Peach 'Sugar Princess'......ever heard of it?

donnaz5(Z5 NY)March 28, 2010

My local nursery has some very healthy looking Peach trees in called "Sugar Princess"....I googled it and found out that it ripens in mid-July, is supposed to be self-fertile, and is relatively new to the market...

Do any of you grow it? Is this considered a northern Peach? Just because it got shipped to a nursery here, doesn't mean much....any info anyone can provide will be appreciated! Thanks, Donna

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

The patent lists the Sugar Princess peach was seedling selected for growing in California. It has sub acid flavor. A freestone and it ships well.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

Thank you...anybody else? Still would like to know what it tastes like! and chill hours? Donna

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Sugar Princess is one of the new Zaiger cultivars from California. This group of white fleshed peaches sweetens up early while still hard, and is very sweet at ripening time, but has no detectable peach flavor at any stage of development. They also color up very early in the ripening stage, which is good if you like very red peaches.

I have a 7-year old Sugar Giant tree from the same series, and I wish I could give it to you. In addition to being tasteless, the fruit is highly susceptible to bacterial spot and scab. We often freeze peaches when the crop is too large for fresh use, but these newer white types lack the flavor and acidity to make them appropriate for this use.

You would be better off with just about anything else, including the old Elberta, Redhaven, or any number of peach varieties from the Rutgers NJ development program, which really do have some flavor. Nearly all of them are yellow fleshed varieties. There is no reason that peaches that "ship well" should be one of your objectives.

The tastiest peach I have is one called Golden Jubilee, an older New Jersey peach released in 1926. Chill hours are not an issue for you, though hardiness might be, depending on how cold it gets where you live and the frequency of cold, drying north winds.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

Thank you, Mr. Yellman!! This is what I wanted, someone that has experience with it to give me their opinion. I will pass on it, then! The tag said nothing about shipping well, so I was unaware of that, but it did say.."the sweetest peach you will ever eat...yellow fleshed, freestone,low acid, very large"....sounded too good to be true...I am glad that I checked!!
It did say that it was a yellow, and you say the others in the series are white, so I checked the patent says it is a yellow peach. Patent info also says 'Diamond Princess'(also a yellow fleshed variety) was the seed parent and crossed with an unknown pollen you happen to know anything about Diamond Princess?
Thank you for your input...Donna

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Hmmm... Well... Let's just hope for the best on mine then. I love Rich peach flavor and not just pure sweet with no flavor...

I put one in the ground this spring, and it is the only peach to leaf out so far (Not such a good sign... as that means that *any* late frost will kill it back...)

My Elberta and Red Haven are just starting to show signs of doing something, but the buds haven't broken yet...

If it was Me and I lived in New York -- I wouldn't touch it with a very long pole because of that... I would personally look into the peaches developed in the Michigan and New Jersey programs (Red Haven is one) -- both are working hard on getting Peaches to stay dormant thru the Warm/frozen/Warm/frozen springs..



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This doesn't look to be a Zaiger, but rather a Bradford, Lowell Glen patent. I do not have any direct experience with this variety, but would probably avoid it due to the lack of information available. There just isn't enough info to even start doing any homework on it.

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