2 Questions: Blackberries & Strawberries

skeeters_garden(6a)March 23, 2013

Blackberries and Raspberries:

Is it possible rabbits could have eaten some of my blackberry and raspberry vines over the winter? The vines on plants closet to the house are 3-6' in some places, the vines towards the back of the yard (where it's clser to a field) are much smaller and some are broke off complety - or appear to be just nubs with no vines now. They were planted last year and wer 2 year old plants from Rural King - they were all doing excellent by the fall - so was surprise to see some of them in that condition. I really need to get on building a good trellis this spring now.


I read that it's good to mow down strawberries in the fall - but I did not do that. Should I do it now while their still dormant? Is there a need or benefit to doing so?

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Yeah, rabbits will eat 'em.

I'm still learning about strawberries, but here's what I would do based on my experiences so far -- leave them alone. And then when they begin to flower in late spring or summer, pull all the flowers for the first week or two. Then blammo -- they will grow like you wouldn't believe and this will revitalize them. Not to worry -- they will also send out dozens more flowers. But the plants will be stronger and more lively as a result of delaying the flowering a bit.

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