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anneh38November 14, 2006

I adopted a neut 10mo lab/shep/x last month. He is such a sweetheart but he bites/nibbles/licks his rump/tail/hind legs/inner thighs. No sign of soreness/rash/ loss of fur. I had a vet confirm no fleas/worms/mites/anal gland probs. His prior owner said he always does it and that he had put Frontline on him a couple months ago in case it was fleas. He was on a kibble that included lamb/chicken/grains so I am giving steamed fish/pumpkin in morning and raw turkey/zuccini in evening. VitB/C/E/salmon oil/borage oil/small dose cod liver oil/zinc. I am abit depressed to be honest because my prior dog that recently died had a terrible illness and had hoped for no problems esp when I read online allergic dogs having to have steroids etc. But I already love him so I am trying to look on the bright side that perhaps I can help him plus he doesn't do it all the time and sleeps thru night altho really goes at it when he wakes up. I also am making herbal teas and swabbing the itchy areas at night after thorough brushing. Giving licorice glycerite last thing at night also. Thanks for any help


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Ask your vet to do some allergy-testing. Could be he's allergic to something he's eating, or to some plant in the garden. Also ask the vet to do a more thorough search of the itchy area - it could be something like a grass seed embedded under the skin. You KNOW there's something wrong, so it's worth a more thorough investigation. It might also be worth getting a second vet's opinion.

After checking with your vet, you could try this:
Use a mixture of Liquorice Root, Dandelion Root, and Cat's Claw in equal drops of each tincture for two weeks.

You could also try using Aloe Vera gel on the area.

If your dog wears a flea collar, toss it out!

It's a rare dog that doesn't have fleas. Many dogs are allergic to flea bites - it's a common cause of itching. Try giving your dog some brewer's yeast in his food. 1 tablespoon per day, depending on the size of the dog (check with the vet).

Remember, as with humans, dogs can be allergic to ANYTHING, so your vet might actually ask you to stop administering assorted herbs for a while, then to re-introduce one at a time to eliminate it as a culprit. Ditto with his food.

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Try using a soap with neem oil in it. Try to find one with peppermint too to cool and soothe. This is to only temp. relieve itching.

Also, your dog might have "hot spots". Applying sufadine to the spots helps.

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