vinegars, any differences?

habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)November 26, 2004

Has anyone noticed any differences in herbal products made with cider vinegar vs. wine vinegar vs. white vinegar? I've made herbal hair rinses from all types, but since I use small amounts, I haven't noticed anything significant. Will cider or wine vinegar change the color of blond hair? (I recently recommended a vinegar rinse to an acquaintance who says her hair may have seemed a bit reddish after using cider vinegar.)

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personaly i find cider vinegar very reliable, i have never noticed any difference in colour, however i am also blond, i do know that balsamic vinegar is used in the mediteranean as a rinse for dark hair, white vinegar is slightly harsher and i found that it aggravated the nape of my neck...
hope this helps,
love ella:)

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