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Geographic Tongue
Posted by Mike Brennan - Calif ( on Tue, Sep 14, 99 at
After many doctors concerning a burning tongue, I have come to the conclusion
that I have "geograghic tongue". I have all the symptoms such as,--burning,
liaisons only on the tongue. I wonder if anyone who have had this malady,
knows of a herbal remedy that may help. Seems the medical community has
nothing that can help much. I understand that it may just go away by itself.I
hope so. It is better than 6 months ago by about 50%. Advice anyone? Thanks
for any. ---Michael

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RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Tiger/Sunny Fla - 09 ( on Tue, Sep 14, 99
at 2:42
Mike, just doing a search on my browser, I came up with these sites...hope
they help...

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Anita Sams ( on Tue, Sep 21, 99 at 23:18
Mike, it is nice to meet someone with the same problem as me... i have not had
as many problems with burning since i cut back on citric acid intake... Juices
such as orange juice are too acidic and can make my tongue very raw... Instead
I supplement my diet with other less acidic foods in order to recieve folic
acid and vitamin c... I also incorporate supplements... It has helped, but
still have flare-ups very occasionally...

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Robbie ( on Mon, Dec 20, 99 at 19:21
Mother has been to every doctor in our area regarding her burning tongue that
has leisions on it. She has tried everything....Please help us, she has lost
about 30 lbs and there is no cure. We would appreciate anything you can tell
Sincerely, Robbie

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Judith Murray ( on Sat, Jan 22, 00 at 12:35
From all the research I have done on this condition I have found that it may
be due to a deficiency of the B vitamins. Suggest taking 100 milligrams twice
a day of the COMPLETE B complex. Let me know if this works: elecampane

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Eddie S ( on Tue, Jan 25, 00 at 0:41
Having lived with Geographic Tongue for the last 8 years, I have discovered
that a B-100 (mg., not %) complex, once a day, will completely suppress all
symptoms. However, should I get a cold or flu at any time, a very small part
of the Geographic Tongue will reappear.
Furthermore, if I stop taking the B-100 for any reason, the Geographic Tongue
will begin to reappear in approximately 3 days.
Hope this helps others..

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: A. Barnes ( on Sun, Feb 6, 00 at 0:44
I have found that Zinc Picolinate 25mg every day helps. My dentist also
recommends brushing the tongue very thoroughly to keep it clean.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Corrie - 2b ( on Sat, Feb 26, 00 at 23:20
This is a long shot, but my mom had a burning tongue shortly before she had
her gall bladder removed. The doctor didn't recognize the burning as a symptom
of gall bladder problems, so it may have been just a coincidence, but it
burned right up to the time of her surgery and stopped immediately afterwards.
Her gall bladder was so diseased they had trouble finding it on the x-rays.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Ron Folk - 37617 ( on Thu, May 4, 00 at 23:57
Hello to all.
I to have been blest with the "Geographic" tongue.
After recently fighting off a staph infection following
a bone spur removal. I was given massive antibiotcs twice-
a-day for about a month. That, I was told not only cleared
out the staph but also all of my "friendly" bacteria.
Anyway, to make a short story long,not too much later the
worst flareup of the Geographic tongue followd.Not only
did my tongue burn like fire but also the entire inside of my mouth.Also the
corners of my mouth were so inflamed I
could'nt open up enough to eat,except for very small bights.After visiting
several Eye,Ear,Nose+throat
"speciallest"and being told by all there was nothing to be done I just
metioned it to a fellow carnut
friend and he sugested I try ""NYSTATIN ORAL SUSPENSION
USP>". I did, and it works!!!!After using this product for two days,my
Geographic tongue is almost completly clear.
So, I guess you just never know where you will find help.
God bless you all, and praise the lord.And dont forget
the amunition

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Julia Wiegers - MN ( on Tue, May 16, 00 at
I am trying to find out if geographic tongue is related to any other
afflictions. My five-year-old son has it and I am wondering if whatever in his
body is causing geographic tongue flare-ups may also be causing other things.
Do any of you have:
-Port wine stain birthmarks
-Hyperactive behaviors
-specific allergies
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Julia Wiegers

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Lee - Montana ( on Wed, May 24, 00 at
Geographic tongue is a lack of B vitamins, and can cause all of the above
symptoms and be very painful, but one has to be careful about just taking B
vitamins as that can fragment the body cause depletion of other vitamins and
more problems. And one has to take a good bioavailable vitamin supplement, not
just off the shelf brand as one only gets approximately 10% of most of those
vitamins absorbed usfully into the body.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: kim ( on Sun, Jul 30, 00 at 9:40
I have been told i have geographic tongue any info on this would be great .I
get these things on my tongue like every few days and then i get a week or so
brake sometimes less and then they are back again. I get circle's that are red
in the middel's and white borders they start out like a pin head and the next
time i look they are big they seem to change from day to day some times they
burn like my tongue is on fire.Im on a daily vit no luck with that i have herd
the B-100 is very helpful i have suffered for 4yrs and i need a brake so
anyone with helpful info would be great.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Laura ( on Sun, Aug 6, 00 at 19:48
My little half brother & I both have it. We hear it's genetic & can be made
worse by stress, illness, foods. We've found no successful treatment though a
mouthwash of Benadryl & lidocaine is mixed at the pharmacy & helps when it's
really bad.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Jack ( on Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 9:10
My wife has what has been identified as geographic tonque. Except she has had
it for as long as I've known her (15 years). She takes mega doses of vitamin,
and keeps abreast of the latest findings. Yet to this day, she can't eat
acidic raw fruits and vegetables without the top layer of her tongue peeling
away. The more acidic the food the stronger the reaction. According to her,
she gets a burning, itchy sensation around her ears just before it starts to
happen. We use this as an index to the number of bites she can have. For
things like oranges, the best she can get is a sliver or two. Does anyone else
respond like this?

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Nica ( on Tue, Dec 19, 00 at 2:52
I have had Geographic Tongue for about 10 years I guess. I'm really terrible
at taking supplements and I really need to try that Zinc and B-100. But if
you're looking for a way to make the pain go away temporarily, then read this
and try it. I don't know if it will work for everyone or just me.
One thing that I've noticed about my tongue that's different from other
peoples is that it's large. When I've had my mouth closed for a period of time
and I look at my tongue in the mirror, there are dents from where my teeth
were resting on my tongue 'cause it barely fits in my mouth. So what I've
discovered in the past year is that if I keep my mouth slightly open and let
my tongue be free of all pressure, then the pain goes away in about 5 minutes.

And I know that sometimes you don't want to have your mouth hanging open when
you're around other people 'cause you don't want them to discover you're
embarassing secret. But if you TRY THIS in privacy I hope you'll have results
like I did.
I've actually gone with a painless tongue for 2 weeks straight because I would
releive the pressure off my tongue. And this is odd because I usually
constantly have symptoms. GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO TRY THIS.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Mandy Fenyvesi ( on Thu, Jan 25, 01 at
My 3 year old son has this problem. He is behind in speech (may or may not be
related), is a VERY picky eater--refuses everything except yogurt almost, and
accidently bites his tongue a lot. I'm wondering if these things might be
related and I'm wondering if the amount of B vitamins in a children's
supplement would be enough, or if I should investigate larger doses.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Nancy O ( on Sun, Feb 4, 01 at 18:24
My AUnt had geographic tongue fifty years ago. She found, by vitamin
experimentation that she developed an allergy to yeasts. Her problem was
really a fungus on the tongue. At 89 years old she's in great health, because
she's takes care with her diet ( leaves out anything with yeast ) and has a
very good vitamin regimen. The best of luck to you all

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Barbara Lahman ( on Tue, Feb 27, 01 at
I seemed to have developed thrush or a geografic tongue after taking St. Johns
Wort for about two weeks. It gets worse at times especially after I took an
antibiotic for a bladder infection. Drs have tried to treat it with nystatin
mouth wash and Diflucan pills without success. Any other ideas? I have had
this for about 3 months.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Sally ( on Sun, May 13, 01 at 16:07
Try brushing your tongue with a toothbrush and toothpaste fairly hard and
in a circular motion around the lesions for at least 5 minutes. It may
hurt a little bit, but it really helps in getting rid of them. After
having suffered from it for over two years, I discovered that keeping my
tongue extra clean by brushing it vigorously, especially when a small
lesion would appear, would save me from a week or so of
self-consciousness. It prevented the geographic tongue from spreading and
would go away usually within a day. Now, I almost never have a problem,
except when I get sick, and even then it's very much under control. Taking
multi-vitamins daily and eating yogurt I think may help as well. I hope
this helps, I'd like to hear if it works for anyone else.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Randolph ( on Fri, May 25, 01 at 21:31
There is a wonderful book called Dr. Chi's Book of Tongue and Nail
Diagnosis. According to the information in his book, a vitamin B
deficiency is one culprit; the other is a deficiency in the digestive
system. GT is usually accompanied by cracks in the sides or down the
middle of the tongue. Regular tongue brushing/cleaning does do wonders.
Some medical practioneers talk about colon cleansing or detoxifying the
body. Sometimes GT is an allergic reaction to a foreign toxin: Mercury
amalgams, acidic foods, yeast products, etc. Shy away from spicy foods as
they can exacerbate the condition. You should note some improvement as
time goes on. I realized a incredible decrease in patches for a year.
Recently they have come back a bit, so I have begun looking for triggers.
Stay relaxed. The best strategy I have found so far is tongue brushing. I
feel GT is either a fungal infection or a systemic condition like ezcema
or psoriasis. Sometimes malabsorption in the digestive tract causes
rashes, skin disorders, etc. So GT could be an indicator of a larger
problem. Not necessarily serious, but a signal that some problem needs
addressing. Hope this help. Haven't found the magic bullet myself, but I'm
optimistic. I wonder if GT is contagious. My ex girlfriend developed the
condition a month after me; I found that incredibly strange. However, most
medical practioneers: Dentists, Dermatogists, GP's have told me it is a
self limiting benign condition and not to worry. My own belief it is a
symptom of something else. GT is not an island. Take care. : )

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Heidi ( on Tue, Jun 5, 01 at 6:47
I have had a brief experience wiith geographic tongue when I was pregnant
with my second son.It was a horrible site!
Luckily, it went away.I have always been allergic to pineapple.(It swells
my tongue).I found the patches only appear when I have eaten fresh baked
bread for a few days in a row.But ever since , other things I have found
myself to be sensitive to and cause burning are frozen strawberries (the
juice).And Italian salad dressing sends my tongue into a burning
fit.Luckily though the patches have gone away.I suggest checking with the
Merck Manual when trying to diagnose things.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Melissa ( on Wed, Jul 18, 01 at 18:35
I have had Geographic Tongue for about 8 years. I developed this only
after I had contracted a viral infection called Pharnygitis (spelling??).
Basically it is an infection you get from just breathing and being near
someone that has it. I probably got it from drinking out of a water
fountain. This infection gave me cold sores all over my tongue and on the
back of my throught, needless to say it was rather painful and I could
only eat jello for about 2 weeks. The worst part about it was that I
quickly gained the 15 lbs I had lost from only eating jello within a week
after being able to finally eat normal food. I don't know anyone else in
my family that suffers from Geographic tongue, so i'm convinced that mine
came from this viral infection I obtained. I haven't found a cure from it,
but I do stay away from fruits that are high in citric acid, also i have
noticed that drinking a glass of water when it begins to hurt or to eat a
piece of bread, helps the pain go away faster, absorbing the acid. Good
Luck to all, and please let me know when there is a Sciencetifec Cure.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: cyy966 new york city ( on Wed, Jul 25, 01 at 11:54
i have GT now for about 5 yrs. i've tried retin-a, dovinex,
fluocinonide, vitimin c in high doses, zinc losc. now im tring just
brushing my tongue when i first see an outbreak.
also eating yogurt has a small positive effect on it too. so i've combined
the two, i brush my tongue with yogurt.
it has moderate results. but like all the other treatments i've tried, the
symptoms always return. its nice to know your not alone in this fight. if
anybody finds any new treatment or just wants to talk about the condition
..... especially during an outbreak....
e-mail me at someone is always willing to talk. i also find
that listerene mouthwash has some effect on it too. however as you can
imagine it burns like heck!!!
but it does reduce the appearence of the outbreak.
keep smiling. Rodney from new york city

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Randolph ( on Wed, Jul 25, 01 at 23:51
If anyone is interested in trading information on Geographic tongue please
feel free to email me ( or Rodney ( I have
been fighting Geographic tongue for over 3 years, and while it has not
ruined my life it is an uncomfortable condition with puzzling origins. On
this site speculation abounds but that is far better than the pearls of
wisdom doled out by western MD's. "Live with it" is the consistent message
I am getting. Well I am particularly sick of that response, so if anyone
is interested in sharing their own experiences then please send the word
out. It's important to pressure doctors, dentists, dermatologists, even
your local pharmacist to start think about these supposedly "little
quirks" of the body. I fortunately do not get horrible outbreaks of GT
anymore, but I want to get rid of it, and the embarrassment that comes
with it. If you suffer from GT and want the same thing please feel free to
drop me a line. It's time to gather in numbers. All the best.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Mike Brennan ( on Thu, Jul 26, 01 at 2:39
To all those who are asking about a remedy for Geo-Graphic tongue. I have
found one that really returns me back to normal. This is after seeing 19
doctors and being ripped off by many theories and quacks. You see they
have been doing research at UCLA. Being an art instructor, I have a
student who is a research doctor at UCLA and for me looked into what was
new in research on GT. The regimen is simple.
Twice a day brush tongue with baking soda and if lesions bleed that is OK.
GT is a fungus is need to be broken down with brushing. After brushing
swish mouth and tongue with biotene mouth wash, which you can get at
pharmacy. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.
When starting to remove lesions do the following. Just before going to bed
take Cortizone 10 (you can get at pharmacy over the counter) and rub over
lesions on tongue and let stay for the night. This should done for 10 days
and then off 2 days, then do for 8 days and off 2, then 6 days on and 2
days off, then 2 days on and then off until you have another outbreak. Do
as needed.
I also found the use of the drug Myclex trouche 10mg 4 times a day for as
long as needed also greatly helps. I no longer take the mycelex. I don't
need to anymore. You need to get a prescription from your doctor for the
I know GT is a terrible problem and it hurts to no end. The regimen that I
spoke of, works for me. If it works for you, write me and thank me AND the
research doctor that told me of this. The previous 18 doctors didn't have
a clue about GT,which is sad.
Best of luck. Try this. It worked for me. Basically GT is a fungul
infection and is in your body. A lot of garlic may help. Watch your diet.
Stay away from too much sugars and anything that may set off fungi. You
too can be cured.
Mike Brennan

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Missy ( on Tue, Oct 16, 01 at 23:15
We believe that my husband has Geographic Tongue. He came down with the
burning of the Tongue about 4 months ago. He has crack and little red
blisters. The burning pain goes away and comes back. My questions is now
I'm coming down with the same thing. Is Geographic Tongue able to be
passed on. Has anyone heard of this. Please let me know.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Missy ( on Wed, Oct 17, 01 at 17:17
Mike Thanks alot for your email. The Cortizone 10 you spoke of is this the
same stuff you put on insect bites? Or do I have the wrong product. Thanks
again. I'm so glad this page is here to help us. Also are you cured of GT
or do you still have outbreaks.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: mums_hosta wi ( on Wed, Oct 31, 01 at 11:46
I have had this problem for as long as i can remember. I allways get alot
of pain when i eat acid food, or i get stressed.. i have read all the
things you pepl have said and i think i will try the vit. B 10...or is
there something i can eat that has the vit. B in it, myself i think it
would be much better to get the vit. from food then a pill,, and i do feel
for all you peple that have this...its not a good thing it hurts and you
never want to tell anyone that there is something wrong with your mouth. I
never knew there were as many pepl with this problem. makes me feel not so
alone..Glad i found this sight..Good day :0)

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Cindy ( on Sun, Nov 25, 01 at 9:09
I have been on an agressive anti-candida diet plus taking various herbal
remedies, vitamins, electro-therapy (zapper) for about a month. My
long-standing geographic tongue has flared extensively during this
treatment period, which I believe is most likely due to the extreme yeast
die off (Herxheimer's Response).
In my considerable research to help me uncover the cause of my flared and
painful geographic tongue, I believe I have uncovered the underlying
problem: The waste produce of the Candida yeast die off -- acetaldehyde,
which can afect the metabolic, neurological, endocrine and immune systems.

The solution: Molybdenum - an essential mineral -- which has a blanket
reputation for breaking down yeast by-products into forms that the body
can excrete. Molybdenum is chemically responsible for breaking down
acetaldehyde into acetic acid. Acetaldehyde cannot be excreted from the
body; it accumulates. Acetic acid can be excreted, though, and the body
naturally removes it or changes it into acetyl coenzyme A, a major player
in the body's energy system.
The doseage is 300 mcg. of Molybdenum in three divided doses per day (I am
using Twinlab brand Multi Mineral Caps, one capsule three times per day).
And, since there is usually an underlying Vitamin B deficiency, as
Candida's presence in the body inhibits the body's ability to absorb B
vitamins, I am also taking a Vitamin B 50 mg. tablet once or twice a day.
Within the first 24 hours of taking the Molybdenum, the geographic sites
were at least 75% better (definitely in remission) and the furry coating
on my tongue entirely disappeared, along with most of the tenderness and
pain. The bad taste in my mouth also cleared within a couple of hours of
the first dose.
My research references include an article titled "Candida - A Blessing in
Disguise" on the Sheila Shea web site. From there I clicked on a web site
reference to Molybdenum and found an article titled "The Candida/Aldehyde
detox pathway and the Molybdenum Connection."
It is too soon in my treatment to determine the permanance of the
improvement, but I feel extremely encouraged, as I have never found
anything (including trying the other remedies listed in the postings on
this forum) that has had the kind of rapid and remarkable effect the
Molybdenum has had on my life-long geographic tongue flare ups.
If anyone tries this treatment, I would be delighted to hear about their
results. Geographic tongue is a horrible affliction and hopefully we are
closer to a cure in treating it with Molybdenum.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: natalie ( on Tue, Nov 27, 01 at 23:41
After experimenting with various vitamins I became afflicted with
geographic tongue. B vitamins made my condition worse. I believe I am
allergic to folic acid. And I have not found a b complex that eliminates
folic acid from the complex. My symptons went away when I stopped using
supplements. Started up again when I took a b-12 and folic acid bi-lingual
tab. In addition I was drinking a soy milk product that also contains
folic acid (Soy can have a bad effect for people sensitive to yeast
problems). I believe the condition is yeast related. I have found biotin
to be extremely helpful. Biotin taken in the amount of at least 3
Milligram will cut the transformation cycle from the yeast to the fungus
form. I found this info at this site:
I am also taking riboflavin. I will look into the molybendum caps. It
looks like that might be a solution. Also the post on gallbladder seemed
interesting. I have some soreness over my liver. Wondering if my
gallbladder or liver maybe taxed from megadoses of
vitamins/pollution/chemicals etc... Searching online I found the following
mineral deficiencies that can cause a burning tongue: iron, folic acid,
B-12, hormonal imbalances mostly suffered by women going thru menopause,
and diabetes (diabetics also do well with biotin supplementation).

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: natalie ( on Wed, Nov 28, 01 at 0:58
A riboflavin deficiency can also cause a burning red tongue and cracks at
the side of the mouth. And few people mentioned that they have a reaction
from eating acidic fruits and veggies. This may be an symptoms of Addison
Disease-which may mean a B-5 deficiency. Also another indication is
prefering night activities to day (night owls) and sodium retention. I
also dont tolerate acidic foods and pineapples also make the corners of my
mouth itch. I found the info about the b-5/addisons at this site: She has alot of great info about
health on her site the only criticism about the site is alot of the pages
are under construction.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Snavlr Australia (My Page) on Fri, Nov 30, 01 at 7:17
I would check out Neem toothpaste (wonderful for gingavitis - gums) and
colloidal silver/gold combination (burns, cuts, infected cuts, etc) - a
search on the net under "neem" and "colloidal silver" "colloidal gold"
will provide heaps of info.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Dan ( on Sat, Dec 8, 01 at 2:14
A long time sufferer of GT, I, like most, have no infallible answers
regarding a cause or cure. But I have found some little relief using an
oral anesthetic spray ("Vicks Chloraseptic", "Cepacol" et al) when the
burning is intense. A very short term but effective relief from

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Cindy ( on Sat, Dec 8, 01 at 10:38
The lesions will heal much faster with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide (the
label states that it can be used to cleanse the mouth). Brush the lesions
with a solution of 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 water, followed
immediately with a tongue scraper (avoid swallowing the solution). This
procedure will heal the lesions rapidly. You may also want to try using
the solution in your WaterPik to cleanse the entire mouth, especially
during periods of outbreak, again followed immediately with a tongue
scraper to avoid accidentially swallowing any of the solution.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Judy2 Nova Scotia (My Page) on Sun, Dec 9, 01 at 22:08
I fell into this site quite by accident and am I ever glad I did! I didn't
know I had geographic tongue until a couple of years ago when I went to
have a tooth out. The dentist seemed to spend more time looking at my
tongue than working on my tooth. The next time I saw my doctor, I asked
her to look at my tongue to see if there was something wrong with it and
that's when she told me that I have gt.She didn't elaborate, so I thought
it just meant that I had an odd looking tongue. LOL! After reading your
posts, I'm beginning to see that a lot of my problems are associated with
it. I am not crazy!! Sometimes my tongue feels to large for my mouth and
there are times when I'm falling asleep that it feels as though it's going
to block my throat (scary). I have suffered with tonsilitis nearly all my
life and it was about 25 years ago that I discovered the problem was
citrus fruit, pineapple and some grapes. My tongue and tonsils start to
swell within minutes after eating acidic foods. But it doesn't stay in
that area, because within a half hour my joints will begin to ache.I can
eat tomatoes, but they burn my tongue, so I grow the yellow ones that are
less acidic. I think it was Heidi who said she is also allergic to
pineapple. Do you know how many people I have met who have the same
problem as I? None.What a relief. Oh, by the do you get along at
the dentist office? I can't have x-rays because I'm such a gagger. And I
sure can't let the dentist use the rubber's a wonder the dentist
will even take me as a patient!

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: wstwdmale (My Page) on Fri, Dec 21, 01 at 19:15
I am wondering if Geographic tongue is contagious. Can u give it to
somebody by kissing them or through oral sex or something?

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Julie H CA ( on Mon, Dec 24, 01 at 15:25
My geographic tongue began after a horrible bout of bacterial bronchitis
and severe asthma last fall. At first they diagnosised it as thrush as I
was on large does of oral (predisone)steriods to reduce the inflamation in
my lungs. The quack doctor who gave them to me told me not to stop taking
them even though I had severe side effects, sore tongue, with swollen
taste buds, salt and sugar cravings, shakes, heart palipitaions, more
asthma ecetera, but I stopped them anyways. He did not inform me that it
is life threatening to take steriod inhalers and oral which I found in my
prescription pamphlet. Steriods are known to to make way for yeast
infections, thrush or candida. I had minor thrush before that had gone
away on it's own from steriod inhalers, but nothing like this. My regular
woman doctor gave me mycelex, which helped a lot at the time, but the
problem returned. Tried nystatin also with some relief. Also perioxide and
Biotene, though peroxide seemed to kill my taste sensations. After I
stopped taking the steriod inhalers the problem cleared up for a couple of
months, then returned this fall (my allergy season)when I started using
the inhalers again.The problem has continued, and I saw Dr. Quack again
because my regular doctor was on Pregnancy leave, and he was the first to
say it wasn't thrush but GT and I must be allergic to some food and I
should go on an elmination diet. He would not give me anything. I said it
always started with the steriod so that must be what I am allergic too. He
was angry that I did not belive him. I know it is fungus related but he
would not prescribe anything. Thanks Michael you have confirmed this
truth. Also my partner seems to be getting some symptoms. So it must be a
fungus in order to be contagious. She had some swollen tastebuds
temporarily, like I did a while ago. I avoid salt as it exaceberates this
painful probelem. Thanks to all who have contributed there suggestions,
I'm off to try them at the health store. I will go back to my regular Dr.
after the holiday as she has returned from her pregnancy leave, I'll be
sure to ask for more myclex.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Cindy ( on Fri, Dec 28, 01 at 10:22
I have received numerous emails from GT sufferers inquiring about my
success with the info in my previous posts.
My treatment appears to be going well. I had a small relapse which I
believe may be due to the fact that I forgot to take the molybdenum one
weekend. Since resuming, I have had no new breakout, but I still cannot
claim that that is the answer (I have had GT for over 25 years, so I am
cautious about making any claims). Since mid-October I have been on a very
strict anti-candida diet (see details of what symptoms of candida are at
the webside, which is important because I believe
overgrowth of candida yeast in your system can cause GT to flare out of
control). The dying yeast gives off an aldehyde (from the family of
formaldehydes) which the body cannot excrete...that is where the
molybdenum helps. Molybdenum converts the aldehyde into a harmless product
that the body can excrete. So, at the present time one of my theories is
that GT may be caused by an excess of aldehyde in our bodies from yeast
die-off (up to 80% of the general population has an overgrowth of
candida...if you have dandruff, athletes foot, bloating after eating,
yeast infections or other problems then you may have a systemic yeast
infection, where the yeast converts to a fungal form and causes multiple
health problems).
I also recently began following Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's diet plan in his
Cook Right 4 Your Type (blood type) book, which I checked out from the
public library. Avoiding antagonistic foods for my blood type (O) seems to
help a great deal (not suprizingly, it is pretty much the same foods that
irritate GT). The book gives details on how your blood type interacts with
the foods and beverages you consume and why it is important to avoid
antagonistic foods.
Yesterday, I found an ad in TotalHealth magazine about a product called
Tamer which naturally neutralizes the acids in the foods and beverage you
consume. They have a website ( where you can order a free
sample. The Tamer products are sprinkled on acidic foods or stirred into
acidic beverages before they are consumed and they claim that it does not
change the taste or caffein content, but will neutralize 90% of the acid
before you consume your food and drink. This would be worth checking into,
especially for using when you are eating out and have less control over
the selection of foods and beverages.
As for when you are in a lot of pain and don't know what to eat...I highly
recommend heavily toasting (almost burnt) sprouted 7-grain or Ezekial
bread (you can find these breads at Trader Joes, Hi-Health, or any health
food store). You will be amazed at the before and after on your tongue.
The browned portion of the toast must absorb the toxins on your tongue
(and on through your digestive system) because you can definitely
immediately see and feel a difference on your tongue. Regular toasted
bread may work, but sprouted grain bread is highly nutritious.. You can
put a little butter on it, but I wouldn't recommend putting anything else
on it.
At the present time, my GT is at least 98-99% clear and the cleared
portion looks totally pink and normal. If any of you GT sufferers find any
of these approaches help you, pass the information on to the GT posting
board too. I check the GT posting board nearly every day, as I suspect
many of the other GT sufferers do as well. We all want to get well and get
on with our lives.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Lisa ( on Wed, Jan 2, 02 at 15:58
Im not sure if I suffer from GT or not. Ive been having a burning tongue
for 4 months now. Ive been to my MD and a ENT, was treated for candisis
with diflucan, did no good and steriods for inflammation did no good
either...had all the blood tests ran and they were fine. Can you have GT
without the map like appearance on your tongue? Mine just looks raw and

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Rhonda ( on Wed, Jan 2, 02 at 21:40
I have had GT for ~25 years!
I am so sorry for all of you because I klnow it can be extremely painful
at times.
The doctor tried to tell me it was from a folic acid deficiency. But
taking Folic acid was no help at all.
I usuually just wait and suffer till it goes away. I will however try the
The thing that triggers it the worst, or I should say all the time is
The things that give me the most relief are(crazy as it might seem) celery
and toast.
Usually I get it when I am sick with an infection throat, ear, tonsil,
gum, anything mouth related.
I also seem to break out with eczema at the same time when it is really
bad, probably due to stress.
My niece has recently started to get it too and the thing that affects her
is blueberries.
She has tried the lysene and says that worked for her.
Good luck to you all!!

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: cyy966 ( on Thu, Jan 3, 02 at 10:03
i find that brushing with the peroxide really really helpes.
first it leaves the white ring extra white and heavy in apperance,brushing
for 3-5 min. after that i brush my tongue with water for about 2-3 min,
always keeping the brush clean and full of fresh water. it takes the white
ring away, and reduces the time and the severety of the breakout 80-90%.
the earlier you catch it the less you suffer... keep smiling

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Peter Grimshaw ( on Sun, Jan 6, 02 at 4:31
I have been following this forum from Australia for the last 12 months
after contracting geographic tongue. As someone who keeps fit and healthy
it was distressing to visit half a dozen doctors and find that none of
them had any idea what to do about it. No cure, they all said. Then I
contacted one of our top naturopaths who conducts a radio show in Sydney.
The result... I am 95 per cent cured.
There are three elements. Firstly, most people are allergic to something
in their diet which inflames the tongue. Keep a diary of everything you
eat and see what you have eaten before a flareup. In my case it was fish
but it will be different for others. For some it seems to be yeast
products, breads or whatever.
Secondly, and this sounds strange, but you have to go to Chinatown and get
some pearl powder. It is basically crushed pearls and rub it gently into
your tongue each night before going to bed.
Finally, I notice that most people on this forum say you need different
vitamins. But what you really need is vitamins and MINERALS, particuarly
magnesium. You must have the minerals as well. We all get deficient in
something and a really good product will fill the gap in you. We have a
product in Australia called Forumla 6 which is perfect. You have to take
three enormous tablets before your main meal each night but it is
My tongue is still red and I have to be careful. But I dont get the sores,
I dont get the white crusts any more. It is not cured but it is well on
the way. I am two months into this program. You have to be patient but for
me it worked.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Graham Canada ( on Sat, Jan 19, 02 at 12:39
For the longest time I thought that I was the only one in the world that
suffered of GT, doctors would say "I've never seen this before". I am 27
and have had this affliction since I was 2 years old. When I was young, I
had to watch what I ate. Anything acidic would bother my tongue. My Gt got
much better through my teens and into my twenties. However, last February
it came on and it came on strong and really hasn't gone away since.
I was wondering if there is anyone who suffers from it such as I do and if
they have any advice. My GT is at its worst when I wake up in the morning.
I wake with a real dry mouth and a bad taste. At this point my tongue is
covered with white lines which go away as the day goes on. most days
though, some of the lines stay near the tip of the tongue and they are
sore, stinging and such. The days that the lines don't go away I am
thirsty all day. Anyone have similar symptoms and/or recommendations.
The only recommendations I have for people that have Gt is don't give up.
Stress may play a factor in the severity of the breakouts. I can also tell
you doesn;t work. Topical sterioids, Lorazapam, Nilstat, Brushing the
tongue makes things worse for me, B-100 didn't work for me, Zinc didn't
work for me. I think that I have almost tried everything.
It has got to the point that I don't even want to open my mouth to speak
because I believe that everyone is looking at the white lines on my
tongue. GT has really hurt my self confidence. I hope that there is
something or someone out there who can help us all. I am so tired of
physicians saying "you are perfectly health there is nothing that I can
do." I have seen doctors all over Canada and there isn't one that has done
anything to help. They take blood, do tests and tell me that everything id
OK. Well I guess this is something that we all have to live with. Hang in
there and most of all don't give up hope. My thoughts are with you all

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Cindy ( on Sun, Jan 20, 02 at 11:00
I have come upon a remedy, Black Walnut Hulls tincture, that causes the GT
white rings to vanish on contact, leaving only the sore behind, which then
diminish in size and pretty much clear them up within four or five days.
Apply six to eight drops and massage into the tongue with a toothbrush
morning and evening. The taste is quite pleasant and there is no need to
rinse. It is very soothing to the GT lesions.
For background information, Black Walnut Hulls tincture has been used for
cold sores, eczema, mouth sores, parasites and ringworm, among other
things, so it appears that it may very well be within the range of
capability of soothing or curing GT as well.
I use the Natures Way brand alcohol-free Black Walnut Hulls tincture. For
those of you not familiar with tinctures, it is process where herbs have
been soaked in alcohol or vegetable glycerin to extract the beneficial
properties. The resulting liquid is then bottled and sold as a tincture.
You can find Black Walnut Hulls tincture at any health food store that
sells herbal remedies. In the US, Hi-Health can order it for you if you
are unable to find it locally.
After reading the posting from the GT sufferer who has had this condition
since the age of two, I think we can rule out stress or dental fillings as
the source of the problem. And since most two-year-olds eat mostly
mild-tasting foods, that may also rule out the food sensitivity idea.
I am getting excellent results from the tincture and encourage everyone to
give it a try. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who trys
this remedy and what their experience is with it.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Mike Cron ( on Tue, Jan 22, 02 at 20:57
Hi all!
I've suffered from mild GT for as long as I can remember. Some of the
potential remedies suggested in this discussion are very interesting.
However, I found this message on this site:
Essentially, the guy describes a link between his GT and Coeliac Disease
(basically an allergy to gluten, ie wheat, barley, etc.) This was quite a
shock because my Mother suffers from the disease and I know it can be
I saw no mention of Coeliac Disease in this forum, so I thought I'd better
mention it in case it might help someone out!
I'm going to abstain from eating foods containing gluten for a while, to
see if it really makes a difference. I'll let you know how I get on!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: eViLGT69 (My Page) on Sat, Jan 26, 02 at 0:36
I want to kno if anyone else is suffering from inflamed taste-buds??? Its
as if my taste-buds are risen from my tongue and i cant stop staring at it
wondering what other people are thinking.If any one has any remedies for
this please reply ASAP, because im dying to hear what you've got.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Mary_Grether 7/8 ( on Thu, Jan 31, 02 at
I used to have this too a long time ago. a doctor told me it is a stress
related thing, as well vitamin defency. and it also could be a toxin build
up. so I got into a regeme of being careful of what I ate, and quit
lwetting things bother me so much. which that wasn't easy. saomewhere I
read it was a synmptom of a symptom, now what it was I really don't have
the foggiest idea. but thought I'd let you know.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: ahbert (My Page) on Sun, Mar 17, 02 at 21:22
I had major "geographic tongue" problem after my mouth ulcer about 1 year
ago. My doctor gave me 4 courses of antibiotics in one month and the
geographic tongue problem developed ever since. Until recently, I've
tested for helicobacter pylori (h.p.) and the result was a weak positive.
My doctor then gave me the following medications for a week.
Ospamox (Amoxycillin) 500mg
Klacid 500mg
Nexium (esomeprazole) 20mg

The weirdest thing is that my tongue sore and swelling would subside
during the course of these antibiotics but the
symptoms returned after I finished my course. The tongue sore is usually
on the tip or underneath of my tongue which moves around and would
disappear after a week and new ones would appear afterwards. Other
symptoms would be brain fogging or blurred vision, tongue swelling, minor
stomach pain after meal, skin rash (around the bottom of my ribs), stomach
and intestinal gas and muscle twitching are some of the symptoms I've
encountered for the last half year. The current medications would suppress
most of these symptoms.
what should I do next?

RE: Geographic Tongue / Antibiotics / Candida
Posted by: sinistre WAustralia (My Page) on Wed, Mar 20, 02 at 11:45
I've actually read through all of these messages. It strikes me that
symptoms vary so much. I saw two (or three) other cases that began in a
similar fashion as mine did - After an antibiotic treatment. Two years ago
I had toncillitis and was put on a week of apocillin (weak antibiotic).
Being a 100 kg person and receiving the same dosage that they'd give a 50
kg girl you know it wouldn't work. Immediate flare up, so I got another
week. And that didn't do the trick either so I was put on dalacin for a
week and that got rid of it.
Now what happened next was that I noticed these white rings on my tongue.
You know the rest of the story. What differs in my case is that I have
these yellow lumps coming out of the cracks in my toncills. Supposedly
dead lymphocytes - that's the best explanation I've heard.
Dead lymphocytes coming out? Well, in my opinion it ought to indicate that
there is something going on in my immunesystem. Blood tests are fine
As for my tongue. Nothing provokes it. Nothing helps. It's not so bad -
just a little sore now and then. The white rings are mostly there in the
morning and goes away after I've eaten. Some of you have more severe
symptoms - that might be (in my opinion) because the sore red spot has
actually gotten infected by candida... I read that could happen somewhere.
I also read that GT is considered an auto immune disease.
Auto immune disease (rheumatic) - nah. I don't think it is in my case. Why
would it then show up right after a course of antibiotics? Candida however
is my prime suspect. But I've tried mycostatin and amphotericin lozenges
(4 weeks). None helped - but they did ease symptoms for a while. And I had
less of the stuff in my toncils.
The last few days I've actually been eating lots of chili to see if it
makes a difference but it doesn't... I've tried lots of herbal remedies to
fight candida, expensive ones too, none worked. Tried a lot of zinc and
magnesium, no luck there.
Tomorrow however I'm going out to buy molybdenum, vitamin B, zinc
picolinate & magnesium (ZMA), and baking soda. Maybe that black walnut
hulls tincture (if I can find it here in WA). I'll try everything at once
and we'll see what happens.
Conclusion to all this mess: I believe Candida to be the culprit. But I
think it works in mysterious ways. Hehe.
PS: My doctor thought I had hairy tongue... duh, that looks completely
different. Wish I had his e-mail...

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: ahbert (My Page) on Mon, Apr 1, 02 at 22:39
I've posted a message recently and I think I found a cure to my geographic
tongue problem.
As I've mentioned earlier, I took 3 different types of antibiotics to cure
my helicobactor pylori. I thought at first it's the pylori that was
causing my geographic tongue. But apparently, it is not. So I did a little
research as to why those antibiotics that treates my pylori would make my
geographic tongue disappear, among other weird symptoms, and I found the
following link that people with acid reflux are prone to geographic
tongue. Indeed, Nexium, one of the 3 antibiotics I've taken previously,
treats acid reflux.
Hope the link helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Geographic Tongue Theory

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: ahbert (My Page) on Thu, Apr 11, 02 at 0:44
Hi again,
A little mistake I've made on my last post. Nexium isn't an antibiotic.
It's merely some medication to lower the acidity of my stomach.
Moreover, I've stopped my medication that treats pylori again since I'm
now symptom free for 1 and a half week. I hope the GT is not coming back
again. I'll let you guys know.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: DavidGT DFW Texas (My Page) on Thu, Apr 25, 02 at 2:36
I've found I can get rid of GT within 3 days and keep it away for weeks or
months by brushing my teeth and tongue several times a day with a
toothpaste containing flouride, peroxide, and baking soda. Rinsing my
mouth with peroxide or brushing with flouride treatment also help.
Alcohol seems to bring on my GT (unless I brush carefully at least 3 times
a day, especially before bed the night I drank and first thing the next
morning, in which case it usually does not develop).
Someone mentioned acid reflux -- I have reflux, and alcohol is my primary
trigger for reflux. So maybe the alcohol triggers the GT or perhaps it
just triggers the reflux and it is the reflux that triggers the GT.
Below is a link to a web page I put together describing my "treatment" in
detail and also linking to good sites (like this forum) with GT treatment

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting Rid of Geographic Tongue

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Swift Washington (My Page) on Thu, May 23, 02 at 14:12
I've checked all the local nutrition stores, vitamin shops, pharmecies and
I can't find molybdenum anywhere. Where can I get it?

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: naomiferguson Ireland z9 (My Page) on Sun, May 26, 02 at 13:01
I can't believe how mant people have this. My dentist told me it was due
to gastric acid reflux. I don't agree because I never have heartburn etc.
I'd say it is diet related, perhaps even due to physical injury to the
tongue when eating hard/ acidic foods. (eg. salt & vinegar potato crisps.)

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: ahbert (My Page) on Mon, May 27, 02 at 2:23
just wondering, have you been taken antibiotics lately?

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: weatherwax (My Page) on Mon, May 27, 02 at 11:49
I've had mild episodes of what may be geographic tongue for several years.
It doesn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular. I have no
problems with acidic foods, no reflux, and don't think it's Candida.
However, I do get dry itchy skin rashes every winter. About two weeks ago,
I developed a sore spot on my tongue, which spread and turned into the
usual smooth red area. Usually, the bare spots on my tongue linger for
quite a while, however last week I started adding cinnamon to my morning
coffee. I have a strong family history of diabetes and I'd read an article
saying that up to a teaspoon a day is beneficial to diabetics. There may
be no connection, but the spots almost completely cleared up in about 3
days. I usually drink 2 cups a day, and I added as much cinnamon as I
could tolerate to each cup - maybe a quarter teaspoon or more. I just
thought I'd mention it, since it's a less unpleasant option than some of
the other things people are trying and if it doesn't work - no harm done.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: indieke France (My Page) on Fri, Jun 7, 02 at 4:34
Well I have GT for 3 years now. What is sure that ACID doesn't help at
all!!! I have my stomac wich is open, and that is proberly one of the
courses. I did a lot of examinations, and only this is for sure: My
Pancrs stops working after 1 hour of digestion.
The doctor gave me pills for a longer digestion, but it only got worse!
After all this time, this are the things that made it much better!!!!
NO spicy food!!! This is the worst of everything. When I try to eat this a
reaction is feroce!
No Juices whatever!
Avoid milk-products, not proven, but strangely enough doesn't seem to
I take medecition every morning (called eupanthol here) against high
acidity and reflux. If I stop this, things get much worse!!!
I take vitamin b a lot, this is the only thing that's helping. Take them
with you evening -meal, especially if you drink alcohol. (I don't have too
many problems with wine, but no whisky, beer etc)
What is sure as read before in this forum: acidity and digestions-problems
are sure the base of this disease. You don't have acidity, you say, thats
possible! But what do you really know about your digestion? It also gets
worse with antibiotics, because that also afects your digestion!!!
So if you go to a doctor, go to one , who knows about

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: msamhori IL ( on Mon, Jun 10, 02 at 5:58
My real belief is that Geographic tongue is something that we inherit from
our parents (not all of us has it). It is activated only when there is ANY
viral infection in the body. This viral infection does not have to be
I guess that every person has GT has to come to the point of 1 - 6 months
before the appearance of the geographic tongue in order to discover the
source of the viral infection. Then he will find that there must be a
viral infection where GT isjust a symptom for this viral infection. Hence,
there is infection that stays in his body. There is really no need to
treat the geographic tongue symptoms, but to treat the underlying cause if
possible. According to this theory, the virus most probably has been
passed orally to the body. I am very sure that this disharmoney is not
caused by virus directly but it is just a sign for a viral diseases that
doesn't have to be serious. Thus, if the virus can be flush out from the
body, then GT will naturally disapear otherwise it will be a recurnt for
the whole life.
The conclusion is that that GT persons really has to learn to live with
this symptom, and in odrder to do so a series of medical tests has to be
done before the stage of living with this GT.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: bics Z5 WI (My Page) on Mon, Jun 10, 02 at 11:14
I have experienced this problem for about 8 months now. It started with
what I thought was a very dry mouth condition cause by stress. Then one
day it seems my tongue felt about 3 times it's normal size and then I
started noticing the telltale "patches". I also have a problem with
fissured tongue and some coating issues. I have been on anit-biotics 2
times during this period due to sinus infections. At both times on
anit-biotics my tongue improved and looked like it was getting better. But
the problem returned within a week after going off the anti-biotics. I am
convinced that this is due to a some kind of auto-immune issue. I have
been tested for all sorts of things including HIV and vitamin deficiencies
and have come up with nothing. It does seem that I have been getting alot
more sinus infections and am constantly stuffed up. I am going to see a
ENT to see if there is some relation to my poor sinus drainage and an
underlying infection that comes back really easy. I have tired all sorts
of thing including keeping a journal but nothing has really helped. I goes
away for awhile and then suddenly I feel the tingle and I know it is
coming back. I will have to say that my bouts with it are less severe than
they were 5 months ago so in a way it is improving. I get so envious of
folks with pure pink healthy tongues as mine looks like somethings been
gnawing on it sometimes.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: Snavlr ACT Aust (My Page) on Tue, Jun 11, 02 at 7:25
I do not suffer from this condition, nor am I qualified, but I can't help
but think colloidal silver would be a great help after reading so many
referrals to antibiotics, viruses, bacterial infections etc. It sounds so
unpleasant for you all, I'm sure if I had it I'd just about give anything
a go. I hesitate in placing an optional link in case I am thought of as
spamming, but a simple search on the net under 'colloidal silver' will
bring up heaps of info, amongst which is its effectiveness in preventing
all single celled organisms from mutating, bacterial and viral. We always
keep it on hand, while others I know take it daily. Good luck to you all
in tracking down what works for each of you.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: roslyn2002 Pac NW (My Page) on Fri, Jun 21, 02 at 14:37
Does anybody have any idea whether this is contagious? If it's caused by a
virus I'd sure hate to pass it on to somebody by kissing.
It would be kind of awkward to have to say to somebody on the first date
"before I kiss you goodnight I have to tell you I have this weird thing on
my tongue and I don't know if it's contagious".
I have had it for about 9 months now, and it appeared within a week after
I was with a woman I didn't know very well and haven't seen since. I asked
my doctor about it and he thought it might be some sort of virus.
By the way I have noticed a very clear connection between flareups and
drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol (1 or 2 beers).

more re geographic tongue
Posted by: roslyn2002 Pacific NW (My Page) on Fri, Jun 21, 02 at 14:39
By the way my doctor put me on a prescription for an antiviral drug which
did absolutely no good. I've also tried B-complex vitamins, zinc
supplements, and vitamin E with no apparent results. I have seen some
benefit (maybe) from rinses with half strength hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times
a day.

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: indieke France (My Page) on Tue, Jun 25, 02 at 10:31
My tongue got worse again! And I do not know why!!! For the moment nothing
Only chance I see, is that I have eaten more dark bread. Strange, things
that shoud give me a better digestion, only makes it worse!

RE: Geographic Tongue
Posted by: AdrianaG (My Page) on Fri, Jun 28, 02 at 6:36
How do you know if you have geographic tongue vs. just a bad case of
canker sores that just happen to be on the tongue?
By the way, my research indicates a

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I was diagnosed with geographical tounge 10 years ago. My first thought was that I had caught ringworm or a fungus from the rabbits that my kids had at that time. The sore patches were awful at first and like I read in another persons posting I noticed the teeth imprints in my tounge.
I still wonder if it could really be a fungus or vitamin deficiency. I seem to have flare ups with sulfites too so I wonder if it could be related to that too. 10 years later its not as bad as it was at first but I still wish I didnt have it. I also notice it more when Im coming down with a cold or flu.

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isabeauv(z7 SW OR)

I saw the thread was long....and maybe this has already been mentioned (I haven't yet perused the entire thread).

Geographic tongue is a symptom in Chinese medicine of yin deficiency of some kind (kidney, lung, stomach, or other organ systems).

I have seen it in a couple of different patients, and over time with the correct herbal formula the geographic tongue resolved itself.

Probably the best person to see would be someone trained in Traditional Chinese medicine (many acupuncturists in the US are now trained extensively in TCM herbalism), or a well-trained Ayurvedic practitioner.

In the meantime, yin foods are things that are gooey: asparagus, oatmeal, pears, avocados, butter, honey.

A good resource for self care that combines TCM and western nutrition is "Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford; we used it during our education, and I recommend it to many of my patients.

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mkittman(Texas / Zone 8)

Has anyone tried Oil of Oregano for this condition? I have the condition sporadically, and careful brushing, flossing and oil of oregano under the tongue seems to work pretty quickly. I also use a tongue scraper regularly. I'm not an expert here. I started getting this about 4-5 years ago after getting several crowns. One crown is ill-fitting and difficult to clean around -- spaces between the crown and gum collect plaque/food. The spots usually start near the crown. I also concur that alcohol seems to irritate the sores, perhaps making them worse -- but it does not (to me) seem to make the condition appear.

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i have been diagnosied for having a geographic tongue 2 years ago. i have approximetly tried all what the other in the forum suggested. my doctor gave me an oral cortisone for a week at the begening when have been diagnised . it didn't work , and i didn't want to waste money so i didn't visit him again .
i usually can feel something develloping on my teeth before the flare-up appear.
my tongue is very sensitive , even brushing with a normal toothpate will make things get worse , so i put a very very little quantity of toothpate on my toothbrush and i full my mouth with water so this small quantity get diluated and i brush for 2 minutes.
i like yogurt, i drink a cup everyday, i beleive that it help.
i have tried B complex, zinc without any improvments.
i tried brushing my tongue with Hydrogen Peroxide in my case it made things get worse.. it trigers ...
i haven't tried the antihistamine drug called Allegra (Fexofenadine) .
my tongue is larger then it should be , and when the flare-up is maximum , my tongue become even larger ... and in this case rinsing my mouth with salty water helps ( i think that water inside cells in the surface of the tongue comes out by osmosis ) and the cells return to the normal volume.what do you think ??
i have psoriasis on my scalp , it appeared when i was ten years old.
some doctors see a relation between psoriasis and geographic tongue. what is proven is that a psoriasis patient can develop easier a geographic tongue.
one of the latest drugs for psoriasis is Calcipotriol ( generic name ) Dovonex or Daivonex ( brand name ).
i read on net that a doctor tried this drug on the tongue of his patient, then he was constricted to stop because the medecin taste bad.
so i thought about trying it!! i put a very small quantity on my finger and i start passing it on the edge of my tongue. i did it for 2 weeks. it helped me ...
but i developed a very bad dry cough , and after that i knew that this may be a side effect of this drug, and it is only for external use . and it must not be introduced into mouth ...
if anyone of you is visiting a dermatologist .. can you ask about daivonex and can it be tryed on tongue or not???
that's all ...
i think that we have to continue supporting living with it. our destiny !!!
it is very important writing about anything you felt or you tried, because in the pathology it seems that only patients can give help.
hoping that one day medecine will find something out .

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Ok I have been reading your messages for over an hour now and I thought I would share my situation. I have had GT since I was born. I would describe my tounge as being red and white ligens all over, cracked with enlarged taste buds. (Very painful) Foods that are killers on my tounge are #1- Walnuts & coconut, Grapefruit, Oranges, the stringy things on bannas, (weird I know), Tomatoes, and most acidic foods. I don't know why I have it but I do believe it is heriditary. My Grandmother and my Aunt both have it. Mine is the worst. I don't believe that it is contaigious. I have never passed it on. My husband has never had any form of it. Mine is pretty much always bad. It never goes away. I have learned to deal with it. Some Days are better than others, but mostly it is always an eye sore to look at. I am gonna try the Grape Seed Extract and see if that helps. When I get big knots on the sides from the above foods I use Cloroseptic to numb the pain. I am so glad to see there are others out there with this. Im glad I found this site. If anyone has questions or Ideas please feel free to email me @ anytime. I would be happy to share more with you.
Laura from Indiana :-)

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I used to have to deal with this is the 70's till I discovered that I was in need of much more B-complex vitamins than I was getting. That and eating yogurt with active cultures to allow my intestinal track to stay healthy ended it forever for me. B.

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Going along with the last post, I have found a dramatic improvement with large doses of B-complex vitamins. I tried taking a B-complex pill a day quite some time ago and it did nothing. The past few weeks I've tried taking 2 B-complex supplements a day and I have not had a new breakout since. My tongue is still healing, but it is 1000% better. I'm still avoiding acidic foods -- especially citrus fruits and juices -- and alcohol. I'm thinking I'll have a beer or two tonight and see what happens -- usually that would provoke a new breakout by the next day.

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I got this as a side-effect from using Erythromycin. Once I stopped taking this, it went away, but my mouth felt scalded.

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I think I've finally determined that mine stems from stress. Unfortunately, that makes things more difficult, as I can't very well just give up my job to get rid of my GT. One thing I've started doing lately that appears to have helped a bit is taking Coral Calcium. It's supposed to increase the body's Ph much more effectively than other sources for calcium, thus making it less acidic. It hasn't been a miracle cure. I've been taking it for three months now. The GT isn't completely gone, but at least it seems to be lesser in intensity and clear up more quickly. I'm hoping that with even longer use it will get better, but only time will tell. If you're thinking of getting Coral Calcium, check out the site. It gives some good FAQs on it in general, and specifically the manufacturers you might want to avoid.

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FF, my son has..(had) this problem for a while. My wife researched it tirelessly and found that there are several contributing factors. I've seen some of them discussed in previous postings. We've found its a combination of vitamin defic. and diet. The B-complex is a factor but in my sons case that alone did not help..we found that when we watched his diet closely and kept his sugar intake to a minimum and suppemented the B-complex and fed him active yogurt, with in only 2 or 3 days his tongue would be 100% clear. In his case it takes all 3 steps...we can count on him coming back from a week at Grandma's house with his geo tongue in full force!! Much sweets and sugar @ Grandma's house...this would happen even while taking his B-complex. He would also come back extremely hyper and would obviously go thru withdrawal when we resrticted his sugar intake. After GM's house it would take longer to clear up his tongue, we believe due to his body being saturated with sugar. We know he has an allergy to sugar which causes many effects on him. We don't have to continually feed him the yogurt, that was only to clear up the problem, now we only have to watch his sugar intake and keep him on a good B-cplx. This may not be your problem, but look at your diet and make sure you don't have a large sugar intake, take the B-cplx and an active yogurt. The yogurt puts the "good" bacteria back in your intestines...the sugar his what kills the "good" bacteria. Hope this helps...let me know if it does...The Chill

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I've had GT for 4 months now. It took three different doctors before I found out what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with GT yesterday! The doctor said she remembered because it was a question on board exam.

GT is so ugly and disgusting I'm so depressed to find out there is no cure. I will try some of the remedies listed here to see if that helps.

I have always brushed my tongue and I usually use baking soda so I'm not sure if that will help me.

I can't imagine living with this for the rest of my life. My sysmptoms seem moderate compared to other messages I have read here but it's still annoying.

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My nephew has geograhic tongue and has had it since birth. He now eats ice regularly as it has become a habit, so I set out to find information about it. Through my research I have found a common relief link, vitamin B-complex. During an unrelated search on body cleansing, I stumbled across a website that broke body cleansing down to its common denominator. I really can not do justice to the article and I STRONGLY suggest that you go to the website and read it for yourself and come up with your own conclusion. The ebook is entitled "The Better Body Program" and the section that made me link this article to GT is on page 24, "Replenish Your Intestinal Bacteria". This section specifically speaks about good and bad bacteria and that a person can tell if they have an abundance of bad bacteria just by looking at their tongue. Ironically, the "good" bacteria release several essential elements into the body as it feeds on the bad bacteria one of them being vitamin B12. For me, it made sense that there would be a need to replenish the body of what it is not getting (vitamin B complex) if it is not present (good bacteria, ex. acidophilus, bifidus). PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

This is just my theory. I am just an aunt trying to help her nephew. But please, do not accept that there is no cure for you, just be persistant and you WILL find a way to rid yourself of this condition.

May God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

The website is, click on the link called S&J Publishing, and then on the link "The Better Body Program".

Good Luck in all of you searches.

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I suffer with geographic tongue i was scared in the begining but i am now a little calm since i know it is not a maligne desease.

I have tried averything but what mostly help me it is brushing my tongue and all desapear next dat or after hours and mounth looks better, i want to go doctor to medicate me with something if necessary but most i am trying right now it is using echinaceo purpureo that support inmune system and can combat any infection that is growing in your body. Besides help you from being catching colds and protect you when u gave an inmune system low for stress or other. I help me a lot and sometime i let juice of this plant in my tongue for a couple of minutes then i swallow it because it is medicinal and can combat any fungus also. It is great. I am taking it and can see more results.

Also my tongue look more normal and pink than a GT one.
i hope this help!
but consult doctor if have questions.
u can find it in any healthy store like wild oats!

email me if so!

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please keep on giving ideas about what can be a good remedy for treating this insupportable symptom (GT).

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ctenicki(z5 CO)

I was wondering if anyone has any other advice for a geographic tongue remedy. My GT has been constant now for the last 5 months. In the past it use to come and go and would only stick around for a week or two, but this time there seems to been no end in sight. Anyway, I have tried all the remedies listed on the web including this site and also many Dr. recommendations, nothing has helped. I've tried the vitamin B complex, Molybdenum mineral, Diflucan, various topical steroids, tweaking my diet (which is pretty healthy to begin with, high protein intake), different tooth pastes (some all natural and some with peroxide and baking soda) and different and frequent brushing methods. None of these have provided any relief. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

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OH MY GOSH, the most irritating thing I have experienced. Someone noticed a spot on my tongue about 8 months ago. It didn't go away. Now it is larger, burns, migrates, fluctuates in intensity, and all that. It looks just like this Went to the doctor twice. Tried a little yellow anti-yeast pill 3 times a day for two weeks that I let dissolve on my tongue. It abated somewhat then came back. Tried Diflucan...kinda embarassing...didn't do a thing for me. Then tried some prescription mouth rinse by seemed to help alot until I ran out of it. Yogurt is soothing. I really like fruit, strawberries are my favorite, so what I have read in others posts pretty much makes me want to cuss. Definitely an embarassing disease/illness/curse/what-have-you. I will post a follow when I try all that I have read today. I started thinking acidophilus when I read about digestive problems and good bacteria. PRAY for a CURE everyone, if you know of one, drop me a line. Is it contagious? Last thing I want to do is give it to someone. I refuse to try my friends food, drink, etc. and they are wondering if I have a problem with them. I don't want to show them my tongue. Anyway, I ramble. SOMEONE CURE ME!!!!!!!! AARRGGHHH

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After reading every post I am wondering if anyone else notices a parallel with candida and maybe tongue ulcers, canker sores, psoriasis, digestive problems (of some form seem to be common), etc. It is as if there is an underlying irritation and then to top it off, that skin irritant serves as a catalyst for the development of candida, resulting in further irritation to the tongue. I may be way off, but I really want rid of this crud and brainstorming is all about allowing wild ideas to be spoken.

If this theory were true similar precursers among us cursed with GT should help identify working treatments for each case. I notice not all GT looks the exact same, but some things may be consistently similar (the candida side of GT maybe)

Breaking it down:
I have had mild canker sores before (I guess that is a type of herpes)
-could have stimulated the skin irritant catalyzing candida

My digestive acid reflux (that I can tell) but...I don't think it works as well as it should. It may be my colon. I think...

The immune system deal sounds curious, I had a swollen lymph node several months ago...don't know of any correlation, but before GT I always thought my immune system was good.

Keep posting your thoughts and experiences...I just found this site and hope to be cured soon.

This pic looks just like my condition:

This pic appears more severe:

Don't link to this if easily grossed out:

Neat survey:

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Dear All,
I think that my best friend has GT but I'm not sure. They look more like bite marks, as if shes bitten her tongue, but the white lines are usually there and she says she doesn't feel it when she 'bites' it. Afterward, though, she says it hurts like hell and sometimes it even bleeds. I'm pretty sure she isn't biting it that hard and that it must be the tongue...well, you look at it and tell me!
There is a picture of her tongue in this link here.
Is this GT or something else?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Greetings to all.

Being a specialist in oral pathology (those rare dental specialists that deal with oral diseases such as geographic tongue), here is what I can tell you on the current medical literature (as well as my own personal experience with patients with geographic tongue):

- GT (aka erythema migrans) is a very common oral finding that affects up to 3% of the general population.
- Females are more commonly affected than males.
- The etiology of GT is UNKNOWN
- There is NO CURE for GT
- GT comes and goes, much in an unpredictable manner. Some of my patients have correlated it with the intake of oral contraceptives.
- GT is NOT contagious,and unlike what people have mentioned previously, does NOT cause bleeding or oral cancer.
- Superimposed fungal infections (i.e. candida) are usually NOT seen in GT (in healthy individuals)
- IMPORTANT: GT must be distinguished from other rare oral conditions, such as Oral Psoriasis, Reiter's Syndrome, Drug reactions and so forth. Only a specialist in oral pathology or oral medicine is qualified to do so.
- True pain does not occur with geographic tongue. However, an intense burning or "itchy" sensation is often seen. Moreover, certain ingredients seems to exacerbate the burning sensation, such as Pineapple, spices, tomato juice and citrus. In those cases, a prescription of high potency topical steroids (ex: Decadron) can be made. However, these drugs often lead to secondary candida infections (especially in debilitated patients). Another important contributing factor is PURE STRESS. As a matter of fact, the more one focuses on GT, the more intense the burning gets.
My advices:
- get an expert to diagnose your condition (no worries: a biopsy might not even be necessary!)
- GT is a totally BENIGN condition, and will never affect your life expectancy.
- do not try any unnecessasry drugs or natural products; they just don't work and won't cure GT. Plus, they make you think about GT more often.

Hope this helps!

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TJMcMahon(z6 VA)

I have had various tongue problems for about 20 years which have come and gone. Currently I have deep cracks or fissures that are a bit painful. Although this is not technically "geographic tongue" I was reading the many posts and noticed the entry about using Oil of Oregano. There wasn't much detail but since I have used it before for other things I would like to add a bit to that post.
1)Oil of Oregano is not cooking Oregano it is actually a special variety of Oregano available in an oil extract. The bottle I have says it is 10% Wild Oregano Oil in Olive Oil.
2) It has many medicinal uses related to antibacterial functions and has many almost miraculous claims associated with it. It can be rubbed on sore muscles, or inhaled to clear the sinus' or taken internally etc.
3) It is pretty potent stuff and a drop or two on the tongue has a sort of numbing effect (which when your tongue is sore is a sort of pleasant side effect) too much will cause you to cough.

I have decided to try it for the tongue fissures and see if it helps. I will post back with results.


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Mayz(BA2 bth)

Hi. My names Sarah, and I've joined this site. I'm sori, but the reson I have joined it is because I am hoping that sum 1 can help me.
Recentaly, my tonge has got kind of lumps over it, and also patches of white, well not quite patches, but sum of it is covered in a white layer of skin (i fink), I'm not sure. I can't eat any fink with acid in, and I am eating at this moment a packet of spicey crisps, an it is killing me. My tonge feels as tho it is litrally buring.
It wasn't that bad, but (today is Sunday) on Friday I ate sum pringles, and it serioulsy hurt.
Yesterday (I thoguht of it as a gud idea) I ate a packet of sulted peanuts, and I thought it wud help. But it killed me as I ate them. At tea time I had a vegetarian burger (I'm a vegetarian) and I culdn't even eat it. So I haven't reli been eating lately, but I find using mouth wash helps. You see, I have a brace and because of it- I need to use mouth wash. I found that it hurt using it, but it helped.
Nobody knows about the problem, because I find telling ppl things like this kind of embarasing. But, I will tell my parents as sonn as the get home. I was hoping it wud go away, but it doesn't show any sign of clearing up. So I will need 2 pay a visit 2 the doctors.
It reli just seemed to appear, it hurt for a while- but I just 4got about it, but then I looked in the mirror.
Please can some one help. E-mail me. Because it will be a while till I can get 2 the doctors.
Thanx, Sarah

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Being having GT for 2 years, I have tried many ways to avoid GT from recurring, while trying to live with it. In my previous post, I have successfully stop my GT by having antibiotics that treats my Helicobator Pylori (however, it came back right a week after I finished the course. It really doesn't make sense to continue my antibiotics indefinitely). I've recently done a blood test and have my stomach and colon looked into but my doctor told me everything seems to be normal (I felt kinna disappointed since I wish my doctor could tell me I got a small ulcer in my stomach that can be treated with simple medication and I wish then my GT would go away since then.) Anyways, here is my experience that helps me in getting my GT to heal faster:
1. B complex vitimins
B complex vitimins help me to clear up existing GT faster, but they don't stop the new ones from breaking up..

2. Avoid food that cause GT
After investigating which food cause my GT, I realize that anything that has MSG in it or meals that has wheat (e.g. pizza, noodles) would be somthing to avoid for me. But they would come back at times when I eat food that I can't resist (potato chips).

3. Plenty of sleep
I've also realized that having enough sleep is also important to help the GT to heal. I moved to some remote area 2 and a half years ago and I only have an average of 5 hours of sleep daily. However, during my last two vacation leave, I had about 8-10 hours of sleep a day. Usually in 2 or 3 days time, all GT would disappear.

4. Don't think too much about it
I believe GT out-breaks are related to stress. Thinking too much about it would induce stress and negative thinking. I also believe that GT is not contagious and it is a benign condition. Everytime I focus too much on my new GT, I would remind myself what my doctor told me recently: Having GT is like having people with different race. We are just a bunch of people with this characteristic and it's not much different than the bunch of people that snore while sleeping.

Trust me, I really understand how many of you would feel everytime there is a GT outbreak. We just have to live with it. But I will still keep my fingers crossed and hope that there is a cure for GT some day.


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white_rabbit(ON Canada)

My story is a little different than all of yours but I also have found myself with a case of GT. I got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago and have been getting more and more worried over the past 2 weeks because the swelling hasn't gone down. This means I can't put the shorter barbell in like I'm supposed to. One of my friends commented that maybe I've just always had a 'fat tongue' and never noticed it which, strangely enough, is a possibility. My tongue has been covered by a thin layer of white and felt really dry for a little over a week but I figured that was just because of the piercing. Yesterday morning I noticed a small, flat, red patch. Since then it has gotten bigger and another one has appeared. I went to see a doctor who told me I have geographic tongue but said there's nothing I can do. I'm not supposed to use peroxide, or any type of alcohol in my mouth because of the piercing. A pharmacist suggested eating yogurt containing 'acidophilus' (spelling??). I'm more worried about the swelling than anything. Any suggestions? I was told that one cause could actually be the listerene solution I've been using to rinse the piercing because my mouth is not used to that kind of strenuous cleaning.
I was also interested to notice that some people have mentioned an iron defficiency. I'm anemic but sometimes don't keep up with my iron supplement the way I'm supposed to :( I'm going to start being more rigid with myself in that respect and hopefully see some improvement.
Thanks to everybody who has posted information on this site. It was really helpful!

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ctenicki(z5 CO)

For the longest time I have been wanting to reply to your messages with some useful information on keeping GT under control. Finally Im able to do that. I have tried pretty much all suggestions listed on this and many other sites as well as numerous Dr. recommendations...and nothing has helped.
My GT use to come and go...maybe stick around for a month or so and wouldnt surface again for a yr or so, this time its different. Its been constant for the past 8 months and just getting worse. I've tried it all. Different antibiotics, change in diet (no sugars or carbs.), all the vitamins (Bs etc), L-Lysine, mollyebnum, different brushing techniques, topical steroids, Diflucan, peroxide, herbal crap, had a biopsy done and had various Drs study the microbial behavior going on on my tongueyou name it Ive tried it. Even things that have helped others didnt affect me and that white crap in the morning just kept getting worse, along with those C shaped rings and irritated areas.
Some Dr.s told me it wasnt a fungi or yeast (but you know theyre wrong when you watch the GTs behavior on your tongue, nothing else could behave like that). Other said it was in fact a yeast issue, but that there is some underlying root problem that causes the balance of yeast in the mouth to get out of whack. So I stared to doing a lot of research on my own as many of you Im sure have. Anyway, one thing that I did that I did change in my daily routine about the same time my GT problem got out of control was I changed my toothpaste to something other than Crest, which I had been using since I was a kid (changed to something for sensitive teeth). Well it was about this time my GT started and wouldnt go away. I have been using peroxide toothpastes recently but that really didnt help either. After some research on trying to find an anti-fungal toothpaste (which doesnt exist), I came across an article talking about Colgate Total. It contains Triclosan, which supposedly has anti-fungal or anti-yeast characteristics. I gave it a shot and its working like nothing else has. My tongue looks normal for the first time in 8 months. Im not sure if Crest contains this ingredient, maybe it does and thats what kept my GT at bay for so many years. But the best part is you dont even have to change your daily routine to get some relief. Im brushing twice a day and in under a week the changes are amazing. Go get Colgate Total and try it. Please let me know if you have similar results. Id really like to hear about another success story. If youre wondering, I dont work for Colgate. :-) I wish you all the best.

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when i don't sleep enough geographic tongue comes and when i get tired , i notice that the white part of my eyes becomes sallow and my face becomes pale ... and everytime i feel this i have to expect my GT triggering . anyone ever felt the same ??
i will try colgate total , even if i am convinced that nothing will work ...........:s

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ctenicki(z5 CO)

Well I may have spoken too soon. It seemed like Colgate was doing the trick for a bit but the after a few weeks or so I'm back to square one. This really sucks, it seemed like it was really working(I guess I was just eager to eager to pass on some good news). Sorry to get your hopes up....I was just really psyched to help some people out dealing with the same crap I am. Well I'll keep you posted and let you know if anything else has some long term positive effects. Colgate wasn't the answer I was looking for. Sorry.

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Someone else posted this on another thread, but try taking benadryl. I have feeling that this problem (at least in some people) is caused by allergies. Take 2 pills twice or three times a day until the tongue is healed. Then, whenever you feel like it's flaring up again, take another pill. I've also found that quick dissolving children's benadryl works well to counteract it before it starts. Letting the tablet dissolve on your tongue seems to help. I'd like to hear if anyone else has found this to work.

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i check this site everyday hoping to hear more and more about how other people are facing this small big problem.
please keep on writing ...
i advice to never use peroxide , neither a strong toothpaste , nor mouthwashes . and just eat everything avoiding tomatoes, acid drinks and hot food.
since i stoped smoking and i reduced as much as i can things mentioned before plus coffee and tea . things run better. i still have it but not like before now it is like ten times better . it is looking better because white rings doesn't appear often , and even when they come they are not hurting me a lot .
before i was really dying from pain .
thanks god ...
keep faith

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hello this is my first time posting on my GT condition. As of right now I dont know a single person with my problem so after finding this site I hope I will be able to talk to someone with the same condidtion as me in hopeing to share finding and remedies for this condition so here it goes(and if anyone wants to talk about GT and there finding feel free I check a few times a day)

So far ive noticed that had this condidtion for about 6 months or so and its getting worse its a real pain in the ass,I had to go to a specialist and see my dentist many times(not to mention the bills)for them to just now tell me it looks like you have GT. Ive tried all sorts of remedis as to no avail (peroxide,nystatin,glyoxide etc..).just recently the only thing that has showed any inprove is brushibg with arm & hammer sensative teeth toothpaste(witch is sls free)and usuing a tounge scrape to really get in there on top of a regular vit intake of gnc gold vit. pack(witch has the molydedum and vit B-100 complex already in it) and a seperate B-100 complex to compliment that.So far this has helped the best yet its to early to say if this is really helping sence i still get out breaks just not as bad as befrore.

so there it is I will be posting here more often and checking on a regular basis hopeing to see more people talking and again any questioins or just want to talk about this Gt bullcrap feel free to write me


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DavidGT(DFW Texas)

I have continued to gather information related to Geographic Tongue causes, triggers, and treatments. Click on the link below for a page with lots of information about GT. It is not too pretty, but there are no ads and there is nothing for sale, just lots of information to be shared with others who have GT like me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for

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This is my first post...I just registered but have been reading this site for about a yr now. My Geo tongue first started almost 5 yrs ago when I had three bouts of antibiotics in just a 3 mos period. I developed thrush and and along with that Geo tongue. It was the worst thing I ever went through because the spots were so far back and on the sides of my tongue that it felt like hair was at the back of my throat and wouldn't go away. I had to take Xanax every day 3 times a day for 3 mos. because I was so anxious over it. I couldn't get away from that feeling and the sensation was overwhelming to the point I wanted to gag. I have a splint for TMJ that I would wear when it was really bad because that was the only relief I had from those sensations, wearing this splint seperated my tongue from the roof my mouth so I wouldn't feel those spots. I also had the burning.. but for me that wasn't the worst part. This was constant for 3 mos.. but now the Geo comes and goes and that sensation when I get the spots at the back like I do isn't as awful as it was when I first got it. WHen I was first diagnosed with it my ENT.... what a jerk he was.... told me that I would have to live with it. Yes I do live with it.. but like I said before it is so much better now. I do take B-6 and B complex... I also have taken Nystatin on and off for yrs... that seems to help... I also take Benadryl on an as needed basis... and I did change my toothpaste to Biotene which doesn't have SLS in it.
I did try Hydrogen Peroxide.. helped alittle bit.. but I don't use it on a regular basis. I also have a tongue scraper... that didn't help me. Over the yrs I tried a bunch of things... I used to be so healthy.... but now I also have allergies with Post nasal drip and mild asthma. This all came from taking three scripts of antibiotics over three mos... first dose.. I was bitten by a brown recluse when flicking him out of my pool.. it was only a slight prick on my pinky but the Dr said it was a brown recluse when I brought him in... and wanted me on antibiotics... then I Had some throat problems and again another does of antibiotics.... that didn't help so another script came and that worked.. I guess.... but I ended up in the ER with thrush. The inside of my mouth was all swollen and then the spots appeared. Since all this happened I have not been the same.. once I was so healthy... never having to see a Dr... and after that I was constantly at Drs trying to find out what all my problems were. I thought I Had overgrowth of yeast in my throat.. but I have since decided it is PND since I do have allergies now... I just found this out when I went to see an allergist... so maybe that is why the Bendadryl works for me. Who knows.. but the few people that I Know that have Geo tongue aren't bothered with it... but I think it is because their spots are on the front of their tongue and mine being so far back are insanely annoying. Sorry to go on... but I can definetly relate to what you are all going through, and I only hope one day they find a cure!!

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Oh I forgot to mention in my previous post that the first 3 mos that my Geo was awful.. I was on diflucan and mycelex...probably for about 2 mos.. it didn't help my Geo tongue... and I also forgot to mention that I also take Zinc vitamins now along with my other supplements. This all seems to help!!

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Had GT since I was a kid. Pretty sure it's hereditary - my Mom has it, my daughter has it, my son doesn't, my wife (17+yrs) has never shown symptoms.

I went years without symptoms, then when I was 31 and my wife was pregnant with 1st child, a hot-chocolate scalding triggered symptoms. 8+ years later, I've got perpetual symptoms somewhere in my mouth, cracks on tongue, soft tissues in mouth lose elasticity and become sore, etc. I get the white stuff in the morning, but I don't just have patches anymore, because this disease is EVERYWHERE in my mouth.

Things I've tried:
B-vitamins - no change
Brushing tongue (with just about anything) - makes it worse
Various yeast/bacterial controls - no change
Tea tree oil (toothpaste) - helps some
Limit citrus/acidic foods - helps some

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial, and has done more for me than anything else. There are several tee-tree oil toothpastes available from various herbal-centric manufacturers. Of course the mint- and ginger- flavoring sure seems to irritate my GT, but I've found a fennel-based flavor that doesn't mask the tee tree oil taste so well, but doesn't burn my mouth either.

I've seen a huge flare-up of my condition over the last couple months (US Halloween = sugar & parties with beer) and haven't been able to get it to sibside since.

This site, and the link that led me here, have more info on GT than anyplace else I've seen, including just being a place where we can feel like we've "got company".

I've always been a 'sugar hound', and also have always had a problem with acne (most people's clear up somewhat as an adult, mine never has). I also eat a primarily carb diet because I'm a very active athlete (I ride a bike to work and back, and am an avid Hacky Sack player) and needs the basic muscle fuel for my body. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, and pay attention to my overall diet except for the excess of sugar.

My next step: trying a 'combo' approach (I've never assaulted the problem with mult-pronged attack before)...
1. severely reduce sugar intake
2. combine that with yeast controls
3. employ baking soda/peroxide rinse (but not brushing the tongue!) to control the symptoms
4. the cinnamon suggestion (I like cinnamon, so why not)

Will report back in a few weeks. I'm experiencing the worst outbreak I've ever had right now. I'm sure it would subside somewhat anyway, but...

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I'm really starting to believe taking birth control pills may have triggered my GT. I was doing some reseach and it may be hormonal.
I stopped taking the birth control pills for other reasons about two months ago. Soon after I became pregnant and now the GT is worse than ever mainly because it will not go away. Before it would come and go but now its sticking around. I don't know what else to do.

P.S. Does anyone else have a problem with the white coating on the tongue and bad breath?

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scenic302(pa usa)

I have a question. I think I have geographic tongue but am not sure. It started as a red spot witha white ring around it. Over 10 days it 'grew' in dimension until it was red with a white ring on the front inch of my tongue. I went to my PCP who said he didnt know what it was - but ensured me it was not geograhic tongue. He sent me to a specialist (oral surgeon) who did not know what it was so he did a biopsy (ouch). Everything came back negative. Its very frustration because it keeps coming back. Its here for 7-14 days and gone from 3-8 days and then back again. It is a tingly burny feeling when it comes. As it is leaving, it is an itchy feeling. I have tried most of the advice on this forum but nothing has worked yet (I have not given up yet). However, my physician say that even though they dont know what it is - it is nothing bad (cancer) so I should just live with it. The specialist said that 'if it doesnt effect my way of life' that I should not worry about it. Of course - I need to have an answer - or at least find out for sure what it is. Any advice?

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In my family casein and milk products causes Geographic Tongue in several people. It causes other reactions in many other family members. Casein is the protein from milk and milk products (milk, buttermilk, cheese, yogurt, whey, sour cream.) Its also in foods made with those products or foods to which with sodium caseinate has been added. Casein can now be made from things other than milk but we have the same reaction to it. Milk products or casein can be legally added to any product with only the description of flavor enhancer. It can take two weeks or more to get the casein out of your system after youve ingested it. Our tongues do benefit greatly from B vitamins and C for healing, but will not heal while we are taking in any milk products or casein. When we have no casein or milk products we have no geographic tongue. Its really hard to avoid all casein. Fortunately small amounts dont bother some of us, but a reaction of Geographic Tongue is certain with one small glass of milk or buttermilk, or a cup of yogurt.
Some people may have Geographic Tongue in response to other things. Please, anyone who has found out what causes their symptoms, not just what seems to lessen the symptoms, please take the time to become a member and write to this forum. Thank you!

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Dear scenic302:

well I had the same problem my doctor scent me to a specialist also ,and just like EVERYbody else on the forum we all went and are going through the same thing you are so dont feel alone.without seeing pics I cant definitly say yes its GT but from what you are describing it sound like what we all have here and most dentists sadly dont know how to diagnose and treat properly most mouth problems(funny how they really dont know much more than being able to clean your teeth)so all I can tell you is dont give up we all eventuly find something that helps a bit(NOT CURES as so far there is no cure and probably wont).But it comes down to finding out what triggers it in you, WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS AND TRIGGERS so dont feel alone!!!!!!

If you need to talk email me sotimes it feels better to talk to someone with the same problem as you.

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chagrin(z6/7 NM)

I developed GT almost overnight four years ago when I took over the sole care of my best friend who was dying of cancer. The most stressful time of my life--on duty, so to speak, 7/24 without any help except twice a week from home hospice aides during the last three months (the whole experience lasted 2 1/2 years). My previously moderate consumption of cigarettes and coffee went up as if I owned stock in the companies. I was getting only 2 to 4 hours sleep daily and even that was sometimes impossible due to the burning of the tongue. Two months after the experience was over, I completely changed my regimen: no smoking, no liquid except water, no flesh foods except for unprocessed turkey breast and cold water fish, no dairy products, no processed foods, bread, crackers, as little acidic foodstuffs as possible, certain supplements once a week, etc.--a nearly vegetarian diet (and I am fortunate in being able to grow almost all my own food organically). Within two months, the GT completely disappeared. The only conclusion I can come to is that the GT may have been caused primarily by stress overload and then exacerbated by poor other habits. What I did was make a tremendous change in my lifestyle (and certainly not one to my friends' likings). But this is only my experience with GT, and by nature I find it quite easy to make major changes in my lifestyle but realize that may not be the answer for others and possibly it wouldn't help anyway if reading these many messages is any indication. I'm 67 years old and haven't been to a doctor in 25 years, so I have no idea what the medicos would say, though again judging from this forum, it may not be much anyway. The molybdenum business does sound promising.

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It haven´t been much activity here for the past months...

I did catch Geo Tounge in January, it started with a burning. And for the last 6 months, I´ve had these times with SMALL, SMALL patches starting on the sides of my tongue, wich later expands and so on.
And suddenly they are gone for a couple of days or a week.

Is everyone surviving? ;o)

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And the part about MonoSodiumGlutamate is interesting. Does anyone else agree??

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scenic302(pa usa)

I too have been wondering how everyone is doing out there. My saga continues. I had a round of blood test and everything came back normal. My ENT wants to do another biopsy. When the oral surgian did the first biopsy, he did not biopsy for everything that he could. I did find out that they do not think that I have geo tongue. They said that geo tongue is multiple migrating shapes on the tongue. I only have one that starts as a red dot on the tip of my tongue and spreads over the front quarter of my tongue - goes away - then comes back. They do not know what it is. I have found two things that are helping me:
1. I brush with Biotene toothpaste twice a day and rinse with Biotene rinse (dentist also said it has helped my gums)
2. I started taking B-150 tablets. The B-100 helped but the B-150 seem to be doing better. And an added benefit is that it really helps with PMS!!

Lets hear how everyone else is progressing.

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Some BREAKING stuff.

I have been noticing that the spots tend to come up around where I have COMPOSITE-dental-restorations. Also PLASTIC-restorations.

Does anyone else have this phenomenon??

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yes perkaah my outbreak is right in the front of my tongue next to the plastic half of one of the front teeth

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Hi Tubsub! I am trying to convince my dentist that these fillings are the problem. I have done some research on this topic, and found that ANYONE can get contact-allergy to dental PLASTIC. Just like you can anytime catch it from wearing metal jewelry.
And I am thinking about changing them into porcelain crowns...

But then again, I do not know for certain. Let´s keep the contact in here!


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hi perk, just going through the forum last night and reading what people had to say about the condition got me feeling better.i didn't know what to call what i have.i can concur that alcohol and some foods make it worse.what works for some to lessen the symtoms is also interesting to learn.i am also dealing with a mild but persistant rash predominatatly on my left arm.
i use almost exclusivly "alternative" methods.things that have helped in the past include a device called a bioptron light. it is a swiss device and uses polarized infrared light. i also got some bee propolis in capsule form. i did not want to use the alcohol tincture. i opened the caps and mixed the propolis and the carob powder that it was mixed with in virgin olive oil. this seems to help alot, but i will try other recipes as i did not know when i ordered the propolis that it had carob in it as the filler. if i find straight propolis i will try mixed with olive oil.
i wonder if you have mercury in your mouth as i do with my so-called silver fillings. i read somewhere that when russians researchers tried to remove viral loads from people they found that they had to lower mercury loads in tissues as viruses can "hide" in mercury in the body.
and then instead of a viral possibility i wonder if my condition is yeast or fungal i will try things on it that work on multiple organisms like propolis. some say that propolis is the treatment for canker sores. i just wont use the waxy hot tasting alcohol tinctures of propolis though.i notice that eating or drinking yeast based products such as wine beer or rna makes it worse. so is it maybe a yeast driven organism? i might try wild oregano oil but i have read that it can be hard on mucous membranes so i have to see. it is a very strong killer of unwanted organisms.
so i will try, observe and report from time to time. i do know that i have a feeling in the tip of my tongue that is like chewing on tin foil for it tastes like metal. so i wonder about my metal fillings and have also wondered about the plastic composit tooth right in front of the sore areas.
but i do believe that there is hope for most disease states if one looks hard enough and shares what he or she knows with others.
thanks, tubsub

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Hello again!

I haven´t got a clue what makes it disappear from time to time. But as you say, alcohol makes it worse, or rather, in the MORNING after I´ve been having a few...

I do not have any metal-fillings in my mouth at all. Only 4 composite-fillings. That´s all.

I am having regular check-ups at my dentist though. They are really understanding that I have a hard time with this disease. And are telling me that it is an "AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE". Wich means that the body is attacking itself.

Auto-Immune Diseases tend to correct themselves over a couple of years though. That is great to know!!

I have plans on making a "porcelain-crown" on one of my composite-fillings, just to take that fact out of the picture.

None on my body or stuff, other that it starts with a small, small white spot in a "crack" on the side of my tounge. This small white spot, can during the day turn into a lesion. And will persist for a week or more. It does not hurt at all, although it feels VERY uncomfortable.

One day, suddenly, it can start to disappear. And does so.
And choose to return in 5-6 days an old friend that you don´t like to see. =)

My dentist have constated "Geographic Tounge".

But what makes it that it could be a virus, is that it comes back, almost on the SAME spots everytime an outbreak comes. Anyone agree??

I don´t know, but I really hope it will subside sometime...

Sorry for ranting!


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And today I started a new turn on things.

I have started to getting some Homeopathic remedies of my dear mothers-brother.

He gave me "Belladonna" and "Sulphur". I will report back later how it goes. But all the pills taste the same, and I don´t know about that business at all. Just thought I´ll give it a shot...haha!

How does it go for everyone else??

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I also use Biotene toothpaste and I think it has helped with my Geo tongue... and also with my canker sores. My Geo tongue was really bad when I first got it 5 yrs ago.. but over the yrs they have subsided. So maybe there is some truth to the Auto Immune diseases getting better over the yrs. My Geo Tongue isn't gone, but my outbreaks aren't as frequent as they used to be, and although they are still annoying when they appear, they don't drive me insane like they used to. I used to wear my TMJ splint just so the roof of my mouth didn't touch the spots.. because they made me feel like I wanted to gag. That was how awful my geo tongue used to be. Thank G-d they aren't like that anymore. Mine were so far back on my tongue and on the sides so that is why I felt that gagging sensation. It was the most awful thing that I ever went through. I also take B-6 and Zinc every day so I think that also helps to keep them at bay.

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hi again, i've been busy and resolved to double my efforts to try to find relief from my GT. i was feeling tired of having something that i could not fix and just plain tired of the discomfort. so i opened up a capsule of oregano oil and painted it on my tongue. i guess i was moving a little fast and dabbed on alot before i even tried a tiny test of it. all i can say is aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyaahhowwww! apparently wild oregano oil is hot and super powerful. it about took my breath away and burned. i had to stand over the bathroom sink because my tongue started to salivate profusely. i did enjoy that a little because at least my tongue was doing what it should. well the next day i could not notice the geograhic tongue because my tongue felt like it had been burned. since that day i have sprayed 400ppm of colloidal silver on my tongue after brushing. i have been trying nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract toothpaste. it feels right but it does have sodium laurel sulphate. i have continued to use the bee propolis mix and the tongue is doing much better for right now anyway.i spray the silver full strength about 5 times a day.
i went to a homeopathic doctor yesterday. he's the kind that uses a german voll(?) machine to identify strenghts and weaknesses. he uses remedies that are mixes as opposed to single remedies. i had a high (overactive) reading in relation to my tongue. so i hope for the best. this doctor has helped my family alot in the past.
peace, tubsubman

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Great to hear from you all!

I have thrown away all stuff about GT being caused by composite restorations. It´s not the case.

And I don´t know if the Homeopathic remedies have been doing it...=/

But ever since I got it. I have noticed that my tonsils in the throat look quite different from each other. The right one looks more "active" and "swollen" from the other.
And as I remember, that night when I caught it. I had almost a stinging in that tonsil.
And as everyone know, the tonsils are part of the immune-system. And they could be "attacking" the tounge.

Just another one of my theories.

Aowh...sounds like a hell of a cure there Tubsub. =)

Yes, B-6 and Zinc makes the body heal sores faster, so it might help...=)

I am going to a doctor to look over my tonsils in a couple of months. So, that´s about it for now.

Take care & Rock on!


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I seem to be suffering from GT, have been for over 2 years, initially started as an infection in my month which was cured by antibiotics, but then the thrush/GT replaced the infection and I have suffered ever since.

1 year ago I quit smoking and this has dramatically reduced the GT, it was noticeable after just one week of quitting, any smokers with this problem, I suggest you quit anyway you can (I used Zyban)

I will defiantly try the B-6 and Zinc supplements to see if it reduces the pain and unsightly symptoms.

I have also discovered a small amount of red wine and garlic bread help fight and kill the bacteria.

Hope this helps others

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I personally don´t think that GT is a fungal disorder.
It looks like this...

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Hi everyone! I too suffer from this problem. It has been about 6 months now. I have seen several Doctors and my dentist. They all say geographic tongue. I have no idea what brought this on. When it started I was at a very stressful point in my life. I have tried so many things I have taken Nystatin, the 1st Dr. said it was a fungal infection. The Nystatin made my tongue worse! Then I took Mycelex for a couple of weeks Im not sure if it was much of an improvement, I think my tongue was just happy to not have the Nystatin. I first had the idea that it was because of a metal crown that I had because shortly after that I had my first GT. So a couple weeks later I had the metal removed and there was no change. My 4 year old daughter also has it. I am not sure if it is contagious or its just hereditary. Thank god I found this website because I thought I might have some kind of serious medical condition. Well I will probably cut out the wheat and see what happens. I have noticed that granola bars and chocolate bring it on, although its never completly gone. Sometimes it gets so nice and pink and pretty and then the next day BAM its back :( O-well. I hope to hear more ideas from you all!!!!

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Yes, the fungal thing has my dentist ruled out.
I have been getting the BEST care taken of me EVER by my dentists, and I owe them a lot! =)

They did mention that I was a bit dry in my mouth when I visited them though. But I do not feel dry in the mouth at all...weird.

I did catch GT in a stressful time of my life. I was flying to Spain for a vacation. And I was so tired, and also scared of flying. And I catched it one or two days later, almost as a reaction of all things going on.

Nothing new.


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Perkaah I am glad that you have great dentists mine pretty much ignored the fact that this is such a problem. I also forgot to mention the I stay away from anything with acid, especially tomatoes and oranges!!!

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Hello all,

I have been suffering from GT/Burning Mouth Syndrome since july of 2002, It started in a very stressful stage of my life. Of course I visited more than 5 or 6 doctors and finally last year in October I visited a dentist/oral specialist in Toronto, She gave me numerous medications to try and see if it will take my pain away.. I was desperate to try anything. I tried a combination of 1/2 to 1 pill of clonazepam and one to two pills of Gabapentin. ever since I took these medications, I don't feel the burning, I know when I have a flare up which very frequent but it doesn't bother me, I eat everything and I lead a normal life. But every once in a while I remember this problem and I wonder till when am I gonna be taking these medications and what are the long term side effects. I guess I am still thankful to be able to find someone who cared enough to make me try all of these different medications to see what would work for me. I am only 28 yrs old and the idea of having this cronic disease for the rest of my life annoys me and depresses me when I think of it but Life Goes on and we are still blessed compared to alot of others. One other thing I have noticed whenever I have a cold or when I start thinking about this problem and stressing over it I do have a flare up and I end up increasing the medication doses and that takes care of it so the next morning I wake up fine. I hope that helps if you have any questions feel free to email me at

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scenic302(pa usa)

I wanted to inquire if anyone has found an association with their tongue problem and artificial sweetner? Thru alot of trial & error I have found that if I stay away from "Equal" and "splenda" that my tongue problem goes away. If I forget and have a diet soda, within 12 hours I see the spot on my tongue. Let me know if you have found something like this.

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Hello all,

I have now GT for 3 years. It started with a flew and throat ache. This lasted for 3 months. After this I found the spots on my tongue. After a few months (and after a lot of doctors) one doctor told me I have GT. Its a big relief if you know what you have but i tried to find a cure and till now no luck. I have tried everything listed on this site buth nothing really helped. A few things I noticed:

1. The GT is not as big as it was in the beginning. After I got GT I have been a lot of time ill. It always starts with a throat ache and a flew feeling. Its not enough to stay in bed but I feel bad for two days. Its the same if I kiss my wife. The most time if we kiss the next day we get throat ache or get ill. Iam sure that we get ill from the GT. My wife also got two times a pneumonia. the last two years. Are there other people who are more ill after they got GT ?

2. My wife also got GT after I had it two years although a proffessor at the hospital told me its not contagious.

3. When iam on holiday the most time GT dissappears for two or three weeks. ???? This is strange. The first time I thought it had to do with the changing of food on holiday. But after a lot of trying it doesnt matter. THe second thing I thought is that it has to do something with the sun. I have read that some people say its a form of psoriasis. And when you have got psoriasus the sun also helps to milding it. OTher people with this experience ?

4. I also noticed that if I drink wine two or three days after each other the GT is getting away.

So if other people have this experience please let me know.
I have learned to live with GT but I dont like it. Especially all the times we get ill. ANd Iam also curious are there ANY people who got cured from GT ? I have never heard off anybody who got curred.

Greeting Niels

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Niels try gargling with 2 Tablespoons of powdered sage, the kind used for cooking, in water, for about 2 minutes, twice a day, and sucking on a garlic clove continually, biting down occasionally to release the juices, to alleviate the flu symptoms. If the garlic starts to sting take it out and wait a while then start sucking on a new one, until it stings. Garlic kills germs very effectively. I would also cut up a garlic clove into small pieces and swallow it down with water daily for a week. Do the sage and garlic for three to five days and your imune system should be restored a bit, enough to fight the gt. Wine has antioxidents in it so that might be why it helps to get rid of the gt, but I would only drink at the most half to one 6 oz glass occasionally. Too much liquor is bad for you, and can compound the gt problem.



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I also wanted to mention that if the GT goes away when you're on holiday, the GT is probably triggered for you by stress. You might want to try to exercise more, which is a great stress reducer, and immune system builder. Walking for an hour a day is great, even if divided up into 3 20 minute walks. Also the B vitamins, with extra folic acid, work quite well for stress reduction. I use 100 mgs time release B vitamins with the highest mg folic acid pill I can get, up to 1 mg, and take them together, as recommended.

Also I wanted to tell you why I recommend the sage. It is very good for inflammation and pain reduction and also is a germ killer. It is a fairly strong herb so if too much is swallowed, there can be a reaction, but gargling is safe, for short frequent durations.

Good luck,


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Thanks for your mail !


1. I have sold my company 4 years ago and after that I do only things that I like. So I have absolutely no stress. !

2. I exercise more then three times a week. In the Gym, Golfing, bycicle etc. etc.

I think it has something to do with the sun. I have also tested my imune system a few times but it was ok !

Thanks for the tip about the garlic, I shal try it.


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I am writing this to scenic302. My problem sounds exactly like yours. I have a red spot on the tip of my tongue that spreads bigger and has a white circle around it. It goes away and comes back in the same spot. It doesn't appear anywhere else on my tongue except for this one spot. It feels tingly and numb. I've also had a strange taste in my mouth. This has been going on for 6 months and just started out of the blue. A dentist and oral surgeon told me it is geographic tongue. I was wondering if you have had a diagnosis on yours yet? It's driving me crazy trying to figure out why this started, and if it is indeed geographic tongue.

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bics(Z5 WI)

I haven't posted in quite a while. Just an update to my situation. Overall I have improved dramatically. One thing I am experimenting with is removing things that I think might have helped. One is using caprylic acid daily and the other is stopping regular chiropratic appointments. I have had a minor flare up over the past month but I can mainly attribute that to some extra stress. If I continue to have some issues once the stressor is gone I am going to restart the caprylic acid first. One other thing I think is important is eating active culture yogurt especially one with inulin. A good brand is Stonyfield Farms Organic yogurt. I still maintain that geographic tounge is some kind of an auto immune disease, and that each individual needs to finds what works for them.

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scenic302(pa usa)

This response is to mandab -

My physician did not think it was geographic tongue. My dentist did. I had a biopsy last december. It showed that it was NOT geographic tongue, cancer, lichen platis. It did not show what it was. All of the physicians that I went to got very frustrated (and acted angry toward me) that they could not figure out what it was. I have found that stress makes it appear. Also hormonal changes. I also think that it does have something to do with autoimmune system.
What I do that works for me is:
1. Use Biotene toothpaste & mouth rinse
2. Take centrium performance vitamins daily
3. Do deep breathing exercises when I feel stressed.

If I find out anything certain, I will make sure I post. On the positive side, I am brushing my teeth more, taking my vitamins daily and trying to avoid stress in my life! Thats gotta count for something!

Good luck.

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scenic302....thanks for your response. that is so puzzling to me how your doctors have ruled out geographic tongue, and my doctors keep telling me it is GT when my symptoms seem identical to yours. i haven't had any sort of biopsy or testing done though. perhaps i should have that done as well. right now i have the red spot surrounded by the white ring like shape on the front part of my tongue. everytime it goes away it comes right back. so aggravating to not know what it is and how to stop it!!!! so blood tests ruled out anything bad for you right? i keep worrying myself thinking it must be something horrible since it won't go away. the last oral surgeon did give some type of steroid syrup, celestone that i'm supposed to be using. i've only used it a couple of times because i've read some negative things about it that say steroids won't help gt anyways. have you tried it before? so far it hasn't helped me. anyways.....i better get back to work before i stress myself out anymore.

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scenic302(pa usa)

Mandab. . . Think twice about the biopsy unless your doctor says to have it done. It was one of the most painful things I have had done. But the biopsy tissue was sent to the lab which ruled out cancer, geographic tongue, lichten plantis. I did go for blood tests that all came back negative. Everytime I think that I have 'solved' what is causing it, I prove my self wrong. For example, I thought that maybe it was something in my environment because I had went to florida for a week and it was gone during that time. So this past week I went to Phila. Much to my suprise I had it the worst I have had in a while. So this time it was not environmental or hormonal. However, I did forget to take my Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash with me. About 3 days in, I found that I had my Biotene gel. I put it on before bed one night and the next morning my tongue felt much better. It was an extremely stressful week (was OOT for work) so now I know that stress definately aggrevates it. And also proved that Biotene makes it feel better.

If it makes you feel better - all of my physicians said that if my tongue thing was anything bad, that it would not go away even for a day. But having the biopsy and blood tests did make me feel better about it.

Ill update if I find anything else out.

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This week my Geo tongue has gotten worse.. I am wondering if it could be from my Advair... I just started taking it a few weeks ago, but I have taken it before and didn't notice the spots getting worse until this time. I just started on Albuterol as needed, and wonder if it was that that may have caused more spots since alot of that medicine gets on my tongue. I do rinse my mouth out after I take these meds.. but I think it may be causing my Geographic tongure to show itself more now. Anyone else take Advair??

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It is a month later.. and my Geo tongue is still pretty bad. I am off Advair, I switched back to Singulair.
This is the worst flare up that I Have had in that past few yrs. The spots are hurting alot more this time, and the ones on the back side of both sides of my tongue make me feel like there is that hair feeling making me have to swallow alot. It is like I have food in my mouth when I don't. I have tried several things but nothing is working right now. I guess I just have to let them run their course, but I sure hope they hurry up and go away for awhile!! :(

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i was geographic tongue contagious? i'm confused because some sites have said no and some have said yes.

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pricilla(sd, cali)

All I have to say is GT SUCKS!!!! I've has it for about 3 years now, and I can finally say that I have learned to control it, its not cured, its just controlled. I have done soooo much research mosty on the internet. I recently found out that I have Acid Reflux (I think that has allot to do with my GT break outs), and ever since I have been very cautious about what I eat. I pretty much dont eat any fruit, maybe bananas or melon, but nothing else. I dont drink any fruit juices. I don't drink coffee anymore, that was hard to give up, I did replace it with tea, but no sugar or sweetner. I take TUMS every night before I go to bed with at Multi vitamin (centrum a-z). I pretty much cut out all Acidic foods, you can get a list from the internet and find out what foods are acidic. The only time I get it now is if I drink alcohol, because it gives me acid reflux. I rinse with hydrogen peroxide (its yucky) but do it and keep it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds, and I brush my tounge (everyday, by the way) with a peroxide, bakingsoda, flouride, toothpaste. Some times I use the peroxide rinse everyday (because I'm scared I'll get GT), I asked my doctor if that was safe and he said yes. Always rememeber to brush your tongue everynight!!! that has helped me tremendously, brush in between meals too if you can. If you use the hydrogen perixode rinses and toothpaste, GT will only last a couple-few days, stay away from acidic foods during that time. It will take a few months to see results, but what do you have to loose huh?? Good luck, I hope I helped some of you :) let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to help.

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i have started taking an natural remedy. i have been taking it for three days and i see marked improvment and relief. it is called proboitic eleven, i bought it from an health and creative facility. hope this helps.

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Larry_7(Ma. USA)

Please discontinue the use of toothpastes with Laurel Sulfates in them. Buy only Natural Toothpastes. I've been there. A hygenist led me in this direction after going to many Doctors with mouthsores and bacteria and no cure. Gave up toothpastes with Laurel Sulfates. Hope this helps. Give it time.

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ruthhaq(z7 ga)

I have had GT for about 6 years now. As soon as one outbreak begins to heal...another break out comes my way. I started using "natural" toothpaste that you can buy at any grocery store (I bought mine at Walmart), and also a Natural mouthwash. The mouth wash I use is derived from witch hazel. Both of these products have been extremely helpful. I now have less outbreaks and even have some outbreak free moments. Yay for me. :)

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suseyblue(z6b, Tn, USA)

ok, i made it a third of the way thru ;)
i am confused by the amount of people who have recently developed it, as i was born with it (as was my son.) every dr & dentist i've talked to (inc an extremely reputable natural dentist, that is as well my friend) has said that this is genetic. well, of course that doesn't preclude viral or autoimmune causes, just wanted to add that in. but i've never known anyone who just had it pop out of nowhere. as far as i know, it is not catchy.

a few people seem to have it confused with thrush, which may be why the antifungals like nystatin would work. but perhaps it is still somehow fungal? i get seborrheic dermatitus, & i believe that is fungal- my son has awful excema. i also have stomach problems, a long family history of them (200 years!), with mine being reflux & esophageal hernias. interesting how everything ties together- i'm not the enemy of western medicine some people are, but my god, someone has got to look at this wholistically. well, at least most dr's admit they know nothing.

my urge to write is actually re: the recommendations of black walnut hull tincture- black walnuts have actually given me the worst swelling & flare-ups this side of anaphalaxis. i would hesitate to use something so tannic (i have the same sensitivities y'all mention: citrus, pineapple, tomato, walnuts, eggplant etc. in fact my other son *touched* some eggplant to his face when he was a baby & turned red & swelled dramatically; i was so glad he hadn't eaten any!)

i'll give some of your recommends a try- molybdenum (i am a big fan of minerals anyway), hydrogen peroxide, & well, we couldn't possibly take more omega 3-6-9 oils than we do-besides eating vast quantities of fish we supplement with fish, borage, flax, evening primrose... besides not putting a dent in my son's excema i have noticed no change in my gt. which really is not a huge deal- occasionally embarassing, sometimes quite painful, but life goes on. so if you find you have got it, it's not a death sentence, you know? it could be worse. (i think having had it from birth tends to make you need to deal with it more urgently-it would be scary to suddenly develop.)

thanks, suse

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suseyblue(z6b, Tn, USA)

thanks to gengis, it all sounds similar to what i have heard and seems to be true in my case.

pps hot cocoa! i noticed a couple other people got flare-ups from hot cocoa burns! weird.

and, ppps (lol), i have had a few times now where i totally lost all taste (the wine taster mentioned 'no taste'; you mean none, like me?) all the taste is gone. i can still *smell*, food has aroma, but i don't really notice till i start salting & salting & salting something & then someone tastes it & says 'gack!' i had mris of my brain to make sure i had no tumor, went to a nose ear throat guy, had my dentist friend ask her oral pathologist message boards, & EVERYONE says it had nothing to do with my gt. but if nobody knows anything about gt, how can they say that? (it was scary the first time, when i didn't know that in a few months it would dwindle.) but if gt involves dying patches of taste buds, & when this happened my gt got all smooth, & pink, like there was nothing there... i just think there has to be a connection.

has anyone else noticed a loss of taste?


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tonyjones(Wales UK)

VERY INTERESTING reading all your posts on this GT thing!!! I too have been told by my doctor that I too have Geo tounge!!!! To say its a stress out is an understatement as I am finding myself looking in the mirror every 5 minutes to see if the condition has gone away, which alas it is not.

My symptoms.....
small red pimple/spots/circles on the front of my tounge which spread out towards the outside of the tounge and get progressively larger over a period of time. No white rings around these spots though like others on here!!

Burning sensation like I have drunk a hot drink on the front section of my tounge.

A white coating resembling white pin head type attachments to my tounge

Tounge feels like sandpaper really rough

At the back of the tounge there is a thicker coating which I can scrape off with my finger or toothbrush.

funny taste in my mouth like amalgum filling type taste!

mouth and lips feel quite dry all the time

burning sensation when I eat spicy foods

teeth 'grooves' in the side of the tounge

Is anyone on here affected by the top palette of the mouth being affected in anyway as my tounge when my mouth is closed touches the top palette and some of this white coating stuff rubs off against the top palette.

I also suffer from exzuma and psoriasis which I have done for years. This whole thing has only started in the last few weeks

My doc gave me micozanole gel to try but this works for about 6 hours and you can feel the coating coming back. I can see the resemblance with the yeast infection. I currently have thrush and this tounge thing appeared about a week or two after the thrush came on!!! Does anyone know the difference between oral thrush and GT? My doc told me that it is GT but I am not convinced. It seems pretty strange that I have got this tounge now after getting thrush? This also makes me suspect that it is a auto immune problem too, as if my immune system was working properly then it would get rid of the thrush and probably my tounge. If it is indeed thrush then I reckon it is systemic and through my body. Does anyone know how I can test that my immune system is working properly?

This whole thing is seriously getting me down for sure and is causing lots of stress as you can imagine which is probably adding to the condition. If it is GT then I will accept it, but if its something else which I suspect it is as it is a sign that there could be something bad happening here that I do not know about then we have a big porblem. Doctors will only refer you if you are on you death bed it seems as if you appear healthy on the outside then they say you are well and that there is nothing wrong with you

would be interested in some feedback on this email me at

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According to the Chinese, geographic tongue is a yin
deficient condition. I do not have my Chinese herbal with me
here at the library, but I could go home and find the
tongue diagnosis information I have(in my notes somewhere).
The Chinese use tongue as a diagnosis for a number of
problems, perhaps you can look up your tongue condition
online at the Chinese herbal academy, for example. Next
time I come here I will try to remember to bring the info
I have with me. Good luck.

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i have had geo tongue for almost 9 months now, and there has to be a way to get rid of it. i have tried everything.
from thrust mouthwash to scrapping my tongue.
wondering if there is any doctors out there that could help out. thanks

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I was so glad when I found this site. My daughter who just turned to seems to have GT, I took her into the doctor for an ear infection and he looked at her tongue and said she had herpes on her tongue. He gave me penicilan(sp) and said it should clear up, well it didn't. I did my own research as many of you have and discovered pictures that are exactly as my daughters tongue, yes it's GT. I am not sure which way to go either see a dentist or specialist, I have no clue. After seeing the pictures of how bad GT can get all I could do was cry and blame myself, even though I know it's not my fault. Everytime I look at her, my eyes just fill up. It makes me angry that so many people suffer from this and from what I read there is no definite cure. I took my daughter to Mexico to see a doctor and he gave me an antibiotic and Daktarin gel. I did research on the gel and it's for treating oral thrush. Please let me know what has worked for you in suppressing the outbreaks, I would hate for my little girl to go through life with a red, patchy cracked tongue. Thank you to all, and may we find a solution to this soon.

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wljj(z9 CA)

I've had GT for over 6 years now. I noticed it after I was told I had acid reflux and began taking medication for it. Does anyone take medication for acid reflux, and if so which one? I'm wondering if it could have any direct relation, maybe the medication depletes vitamins in the body; and as a result like many have said B vitamin deficiancy. I use to get break out off and on, but now it seems it won't go away. Having a constant white ring on the tip of my tongue and it being very sensitive is giving me a complex. I don't feel comfortable talking to people or even kissing my wife and kids. I know its not contagious but its very bothersome and embarrassing.

I've tried most of the remedies above, but none with success. I'll keep researching and looking though as you all are.

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scenic302(pa usa)

Has anyone purchased 'healthy tongue secrets'? I saw an advertisement online and their marketing of the book is great. He says all that right things. He seems to know how desparate some of us can be with this condition. It cost $27 - but I did not want to purchase if it is only going to tell me to take vitamins.

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scenic302....i actually bought the e-book "healthy tongue secrets". it is very informative...almost too much information that pretty much says that we're lacking certain vitamins. according to the book, it's a trial and error thing...trying to figure out what vitamins you're lacking. it gets into a lot of yeast related problems. so maybe GT could be yeast related? i actually e-mailed the guy who wrote the book and asked if he had any before and after pictures of success stories, but unfortunatley he did not. he seemed to have much success by taking certain vitamins. honestly, i did not learn much more than what i had already learned from research on the internet. how is your GT?...still the same?

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Hello everybody,

Iam an experienced GT OWNER !? The last half year I just vitamin pills and this really helped me a lot figthing the GT. The pills are very expensive. The are called OMNIUM from Solgar. I use two pills a day in combination with yakult. Really it helped me. Some days the GT is gone.



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scenic302(pa usa)

To Mandab

GT is still the same. I have tried vitamins which seem to help at times. I have not been able to determine my major cause. Thanks for the book review. I was afraid that is what the book would be about. If I find the magic pill, this is the first place I will post the cure.

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Do any of yall research GT so much that is just freaks you out? I mean I've researched so many sites and a lot of the sites say geographic tongue could be a sign of hiv and all sorts of stuff. I think I've talked myself into having a million diseases. I actually think I've almost made myself sick trying to figure out what caused me to have GT in the first place. Does anyone else feel this way?

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I have had GT for about four years. Being 18, it is very hard having. I am severely self concious. I wasn't sure what it was, until now, this web page has made me at ease, and I will try some of the remedies listed. If anyone has any other information or would like to talk, e-mail me at Thanks to you all.--God Bless from South Dakota!

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i have had geographical tongue for 2 years and i have been brushing my tongue with baking soda tooth paste as advidsed by other memebers here , it really does work, it is about 85 to 95% better. Nothing irritates my tongue now when i eat and all the white rings have gone, i just have a few read marks and if one does appear 5 minutes of gentle brushing clears it up. Previously i had tried everything from b-vits abd blood tests to diet exclusions believe me i tried everything! this is the only thing that really works, if you haven't tried it or have and it didn't work i really suggest you try again! I can't believe i've got my life back again!

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Scenic 302....I just wanted to let you know about my last couple of weeks. For some reason my GT has been gone for about 2 weeks now. I'm not sure why. Have you had your cholesterol checked lately? This sounds strange I know, but it's the only thing I can think of differently.....anyways, I found out my cholesterol is high. So I started taking Fish Oil pills and Garlique (a garilc pill). I haven't had GT since then. I have no idea if this even has anything to do with it or not. It's the only thing I've done differently though. Just thought I'd share that in case it does mean something.

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janlane(NE Ohio)

It is so nice to see that I'm not the only person on the planet with Geographical Tongue! I was born with this and for the past 36 years thought I was the only one. Until this past January when a gal at the local grocery store told me her dentist had just told her she had a GT. He told her that it's a direct result of Citric Acid allergies. Curious, I stopped my intake of Citric Acid and the lines went away! I had NEVER known anything other than my sore tongue and so this was an amazing discovery for me. Now I just have to be very careful of what I eat as it seems the food industry thinks Citric Acid is a staple.

I had considered writing and asking if they could find something else to use, but figured since it took 35 years to meet someone else with the problem, it would be futile. Now, I'm wondering if this is something to pursue.

I also know that increasing the intake of B vitamins alleviates the problem, as well as not being stressed, but sometimes you can't avoid stress and B vitamins doesn't stop the problem, just alleviates it. And since we can't spend the rest of our lives taking allergy medications on a daily basis that are meant for short-term, can we stop the plentiful use of Citric Acid in so many products? Did you know that it's in Tootsie Rolls!! I can give up soda pop, lemonade, orange juice and fruit salads sold commericially (they use pineapple juice to keep bananas and apples from turning brown), but chocolate!! Come on!!

So to all my fellow sufferers, try not eating citric acid and see what happens. To the mom who feels like it's her fault, don't! It's an allergy just like any other. We can't stop it anymore than someone allergic to poison ivy or strawberries. We just know to avoid it and go on.

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jillianx(NSW Aust)

Thanks to the advice I got from this website, my GT's gone!!!!! Thee bicarbonate of soda and molybdenum work. I've had GT for about 3 years and for the first time ever - it's been gone for almost 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molybdenum supplements everyday - don't forget that. Also drink a glass of bicarbonate of soda solution (5 big tablespoons dissoved in a glass of water) everyday. It'll disappear within a few hours. If you maintain this regime it won't ever come back!!!!

You also have to watch your diet. Mine was triggered by:

Red Wine & alcohol
Acidic food
My period (it always left during my period - so I'm on the pill)

Biting my tonuge (my tongue's too big for my mouth)
scratching my tounge along my teeth (bad habit!)
Detoxification (I did not detox regularly)

If you want it gone, you have to detox. Go see a colon specialist if that's what it'll take - ask him/ her to write you a prescription.

Good luck guys, and stay positive!! The GT did much more for me, it has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have adopted a good exercise regime and am now serious about my health and taking care of my body.

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It's small comfort knowing I'm not the only person with this problem!!

I've had it for about 8 years now; not really sure what triggered the initial outbreak, but it's gotten progressively worse over time. I recently went about 5 days with a clear tongue--the longest time breakout free in years--while taking Biaxin for bronchitis. It returned with a vengeance as soon as I discontinued the antibiotic.

I've tried many of the supplements mentioned here - B complex, zinc - and the topical treatments (peroxide, baking soda, listerine). Nothing has helped.

I'm uncomfortable and self-conscious most of the time. It's unsightly and so many acidic foods irritate it.

I've not uncovered any theory as to what triggers the breakouts, because I'm in a constant cycle of them.

I have tested positive for an auto-immune problem; my anti-nuclear antibodies test nearly always comes up with a high titer, but I am free of any other auto-immune symptoms, namely Lupus, scleroderma, Sjogren's disease and the other diseases normally associated with a positive ANA titer. I do, however, have hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is an auto immune condition. Anyone else here have hashimoto's?

I recently read that there is a human leukocyte antigen that is associated with both hashimoto's and geographic tongue. I don't have the info handy, but will post it later.

Here's some other info I found that's rather interesting, relating to a research study that was done with 188 subjects, including a control group.

One thing I have found helpful when I'm really uncomfortable from eating acidic foods (tomatoes, salad dressing and white wine often aggravate my discomfort) is to suck on a Tums or Maalox lozenge. This neutralizes the acid in the mouth quickly, and really helps the discomfort.

My internist, who I like and trust, is convinced it's auto-immune related, because she says many auto-immune conditions are "clustered", meaning if you have one auto-immune condition, you likely have another, or several others, and that auto-immune conditions run in families. My mother had vasculitis, an auto immune condition and hashimoto's, as well. Interesting, but doesn't help me much! Anyway, she's referring me to a friend of hers (who is also the brother of a good friend of mine) who is an oral surgeon for a biopsy and evaluation. I'll let you all know what happens.

Oh yeah, and chewing gum early in the day when the white rings are really evident, seems to really help diminish the appearance and make them less noticeable.


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elr2106(z7 GA)

Has anyone ever heard of geographic tongue just going away for good after a period of time, or is this something that lasts forever once a person develops the condiditon?

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Ugghhh...I'm so disappointed. My Geographic Tongue had gone a way for almost a month and this morning I noticed a red spot on the tip of my tongue. So I know by in the morning it's gonna be bigger, and then the next day it will be bigger and so on. I thought it might be finally gone away. I can't figure out what I've done differently the past few days. I would do anything to figure out what causes it and how how to get rid of it. This is sooooo aggravating!

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To reply to elr2106 ...the answer is yes for me.
I had gasric problems for 2 months,and after that had HUGH patches on my tongue.
My Naturopath said the gastric had effected my liver badly,so i thought the tongue thing went with in hand with that.
Well that ended 8 months ago,and I looked today and the worst of it has gone,but not all.
So i will wait and see what happens in another 8 months.

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dlfp2005(z5 IA)

I'm a newbie at this. Just diagnosed with GT for about 5 months. They ran some tests on me and it turns out I'm severely anemic. My internist thinks that the two are related. Anybody with the same problems? I've heard that a depletion of Vitamin B6 might have a correlation with it.

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I've been watching these posts for about six months, I've tried several of the suggestions like (peroxide, baking soda, avoiding spicy foods, keeping a food diary etc.) and nothing seemed to nip this thing in the bud. However, I've done a little research and spoke to a few doctors and I think I may have found a possible way of making GT not come back.

So here's what doctors say, they say that GT is an auto-immune disorder and is linked to oxidative-stress. I'm reading from my doctor's little hand out "Oxidative stress can be caused by an unregulated immune system. It is thought that these factors work in combination to form a total load effect, meaning the disease does not occur until a certain threshold is reached." (See this is totally me, I was severely stressed for three years straight at my awful job and then this past yearBOOM. I get this crazy GT! I think I hit my threshold). So my doctor says in order to treat the condition (GT) I need to cool off my immune system. Heres the vitamins/anti-oxidants he told me to take:

-CoQ10 (30 100 mg once a day)
-Lipoic Acid (200 mg, two to three times a day)
-Acetyl L-Carnitine (500 mg, two to three times a day)
-Vitamin E, (200 800 IU, once a day)

Besides these vitamins, I took a combo approach at beating GT and it has worked so far. This is what I did.

1) Brush teeth three times a day: (Preferably after breakfast, lunch and dinner). This may help reduce irritation on GT by keeping a generally clean mouth
2) Take the combo anti-oxidants: (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitne, CoQ10 and Vitamin E.) as directed above
3) Nightly visualization: For about a minute or two before you go to bed, visualize a healthy tongue. Try to visualize the cells healing in your tongue, or really any positive visualization toward your tongue will do (be creative). Perhaps visualize a healing glow running through your tongue, or visualizing a picture of how your want your tongue to look. Also, during the day when you think about your tongue, like if you become nervous about a break out, start to visualize the tongue healing. Or when you get that familiar tingle in the tongue, (the signal that its coming back) try to focus on that spot with your mind and visualize a healthy cells or a healing glow instead. Try to keep your mind off the bad, and visualize the tongue getting better.
4) Avoid eating obviously irritating foods: like spicy, sharp foods. If you must have these foods, then just try to brush your teeth soon after. This might help.

I really hate GT and Ive cried so many times because it wouldnt leave me. Ive tried so many things and GT didnt even give me breaksmay be a day or twobut it always came back. This is the longest stretch of GT free Ive had (a month) and I tell you it is weird, because nothing in my life has change, my eating habits are the samesame job, stress, and everything is the same. But as soon as I took this combo approach, I havent seen GT return. To tell the truth, I really think the visualization technique did it. I dont know about the vitamins (they are good for you anyways, like for energy, positive mood balance), but I firmly believe the visualization did it. I say if no one wants to invest in these vitamins instead just try to the visualization technique for two weeks. I seriously think it works. Visualization is very powerful. You all may have heard about doctors using visualization techniques to help cure cancer. The patients would visualize their immune system destroying the cancer cells. You never know if it will work unless you try. Besides its easy to visualize and it takes almost no time and you can do it anywhere. Try it, its free, what have you got to loose? Hope this helps

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Scenic302 and mandab...

I read this whole board and have the same problem as you guys. A red circle on the tip or my tounge. It sometimes has a white ring around it. It comes and goes, but always in the same spot. I started getting it about 8 months ago. I made out with this random girl and the next day I stressed myself out thinking that I might get oral herpes or some other std. 2 days later what do you know, this red spot appears on my toungue. Std bloodwork came back negative. I have had it on and off since. I have found that pineapple, beer and other acidic things bring it on. It feels like i burnt my tounge on something hot. My dr. said not to worry it's only a canker sore and that I didn't get it from kissing a girl. I'm ready to rip my toungue out of my mouth. Does anyone think that this is contagious and you got it from someone? Also were you sick at all before you started with the red dot on the tip of your toungue? I was dizzy and weak for about a month this passed winter. Also it seemed to go away for part summer. about a month and a half... I've been taking l-lyisine every day. It's starting to get cold outside now and it seemes to be back. The only thing I did differently was take powdered absorbic acid powder (vitm. C)Could it be caused by yeast and the apperence of the spot means it is being killed. Are we trying to prevent the symptoms when the symptoms are really a good sign? let me know what you guys think. Thanks for your time i'm just trying to figure out what caused it.

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I've noticed no one on this board has mentioned sleep deprivation as a cause (though many people have mentioned worse symptoms when they are stressed or sick with a cold/flu). Sleep has a big effect on your immune system and the time in my life when my GT was the worst was when I was in highschool and only getting 5 hours of sleep per night, but now that I make an effort to take care of myself and get 8 hours of sleep as much as possible it's much better. Sure it would be easier to take a pill or use some topical medication but I bet if you closely watch and document the patterns you will find that GT is the worst when your immune system is challeged (such as a cold or sleep deprivation).

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Hi everybody. I too am a newbie to GT. I have had it for 2 months or so now. One night I thought I had the worst canker sore ever, until I looked in the mirror and saw a large red spot. I get two circles on the tip of my tongue, and also some small ones way in the back on occassion. They start small, grow, dissapear almost completely, and come right back in a cycle. I have not yet had a single day 100% clear. I went to a general practitioner a week after it started and the man PRETENDED HE COULDNT SEE IT. It was bad that day too. The next doctor I saw said it was "some unusual form of thrush" and gave me thrush meds that did nothing at all to help. The third doctor referred me to a Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. I swear they had every doctor in the place take a look. I suggested it was GT, but they all thought that was a condition you had to be BORN with. They basically were honest, they said it wouldn't kill me and they couldn't prescribe anything except something to take away the pain. It hasn't hurt that bad lately so I declined.

I have noticed limited success with the Biotene Dry Mouth toothpaste. It really seems to help if I brush my tongue thouroughly. Right now I have a cold and it suddenly got a lot worse. I am not sure if it is because of the cold, or because I have been experimenting with megadoses of Vitamin C to fight off the cold. It also could have been something I ate. There are so many factors that could contribute to it, and I have no idea where to focus. I eat so many different foods with so many different spices and additives and sauces. I feel like to see if it is truly food related I will have to go a month on a strict diet of plain, uncooked veggies. Not fun, but may be worth a try.

I am trying peroxide right now, but it seems to be making it worse. I have been taking vitamin B-100 for awhile with no success. I plan on trying to detox and a few other things here.

I am really curious about a few things.
1) Can it be spread? I have read 3 or 4 posts here from people who claim they have spread it to their spouse. Do any of you regularly kiss somebody who has NOT contracted GT?

2) Does it really stay for life? I am guessing that this will be hard to have answered. If mine dissapeared without reason I can't guarantee I would come back to this forum. I might just go on living my life.


Do you all not feel entirely betrayed by the medical community? We are on this site experimenting on ourselves to find a treatment. We KNOW that many people on her have treated their's with success. There has to be SOME reason for GT and SOME treatment. If not, why can't we have a SCIENTIFIC STUDY to find out. I am told by doctors (if they know what GT is) that it is "nothing to worry about." I dont hear dermatoligists saying ACNE is nothing to worry about. Sure, it wont kill you, but it isn't attractive and it can hurt your self-esteem so it is something worth worrying about. The only difference is that there is no BIG MONEY in benign migratory glossitis! So many people have acne that there is a constant race to find the best treatment. If only we lived in a perfect world there would be experiments to discover a treatment for even the most uncommon of conditions.

DONT tell me its nothing to worry about when my girl is saying "eww" and refuses to french kiss me. DONT tell me its nothing to worry about when it HURTS LIKE HELL at times. DONT tell me its nothing to worry about when I have considered becoming a monk just so i wont have to worry about the fact that i cant have a normal sex life. I AM 19 YEARS OLD AND IN COLLEGE and my girlfriend wont kiss me. I wouldnt kiss her because i would hate to take any chances at spreading it.

As each day passes I get more used to the idea that I will struggle with this for life. I never get used to my bitterness towards an indifferent and uncaring medical community. Yes, I realize that there are worse problems out there, and I would much rather see a cure for cancer than GT, but there are enough researchers out there to conduct one measley experiment to see what they can find.

If I believed in God I could see this as his way of making me special and testing me....

If anybody would like to email me some encouraging or reassuring words i sure would appreciate it.

Keep on experimenting.

Thank you so much for posting here.

Maybe one day we will have a whole forum of our own. If I knew more about web design I would buy out and make one myself.

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scenic302(pa usa)

I have now had GT (or whatever it is) for 2 years solid. Except for a day or 2 it has been constant. I appreciate the support that alot of you have provided to me, and I am hoping to do the same. Mandab - I did have my cholestrol checked. My bad cholestrol is high but my good cholestrol is so high that it supposidly offsets the bad. But maybe I will try the fish oil and garlic. Ill let you know.

Prov21 - I think most of us on this list has went thru similar situations, feelings, and heartache. My husband was hesitant to kiss me - until the doctor informed him that it was not contagious. So it has been 2 years and he has never showed signs of getting it. Now my son did get it. The only thing I can think of is that it is something environmental along with genetic makeup. My son is alot like me in likes, dislikes, allergies, looks etc. . . Its my only explaination for him getting it and my husband (who does french kiss me) did not get it.

I am one of those "have to find the solution" type of people. So I have done the following so far:
- Tongue Biopsy
- Blood Tests
- Cholestrol test
- HIV & STD tests - all negative except for HSV for which I have not symptons.
- took medicine for yeast infection. - didnt help
- took prilosec for 14 day (thought maybe a stomach thing) - didnt help
- on birth control / off birth control - no change
- I even blamed the state of Florida for a while. I had my first symton the day after I came back from a 1 week Florida vacation - thought that maybe those nasty noseeums gave me something.

Biotene has been the best thing to keep the redness and soreness down. Biotene also sells a Gel that works great and makes the tongue feel soothed. It can be purchased at Eckert, Walgreens or

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Hey. Scenic 302....well the fish oil and garlic wasn't the magic trick to curing GT. It happened to clear up for a week or so right around the same time I started taking those for my high cholesterol, but it came right back. I have tried to just not let it bother me, but I still end up trying to figure this mystery out. I haven't had any signs of it in the past week, but I looked in the mirror this morning and I have 2 spots starting to form which means by tomorrow they'll be bigger and the cycle will continue as usual. It is really aggravating. I guess we just have to keep investigating until we find a cure. If I ever find it I'll let all of you know!

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I discovered I had GT at end end of a 4 year relationship. It was avery stressfull time as I was coming out of a relationship and had just went into business for myself. When I first noticed it it basicly came and went and I had no idea what it was. Then it started to come back and get worse. I went to doctors and all they could say was " it's GT, it will just go away" I think for anyone with this problem that answer does not cut it. I stopped eating, thinking it was an allergic reaction to something I was eating. I lost weight and felt awefull about myself. I stumbled on to this web forum and tried everything and NOTHING seemed to be the smoking gun.
I did however take the advice of on gentlemen on the forum. All he said was take your vitamins, get some sleep and stop stressing about it. I did just that I began to eat like I alway had been, I took fish oil, a B Complex and added a high quality yogurt to my diet. I got some sleep and forgot about it.
It did not work right away I think it took almost 4 months for it to go and never come back. The times it did, I wouldn't stress about it. I can say now that I haven't seem GT in 4 months. I take care of myself and it seems to be working. I truely beleive that you must take care of your body and mind and it will take care of the you. I hope this helps someone. Also I want to add, there is no quick fix, no miracle mouth rinse that is going to wash it all away. Take care of yourself.

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yeah, so i last posted in this thread in 2002, and i cant believe its still up! i had pretty bad GT back then, since i have gotten a few years older and out of college, my GT has gotten a lot better. i rinsed my mouth with everything you could think of back in the day and they all did nothing. the only thing that has changed is age, i get more sleep, and i eat healthier and have less stress. im pretty sure living a healthier life will cure 90% of cases. however, if i drink some certain citrus drinks, i still have a little pain that lasts until i drink something else. thats about it though.

on another note, about GT being contracted by cannot be contracted by anyone else by kissing or whatever. my ear nose and throat doc told me this, and i have kissed 4 or 5 girls since ive had GT, and none of them have gotten it.

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I dont think the doctors can say its not contagious for other people by kissing. If the doctors dont know where GT come from how can they say its not contagious ?

I have the same with GT. In the begin it was a big problem for me but now its much less. Also because (I think) I take every morning very good Multi vitamin pills. Omnium !

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This is very interesting as i have developed in the last month a geographic tounge, with one large spot after having alot of gastrointestinal problems caused by travellers diarrhea. I had this for around a month on and off and then the red raw area appeared as a result of the loss of fluids.
My understanding of the condition is this................The toungue is coated by the stomach and when the stomach fluids start to dry up the coat on the tongue becomes rootless, and peeled in some areas ie red rings. If these raw rings are in the middle of the tongue they are generally associated with stomach problems, like burning sensations when eating certain foods, particulary if they are hot and spicy, and also after drinking alcohol and coffee. Bloatedness after eating, thirst, maybe anxiety, insomnia and low grade fevers may also occur. You will probably find also on the tongue cracks, also due to the dryness of fluids in the stomach. Its a bit like land that becomes more dry and starts to crack due to the lack of water.
The geographic tongue is a major characteristic of what is called Yin deficiency in Chinese Medicine. It is readily treatable and in fact i am currently undertaking a course of herbs to treat this, which is starting to clear. My father a western medicine doctor does not know how to treat this other than by giving antibiotics for bacteria causing the glossitis, which infact is not the cause. The only way to help treat the condition is to go to a chinese herbalist! So forget all the pill popping of Vit C etc
You dont have to have raw herbs you can get powdered if you dont like the taste. There is also a list of foods that you can eat to help renourish the fluids in your stomachs.
Really what should be avoided is any foods that have a hot nature like spices, fried greasy foods, coffee, and phlegmy foods like yoghurt and bananas. Rice is really helpful particulary if you can make it into a soup. Chinese Herbal medicine is really fantastic for this and if you need more info on this let me know, and ill try to help. IT IS TREATABLE!!!!

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I have had this condition for about 15 years. However, as I was recently working with some different vitamins and minerals, I found that taking 200mg of selenium each day seems to fix the problem. I tried going off it, and it came back, and when I took more selenium, it went away again.

Maybe this will work for someone else. If you try it and it works, please post!

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I'll chime in here. For the record I've had GT for at least 15 years. I'm very allergic to citric acid (orange juice especailly) and pineapple juice just makes my GT worse than ever. It swells up, gets blisters, and look very bad. I've also been diagnosed with early type 2 diabetes due to raised blood sugar levels and hA1c tests. I think they are all connected.

I mention this because I've been reading many similarities and I hope some rising star in the medical world puts 2 and 2 together and gets this thing resolved.

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I have had GT along with the teeth marks for as long as I can remember and I am 30. It wasn't a huge concern until recently...I've been hit with a bad episode. I thought that I was alone and only recently realized that there are others who suffer from the same condition. Other than pictures on the internet, I have NEVER seen anyone with a similar condition. As in a previous post, I find myself being envious of others with healthy pink tongues. It's like a cruel joke is being played on me, and other unfortunates. It does seem worse when you dwell on it. I have always kissed my boyfriends and no one has seemed to have caught it from me. Just recently, it has gotten worse and it seems to be my allergies. I am also anemic. I don't know of any known flare-ups and have tried peroxide and brushing three times a day and it offers minimal help. I am going to try the Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash to see if that works since some have and it seems to work. This site has help...Thanks.

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Let me correct my above posting. I have had the teeth marks and some fissures for as long as I can remember. But the GT is only been with me for a few years. I think about 2 or 3 years. I started going to the dentist because I chipped a couple of teeth in the back. Recently I went to the dentist because he was fitting me for porcelain crowns but he was using metal ones to get a good fit and when I got there my tongue was fine. But when I left...I had a few spots on my tongue. Coincidence...probably not. I was thinking that my dentist is where my fate began with GT in the first place. I really hate this. It's really making me Self-conscious and sometimes depressed. I wasn't having any really bad episodes until a few month's ago. Only once a month and only then they were small spots. Now I have two large ones on the left side of my tongue and they seem to favor the tip of my tongue for some reason and the spread along the sides. I look at it in the mirror and want to cry. Hopefully for us there will be a real CURE one day.

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I suffered with GT for 17 years and just now have found a cure for me. I also have GERD. I take gobs of vitamins prescribed by a natural health M.D. to strengthen my body. I have to be on a strict candida diet as well as a strict GERD diet. I had 3 major surgeries, one for huge fibroids, the other two for adhesions which closed my colon. I was on major antibiotics, major NSAIDs as well as major GERD medications. The three books that guide me are The PH Miracle by Robert O. Young, Ph.D., Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Jeanne Marie Martin and Why Stomach Acid is Good For You, by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. I have to be careful because certain foods from the 1st 2 books don't work for Gerd. It is a very bland diet and is completely different from the average American diet. But, at least I can eat again and I am getting healthy again without prescribed drugs. It has taken 3 years to wean myself from the caffeine cravings of chocolate, tea and coffee, but, they are gone. The cravings for sugar and wheat were also very difficult to stop. No alcohol, not even a package of stevia or equal. Basically no fruit, except green apples sometimes. A really yummy recipe for pancakes is in the candida book. 2 tpb + 1/2 tsp simmered apple, pear or peach juice,(cooled in the freezer) 6 eggwhites, 2/3 C boiled/filtered water, 1 tbl olive oil, 1 + 3/4 C of mixed flours (teff, millet, quinoa), 1/4 C tapioca flour, 1 tsp baking pdr (no aluminum), 1/4 tsp sea salt and 3/4 tsp cinnamon. Oil a frying pan with olive oil and bring it quickly to medium-high heat. Start making pancakes immediately after batter is mixed, cook small pncks 60-90 secs. Re-oil pan before each new pnck. Just put a little expellier pressed oil type butter on the pancake & eat! I changed the recipe around a little. Another good recipe is millet, or quinoa with chicken or homemade chicken broth, sea salt, and add vegetables at the last 5 minutes. 5-6 small meals a day. HCl after each meal. I brush teeth with 1/2 salt and 1/2 baking pdr. Rinse mouth with 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide in 1/4 C water for 30 seconds. Rinse again with water. I take silver sometimes 3 tsp/day. Wormwood does help with the toungue pain. I hope this is of some help to some of you.

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Hello again...this time I am going to ask a question to everyone. Is anyone using a toothpaste like Aquafresh Extreme Clean or another toothpaste that does a lot of foaming? Well I had started using the Aquafresh about four or more months ago. Prior to this I was using Colgate Whitening with Baking Soda & Peroxide and had been for years. I switched back to the Colgate and I have noticed significant improvement after only a few days or so. I even wasted my money ($6) on the Biotene toothpaste and it was unsuccessful. This may not be the case for everyone. I may have also been affected by allergies and have begun a regimin of at least one pill a day (sometimes two) of D-AMINE-SR (generic) prescribed by my Doctor. None the less, it SEEMS to have gone back to "normal." I have not changed my diet or eating habits at all. I hope this can help someone.

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The biggest thing that makes geograpic tongue noticable is the white hairy parts of the tongue because they in sharp contrast the red patches. Well today I tried a remedie that I read online for white tongue also known as thrush. Many people believe that Thrush and Geographic tongue are both tied to yeast so maybe whatever cures one will cure the other. Anyay all the white on my tongue is completely gone so my tongue is entirely pink with patches slighty more red than the rest of my tongue but barely noticable. My geographic tongue was not as bad as it used to be in the first place because I have been loading up on multivitimans. Anyway if you want your tongue to be completely pink it's simple. Go to your local pharmacy and buy Glyserin USP in a bottle. It's for external use only but don't worry you aren't going to swallow it. It's a sweet tasting syrup like liquid. Brush your tongue with it and the white comes right off. It's awesome! Also I am trying another remedy that I heard of but since there is already no white on my tongue I guess I'm doing it to be thorough. I'm taking activated charcoal. You can by it in capsule form over the counter for gas relief. It's called Charcaps. Activated charcoal is a wonder drug and all it is, is powdered charcoal, but it can save your life if you swallow poison. It's good for many things but one person claimed she took it for digestion and the next morning her thrush was gone. I hope this helped! Good luck!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

I've come across something called oil swishing, which is swishing sunflower oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes one or more times a day with acute conditions. It's supposed to clean the blood, which eliminates most ailments. It helps my migraines and teeth problems, but I don't know about other diseases. I use it as often as needed and seem to bounce back better than ever from a migraine. I get facial swelling which is connected to my migraines and the sunflower oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, brings the swelling down quickly, alleviating the pain from the swelling and migraine. The oil seems to soothe my teeth and gums, but I'm not sure if it can cure my lifetime teeth problem.

Best of luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: Oil pulling or swishing

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My 5 year old son was yesterday told by his doctor that he had this "condition". Having looked at various websites the unanimous decision would appear to be that it is caused by a lack of vitamin B (poss 100). My son also suffers mouth ulcers and I have suffered from this for years and a pharmacist told me that this was due to a lack of vitamin B12 (which my doctor denies!)

this makes me question of there is some sort of link tho I myself have not suffered from GT though horrendously with mouth ulcers. Being so young I am unsure if I will be able high doses of Vitamin B and wondr if parents of other children have done so

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I've suffered from GT for over a year. Since my bowel resection surgery 3 months ago, it has become worse. I just started Remicade for my Crohn's disease and within 3 days of the infusion, my GT had disappeared. This was 2 weeks ago, and I haven't had problem since

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I was diagnosed with geographical tongue when I was a infant (my mother had told me) 20 years later it decides to slowly creep back into my life. I am wondering if it has to do with living in a dorm enviornment at my college (not getting certain nutrients because dorm food sucks) but I have had a constant tingling/burning sensation for the past 8 months. Some days it is better and I really want to crack down on what makes those days better than others. It sucks a lot because I enjoy drinking orange juice, I love tacos and I enjoy the occasional beer nights but I notice that after having either one of those things; the next day my tongue looks like a truck ran over it. My teeth leave deeper indents on the sides of my tongue and it just hurts!! In the morning is when it has white areas and I can brush brush brush but not all the time do they go away on the tip.

My one tip to everyone is that when I started eating more protein (like lean meats and peanuts) it made the pain go away. I also bought one of those 20 dollar walmart night guards for my teeth so it would not indent my tongue because I think that is why it hurts so bad. That relieves the pain a bit.

I am trying to drink more water as well and that seems to help. If you are not a fan of water (like me) crystal light packets about half of one packet makes the water taste like juice.

I am in the same boat as everyone else and I give out my sympathy to those who have suffered for a while and hopefully there will be more tips to come. I have not tried any medications yet but I do believe a lot of it has to do with dwelling on it. I have a problem with worrying and thinking about the pain all the time which maybe makes it worse. Who knows...what will the answer be..but Good luck to all.

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I have suffered with this on and off for years. Recently I had it worse than I ever have. After reading the suggestions of some of the members here, I added zinc, l-lysine, echinacea, a vitamin b-100 complex, and dandelion root to my daily routine. I am also eating at least one yogurt (activia) a day, and avoiding hard or crunchy foods as much as possible, as this seems to make the pain worse. It has been one week, and while not completely gone away, I no longer feel like someone took sandpaper to my tongue.

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oh my goodness! I cannot BELIEVE I have found tons of postings on this subject! I have suffered in silence for 30 something years! I have only shown a handful of people my GT and have been totally embarassed by it! No licking of ice cream or lolipops in public, and suffering in shame when I have to go to the dentist!!!!

My mom told me i had this when I was a little girl and I thought all these years that she "made the name up"!!! How funny that I came across this message board!

anyway, i use Grapefruit seed extract on my teeth/gums and It helps with my GT...I find that as long as I brush my tongue--hard!---every day and night , the sores, white areas, and roughness, stay in check. I take no vitamins, drink no water and live on coffee.
it's weird how my tongue basically is sore all the time and I am just used to it and live with it (I am 38)
thank you GT sufferers for posting such helpful info!

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This is a follow-up of my November 3rd post. My GT completely went away a few days after Remicade treatment. However, the white patches have come back. Luckily, I don't have the soreness back. My next Remicade treatment is later this month. Hopefully it will make the white patches go away again.

I emailed my sister who has psoriasis about the allo from "queertexan". Funnily enough, she lives in Texas!

I'm hoping she'll give the allo a try and it will help her psoriasis. The remicade helped her a lot too, but her doctor took her off of it.

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All right enough! Ive had GT for a year now and for the first 6 months I was obbseesed about finding a way to fix it. But theres nothing to fix, its nothing, stop stressing about it and get on with your lives. Theres soooo many worse things that could go wrong with are bodies. Screw GT, Im serious. Eat and drink what ever you want, If you run your immune systym down having fun and the GT gets bad, so what!!!! Its that easy. I really hope that this helps someone.

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How many of you that suffer from GT also have fissure of the tongue? Deep grooves on the tongue. I am one of the lucky ones to have both conditions. It is said that only 2-5% of population in US have fissure of the tongue and maybe 3% have GT. I'm just too lucky to have both! The grooves in the tongue bothers me more now, because I kept on thinking that the grooves are expanding. I use baking soda toothpaste which I think helps my GT a little, but I think it's actually irritating the grooves and making them worst. I don't know what to do, if any of you have the same problem, please advice.


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I am 36 and have had geo tonuge with fissures since I was a kid. I have tried different toothpastes and find that arm & hammer baking soda toothpaste works best for me. I have learned to live with this and try not to dwell on it. I think if there was a magic cure for this we would know bout it by now. I ate some cooked cabbage the other day and it made my tongue feel AWESOME!!!! It didn't really change the appearence but man did it feel good. After this happened I did a little research on cabbage and read an article about how sailors used to eat cabbage to keep from getting scurvy on long trips. Also cabbage has an anti inflammitory effect. My opinion is that GT is some how allergy related. If anyone tries the cabbage for a soother please post if it works or not. I have grass,pollen,tree,weed allergies. Good luck to all!!!

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How's this one. I found a cure for my GT and have been using it with great success for the last several years. My dentist didn't know about it. I researched it out and showed it to him and he prescribed it for me and, like I said, it worked great. Unfortunately, the @??!!%&** pharmaceutical company has discontinued it. It's liquid Retin A. Not the gel or the cream. They have a lot of additives in them. Anyway, when I had an outbreak, I would swab it on my tongue with Q-tip 1-3 times a day. It would then always go away in a matter of days. It worked by making the cells divide and grow faster(hyperplasia). Never failed. If you want to, google Retin A and Geographic Tongue and you'll find some links. So, long story short, since I can't get it anymore, and I have an outbreak, I'm here looking for alternative treatments.
Regarding Ortho Pharmaceuticals taking this product off the market, this is just another example why Western Medicine is so corrupt. Despite the obscene price they charged for the liquid(last time I purchased it, it was pushing $150), because GT only hits 3% of the population, I guess they felt it wasn't a big enough market.
Thanks for everything everybody's posted here.
Hopefully, I can find another successful treatment.

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Hi, I also have a problem with GT and fissures on the tongue. I really want to know, if someone who had a GT and succeed to get rid of it also got rid of fissures ussually associated with GT. Thanks a lot.

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Oregano Oil is amazing for this condition - expensive but worth it. I suffered for about a month and tried everything suggested everywhere on the internet - peroxide, SLS Free tootpaste, baking soda, nothing worked and it just got more inflamed and awful.

After reading a post on another site about Oregano Oil I tried it on a whim. Within hours it had improved by 50%. By the next morning it was 90% cleared up. You need to buy the tincture and you only need a few drops smoothed over your tongue. It will burn a little for a few seconds but it works. I swear by it

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Listen up! I have the solution.

I've tried all of the above: Fasting, no sugar, multivitamines, B12 shots, molybdenum, peroxide, oil of oregano tincture, baking soda, special toothpaste, you name it.

What causes it? Well GT is no psoriasis or something, it's strictly caused by your stomach (and guts). You have not enough stomach acid! (yes, not "too much" but "not enough") You're probably not absorbing your food as it should be. I had GT for years and last time it lasted 6 months so I decided to take a 1 month vacation to take care of things.

What works? Helping digestion and absorption of vitamines.
Before breakfast I crush my multivitamine pills + zink + selenium with an old fashioned farmacy crusher and put the dust into a glass of water. (not yummy) During lunch and dinner I take HCL betaine tablets with B12 supplement.
You'll notice within 2 days the patches fade out and the white coating in the middle of your tongue is gone!! HCL tablets improve digestion and help killing yeast/candida.

I remember when I visited the states I suffered from GT pretty nasty. Probably all the artificially flavored drinks and so on.

Remember people: help each other for free in whatever you discover!!! This help was given by Martijn from Belgium

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This has to be the strangest thread. I have a geographical tongue and have had since I was born 57 years ago. It does not hurt. Never has hurt and never will hurt. Why? Because it is just a lack of "covering' over the taste buds. Every taste bud stands there like little tree stalks. It does make the buds more sensitive being directly exposed to whatever you put in your mouth and I would guess more exposed to infection.
If I brushed my tongue for 8 minutes with a toothbrush it would hurt. My gosh the buds are unprotected. Don't abuse them.
I do find that because they are exposed I am much more sensitive to tastes which can be a really nice thing. Who wouldn't like to super taste their favorite foods?
Foods that are caustic or burning can be a problem. I never drink hot drinks. The buds don't have protection and burn easily.
I don't eat super hot chilies etc because the chemical that causes them to be hot hurts.
If your tongue has rings etc in it then you might just consider you have a reaction to something or an illness, not true geographic tongue. Slimy tongue. ick. That is a health condition not geographic tongue.
Geographic tongue is not an illness! It is just the lack of covering over the taste buds!

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I can't beleive you don't think it's a big deal. It IS a big deal. It means you're unbalanced and it is something to be dealt with. I really appreciate all the info on this fantastic thread and am trying them one at a time to see what works so hopefully I'll be able to find what balaces me.
Is there anyone from the Portland, OR area interested in a monthly non-tongue irritating potluck? Let me know...

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OK, I've held off on responding to the oregano oil thing because I wanted to be 100% sure it was making a difference. I've had GT for several years now, and this is the first thing I've tried that's made a difference. However, I don't use it the same way the previous poster indicates (rubbing it directly on the area). I purchased some pre-diluted oil (holy cow, if that's diluted, I'd hate to go full strength). Every night, I put one or two drops in a mouthful sized glass of water and mix it around. I then swish it around in my mouth for a few seconds and drink it down. I can't say my GT is cured, but it has dramatically lessened. Knock on wood, but I haven't had a patch of it on the front part of my tongue for over a month now. Woohoo! I haven't been able to say that since I was cursed with this condition.

Thanks for the tip!

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you have also experienced any hair loss once you developed geographic tongue. I am 28-year old female and about 3 years ago, after taking contraceptive pill Dianette for 2 years, I have developed not only the tongue problems but also hair loss. And that is true for my mum who has similar condition but got it a year ago. It seems that when the tongue is particularly bad the hair loss worsens.

Please let me know as I am very frustrated with the condition and want to know if the two are related.


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HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO GT. I have suffered with GT since 1991 and like bob2222 who posted a message in Jan of this year, I was using liquid Retin-A and it worked great but is no longer available. HOWEVER, there is something that works even better. Recently, my new dermatologist perscribed a product for me specifically for my GT, the product is called DIPROLENE GEL. Believe me when I say this product is simply AMAZING. At the first sign of GT, I apply this gel and it begins to work almost instantly and it has always cleared any signs of GT overnight. I know how frustrating GT can be and I hope Diprolene Gel works as well for you as it has for me. Remember, it has to be in gel form. I had to call several pharmacy's in my area before I could find one that carried it in gel form but it was well worth the effort. Good luck to all of you and I hope this helps.

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I have had GT pretty much my whole life and have only had a few instances where it has become painful. I have found that I get GT when I am coming down with an illness (cold, infection, etc....).

The past 2 months I have been suffering from arthritis-like symptoms in my shoulders, elbows, and wrists and my doctor is stumped as to what it is (it is not Lyme disease or Rhumatoid Arthritis). I also have had fever and chills (twice in the 2 month span). Today my GT is out of control and I am wondering if it could be flaring up b/c if an underlying illness????
I also have had psoriasis for about 10 years and wonder if GT is an auto-immune problem? Does anyone else have auto-immune diseases with it?
Just looking for some answers so I can get healed from my aching joints and sore mouth!!!

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I WENT to atleast 5 doctors in the past 4 weeks and none of them new what was wrong with my tongue. they said its just an allergic reaction but i knew they didnt know what it was. than i stumbled onto this site thank god. I have red circles around the tip of my tongue, and on the sides of my tongues are ridges, like my tongue looks like a wave from the side. ive read over almost all of everyones blogs and it seems liek there is so many different treatments out there. can someone pleazzze give me some insite on to which one works the best. its making me really sad, i just want it to go away, i dont understand it. please someone give me some insight, it will be greatly apprecaisted.

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I got Geographic tounge when I was pregnant and have had a heck of a time with it. After having an especially bad flare up recently I have stared a new combo of things that have helped dramatically. First of all I have stared using toothpaste from the healthfood store. I am using "oral comfort" by JASON. Its not minty so it takes a little getting use to but I have noticed a major difference. The second thing that I have been doing _and I think possibly the most important- is swishing with apple cider vinegar after brushing my teeth. the taste is horrible and if you are in the middle of a fareup it will burn like hell but then a few seconds later you will have total relief and in a few days you will notice a big change. third I am taking a multivitamen at bedtime every night. I'm taking "ultra mega gold" by gmc. it has 100 mg of b complex and enzymes as well as alot of other good stuff. anyway, i just wanted to share these thing with you. a week ago i could hardly talk or eat i was in so much pain and tonight i have a nearly perfect tounge. feel free to contact me with any questions or other advise.

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I have had geographic tongue every since I can remember, and for me it's brought on from eating ketchup or any other acidic tomato-based food, or orange juice. My father has it and his acts up when he eats strawberries. Mine went away for a couple of years, but then came back with full force two years ago. I have to abstain from eating ketchup. I haven't had any combination of vitamins work. When I was younger, my doctor prescribed me a solution that I diluted in water and swished in my mouth. It was pretty much a lite novacane-like thing that just numbed it and alleviated the pain. I can't remember the name of it, but my only advise if you obtain this stuff is that you don't try to eat after you use it. You may bite your tongue.

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Oh yeah, and another thing. Don't let doctors prescribe you things to try to get rid of it. There is no cure for it. You just have to find the foods that you eat that trigger it, and STOP EATING THEM. Or at least limit them, because I have to admit, I can't pass up ketchup on fries all of the time. For some of the other posts, who are saying that they are having bleeding or cracks or lumps, you do not have Geographical Tongue. It is largely genetic and the post made by the oral specialist GENGIS above is all of the answer you need. Believe me, I've had it my whole life.

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OK. I'm 35 and I doctor. I have GT. I've read this entire site (all the posts). Pretty helpful.. I'm going to try some of these things and get back to you. I think the main thing is, there is probably no "cure" or quick fix. So, try some of these things, but be patient.

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My 2 1/2 yr old boy has this and has had it all his life! I don't have it, nor does my husband, or anyone we know of for that matter. At first, I thought it was from his pacifier. (so did the DR) No pacifier, and NO it hasn't gone away. It takes me searching across the internet to find, very simply, what my DR couldn't tell me. It is ever so obviously GT. (And maybe he didn't tell me because there is no cure - he just said "it'll go away") SO if this information helps at all...

-2 yr old boy - noticed it just months after birth (so pretty much ..born with it, maybe I didn't notice right away even)
-this kid loves fruit more than anything! loves grapes, apples, peaches, pineapples, etc.. doesn't ever seem to bother him especially since he craves them!
-it looks BAD (much worse than pics I see here) it looks like "holes" in his tongue sometimes, but he NEVER has complained of his tongue hurting.
-his only food adversion seems to be things with ground beef (must be his preference however because they don't seem to be connected)
-he eats the same all the time, some weeks it's flared, and then others it's gone for a little while.

I feel so bad. It's there more than it's not. The poor thing has had it so long, and is too young to put up with that. I've just glad for him that it doesn't seem to bother as much as some people report. I am wondering if it does have to do with his constant crabby/whiny disposition. He always has to have a drink (but I'm just like that too). Also, a previous poster asked if the children with this had some certain symptoms (i.e. hyperactivity) Uh, not sure if it has any relation, but YES, this one son of mine is VERY hyperactive... and I'd love to know if there was any real correlation there. lol

Since my son is young, and since it's not myself, I just can't seem to try everything I hear on the poor thing. I'm just not sure what is safe, or what could eventually make his tongue fall off!!! :\ So any mild remedies help. Tongue brushing with peroxide and baking soda sound good. Does it help most people?

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I have had this tongue ever since I was little. I was sick and was running a fever and my m om saw it and freaked out and took me to the emergency room. The doctor assured her I was fine and explained the tongue to her and said it was like a birth mark and nothing to worry about. About 4 years ago I just got married and was going to my husbands dentist. He asked me if I knew I had a special tongue. I said yes and he asked me it it ever bothered me. I said no. Well then two years ago I got pregnant and thats when the burning started. I told the dentist and he laughed and said it was the hormones and to try an antacid like malanta and coat my tongue with it. I never tried it because it gags me, but if anyone wants to try it and get back with me. My Flare ups are when I eat just about any fruits- Oranges, strawberries, and PINNEAPPLE! Then ketchup and my favorite steak sauce A1. Then it always looks the worst when I am SICK!!

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Has anyone been tested to see if there is a yeast problem? My doc said there is no way yeast caused my geo tongue and sever sudden hairloss? I was an aintibiotics and got a yucky yeast infection and had a horrible allergic reaction to the antibiotics and a month later came the geo tongue from nowhere and my hair is falling out. i am only 34 and healthy. HELP?

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This message is to cathy218.

Cathy, there is only one person that can help you and that is yourself. You need to find out what triggers your GT and what calms it down and relieves the pain.

My case is similar to yours - I have got hair loss as well as GT. I have notices that my hair loss worsens when my GT gets bad. And that comes during my period, when I have flue, after alcohol consumption and some acidic fruits and sauces. My mum has it as well.

I also noticed that fresh apple juice or apple cider vinegar makes things much better. Also try to find suitable tooth paste.

Unfortunately, it seems that GT and hair loss may be due to the changes in hormones or are genetic.

By the way, I am 29 and I had it for at least 5 years.

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I had tried everything (EVERYTHING = all sorths of doctors and specialists, tonsils removed, wisdomteeth removed, all amalgam fillings removed, all sorths of allergy checks, acupunture,... you name it!)
THEN, I out of dispare, finally decided to consult... a psychic!(yes). I Just called the guy without my name for an appointment without reveiling my number. I was instructed to come by and say nothing. I just sat down in front of him at his desk. He scratched a picture of me several times and said after a while: well, one of your liver functions is not working properly and that causes irritation of your mucuous membranes(!!) Go figure: I did not say anything, also, you can't see my tongue when I talk (yes, I'm lucky while others often show their tongues while talking. Also Dutch does not uses i.e. the th-sound like in "thing", "that" which often reveals your tongue :-)) Anyways, I've could have been there for a broken knie, irritable bowels, to contact a dead friend or whatever! :-)

So this man wrote down to take: Chelidonium D4 in morning, again at 17pm and then Taraxacum D4 at 19h and 20h for 2 weeks then 1 day 2 days off. My tongue is definitely clearing up slowly... is this the root cause?? A sick liver?? Email me at for your findings.

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would anyone be interested in a GT support group?

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I have suffered from GT for a few months now. I started off noticing small stinging bits on my tongue and just presumed that I had bitten it. It was mostly obvious when I drank cider - something I have had rather a lot of in the last few months. Then, after I had some cranberry juice my tongue reacted really badly, raw patches appeared and I even found it difficult to talk. I just presumed I must have burnt it and the cranberry had stung the burnt bits. Then I finally realised there was a problem when I drank a hot drink with lemon in. I looked at my tongue properly in the mirror and saw patches on it. In the morning the patches had slight white borders around. That's when I went to the doctor who told me I had GT.

I wake up with a very dry mouth and find myself absent mindedly rubbing my tongue against the roof of my mouth. My boyfriend said that he has often heard me making 'sucking noises' in my sleep like I am eating something, but it must be my tongue trying to ease the discomfort. Cranberry juice, lemon juice, tomatoes and cider seem to make it worse.

I try to think of what has changed in my life in the last few months that may be causing this. My boyfriend began smoking - could that be it? I started drinking hot water with lemon because I heard it was a good detox (stopped that now but still have GT). I drink cider quite a bit. Also I was having really bad hormonal problems around the time my GT came on, and stopped taking the contraceptive pill to see if the mood swings would go. I still get occasional mood swings though but maybe this will subside after my hormones get back to normal.

Something I notice that is connected to the Geographic tongue is maybe my recent depression moods. I looked into vitamin B deficiency because I saw that the contraceptive pill can prevent you from absorbing vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause low moods, and 'smooth tongue'. So I just nipped to the shop and bought 'Vitamin B Complex', so will wait to see if this is the answer to my problems. I know that they say GT can come on when you're pregnant too, so it must have a link to hormones. It can't be a coincidence that the condition came on the same time I started having mood swings because of the recent contraceptive pill I was on... can it?

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I've had geographic tongue since I was born. I've had Tongue biopsies tonsils removed and so many blood tests I've lost count. After getting my tonsils out I never really suffered that much again I get the odd flare up but nothing major, I also found that difflam mouth wash is great when my Tongue is sore. I hope this info is helpful to somebody.

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