGg and iGe response (allergy/inflammatory response) and found out I have multiple foods I can't tolerate. My naturopath said I have "leaky gut syndrome". Our tongue is one of the parts of our body that will "tell all". I had allergies I was completely unaware of (ie. chicken, turkey, etc.). Citrus fruit/citric acid is not part of my foods to avoid, but they definitely add to flare ups. Also, with the leaky gut I was losing all of my vits/minerals, which I have to replace daily as well, staying away from the culprits as well as repairing my intestines with aloe vera juice, L-glutamine, etc. has brought me to the road to recovery. I also believe that yeast goes right along with the GI issues/GT. Also, mad brushing of teeth and flossing keeps er fairly tame. As well, watch hot food/drinks!
Has anyone ever heard of "OIL PULLING?" It is supposed to be wonderful for pulling out toxins in our blood. I just started practicing it. We'll see...

Here is a link that might be useful: Oil pulling

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I started getting a geographical tongue a few months ago and it is in sync with my periods. The first time I had GT it lasted for nearly 2 weeks before I started seeing any signs of relief. My daughter is in med school and when I showed it to her she said it looked like a fungus. So,I put some tea tree oil on my finger and rubbed it into my tongue at night and in the morning the grossness started to slub off. Granted, my tongue was still a little sore for a day or so after, it definitely did not look so gross. I've been doing this every since, 1-2 days and its gone.

BUT!: According to the American Cancer Society: "Tea tree oil is toxic when swallowed. It has been reported to cause drowsiness, confusion, hallucinations, coma, unsteadiness, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, blood cell abnormalities, and severe rashes. It should be kept away from pets and children."

AND so is hydrogen peroxide, even more so if swallowed in quantity and they put it in mouth rinses all the time with a warning not to swallow it.

You could try it ......couldn't hurt. (I am an RN, by the way) Just don't drink it.

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Geographic tongue is cause by the bacteria, H-Pylori. Get tested and following the treatment regimen...and GT will go away probably by the third day of treatment.

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it's so interesting reading people's messages on here. i've had geographic tongue since i was born (32 years old now). it runs in my Dad's family, and other than being embarrassed in 6th grade and the occasional (okay, not that occasional) pain, i never thought to even complain about it. interesting that people are looking for ways to "cure" it, as i always assumed it was something i had to live with.

anyhow, i don't see my family's remedy listed here, so i thought i would share: GENTIAN VIOLET. you can find it in traditional drugstores, or online. this isn't something that makes the condition go away, but it ABSOLUTELY cures the pain immediately, like a topical anesthetic. just paint your tongue with it, and rinse your mouth with water. since i was little, my Dad would put it on my tongue when it started hurting and i've always had it in the medicine chest, even taking it to sleep away camp when i was a teenager. it'll turn your tongue purpler than purple, but it works 100% every time.

good luck, everyone!

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I read everything I can find on GT and have tried almost everything to very little avail. I came across Uncle Harry's Miracle Mouthwash in my basement bathroom one day weirdly enough. My daughter and a friend had been in the USA and bought it and left it at my place. I tried it out of desperation; just took a full strength shot and was very surprised at the salty,strong taste but boy did it help. I use it diluted now, just a few drops in about 10 ml water and it has been amazingly helpful!! It does contain oregano oil along with other essential oils and silver and lots of other interesting natural ingredients. I looked it up online and it is super cheap! The bottle I have is worth five dollars! Worth a try if you are as desperate as I've been after a year of pain and frustration and not thrilled with taking all these prescription meds with steroids,antibiotics,antithrush etc that don't fix the problem.

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I think I have recently incurred this problem. I'm now 56.
I had two colds recently in Novand then in Dec. I had developed PND (post nasal drip) and had some pretty severe coughing.
so, I went to my Dr. and he prescribed an inhaler (Pulmicort). I took it for 7 days. About a week later, I realized my tongue felt strange. I looked at it and the top flat section was denuded. So, back to the Dr. and he says it's Thrush - so he prescribes Nystatin mouth rinse. I take that and no improvement. I have read the above comments and will be trying the probiotic Acidophilus and the raw bee honey. Next will be the Vit B. I am healthy and don't have any health issues. Well, any help with this is appreciated.

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I have always had a fissured tongue for as long as I can remember. In my 40's I developed gt. It was unsightly and I would tell people I burned my tongue while drinking something hot if asked. I noticed the gt would flare up and become painful when I was stressed. I was also dealing with cold sores so I did some research on supplements for cold sores. I found and starting taking L-Lysine. I have been taking L-Lysine for over 15 years and have never had an issue with gt again. I hope this will help others suffering from gt. I take one 1000 mg per day. I stay away from the 'Nature Made' brand of L-Lysine supplement, it is not very effective in treating the gt for me. I sometimes forget and buy the Nature Made brand and my gt comes back with avengeance. Pretty good proof that L-Lysine really works.

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

Geographic tongue.. Very interesting.. Back in the day, when people went on water fast to heal, they used to check their tongue, when the mucous on the tongue went away, that was a sign to stop the fast.. I still do it to this day.. I have a feeling if you switch your diet to more raw fruits/vegetables, the mucous tongue is sure to go away..

Note: Stay away from any dairy products. We are not cows, we are humans. We should be off milk by the age of one or two. Dairy products are the most mucous forming foods on the planet. If you want your tongue to get better, throw out all dairy products, and try and eat fruits and vegetables(ideally raw) for a couple weeks. I bet you will get better in a matter of a couple monthes.. Remember, it takes time..

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Just a word of caution about your suggestion: If someone has cold/deficiency then raw fruits and veggies may be more detrimental to them than a benefit. They'll know it because they'll start to feel worse on raw fruits and veggies.

A little more technical details about the tongue. If the coating is pale, white or yellow, it determines much when determining the foods that will help or harm an individual.


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nature's don't actually want the tongue coat/mucus to completely disappear. here's why.

the stomach has a mucusy lining that protects it against caustic digestive acids and low pH. this mucusy coating extends upward and also lines and protects the esophagus, throat and tongue. this is quite normal. when a healthcare practitioner asks to look at your tongue one of the things they are looking for is a light white coating on the tongue which is considered normal and a sign the stomach is happy.

a missing, thick, stinky or discolored coat is a sign that all is not well in the body..and to a trained tongue reader yields specific diagnostic clues.

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Have any of you been tested for coeliac disease? From all the reading I have done there is a correlation between coeliac disease and geographic tongue. 70% of coeliacs suffer from GT. Not sure about the stats for how many with GT are coeliacs. Also very interesting research on auto immune disease and gut flora imbalance. Might be worth investigating.

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I felt the need to join in this conversation. My GT popped up around 2007. At that point, I had been vegetarian for about 2 years. It just came out of nowhere, I thought I had burned my tongue on some chinese food and it just never went away. Looking into it, I discovered GT and my dermatologist even confirmed that is what it was. I was told the typical "its benign, nothing to worry about" but it is so annoying to 'just live with'. About 5 years ago I went from vegetarian to vegan, and I have eaten an 80% raw diet at times. Still, no change with the GT has occurred. Of course it always hurts worse after I eat many of the foods I enjoy (I don't even like spicy foods!) but I just deal with it. Recently, for weight loss reasons, I have adapted a strict no-carbs no-sugars diet. In the back of my mind, I wondered if cutting out carbs and sugar would help my GT. A month and a half into this strict diet, and the GT is still the same.

I feel like a lot of the "cures" I see out there are cutting dairy out of the diet (nope), cutting out processed grains and sugars (nope) and eating more veggies (nope).

It seems like everyone's causes are different, which is why some "cures" work for people and others don't. Still, it is infuriating for someone who can't figure out what triggered it in the first place and all the healthy eating and a low-stress life hasn't changed it a bit!

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Has anyone noticed a corrilation between sinuses/post nasal drip and GT?

Ive always had a weird looking tongue and it wasnt until last year that I was told it was GT, however it never brought me any pain or discomfort unless I ate a certain food (fresh pineapple, walnuts, ect.). Last Tuesday however, I ate some fruit cup type pineapple and my tongue stung a little but it was nothing major. Later on in the day I noticed a low-grade burning in my mouth as well as my ears and throat bugging me. That burning has now been around for 10 days.

I went to a Urgent Care clinic thinking I was sick and she just said I had very bad sinus drainage and told me to take b12 for my tongue and flo-nase for my sinuses and sent me on my way.

I started taking sublingual b-12 (3000 mcg), Zytrec, Flo-Nase and a multi-vitmain, I also bought Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Wash. So far, no luck. I noticed the last 2 days weren't as bad and I was hopeful it was starting to get better, however today it hasnt been great. Ive been avoiding all fruit, soda, ect.

Is it normal to just flair up like this? I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping she can shed some light on a resolution.

I feel like I'm going crazy.

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