My chip bud is growing

franktank232(z5 WI)March 16, 2013

So i've been forced indoors to grow my plants this year :) This bud (a peach seedling budded with i believe a Superior plum last August--the tag ripped off this winter/i'll figure it out someday)... seems to be waking up. The leaves below have really popped, but this little bud decided to sleep a little longer

If you don't graft, take some time and try'll get addicted...especially with stonefruit that can be intermixed with all sorts of different varieties. Another reason is to save money. Grow your own trees from seed, bud/graft and bam...more or less a free tree.

I placed probably a 100 buds this past summer.

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kathyjo_mo(z5 Mo)

I certainly agree. I am addicted to grafting.. It's so much fun.

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glenn_10 zone 4b/5a NewBrunswick,Can.

Frank, how well are these chips taking for you? I have not tried this methode yet. I have only done T, cleft, whip n tounge, bark,etc. I have had good results with the T on tree fruit but I am having trouble getting vine stuff to take. I have been communicating with a nursery owner from the Czech republic and he says that chip budding for him has the greatest results(especially on kiwi,for which I am having the most difficulty).Seeing how well it is working for you, I think I will change to the chip technique this year!

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franktank232(z5 WI)


Generally...a few weeks/month after placing a bud, you can get a very good idea of if it has "taken" or not. Generally a bad bud will dry out/mold up or even fall off. Its also possible to send budwood through the mail (another member sent me some this past summer and the majority of those buds look like they took)...

One of the main things is to get the size of the bud to match the size of the chip...very important/. least for me...try to use medium size buds (like above)...small ones just don't seem to take for me (i'll know more in another 6 weeks or so when the outside trees wake up. Tape them well with parafilm (nice and tight) and then wrap tight with a rubber band.

I like it because you do it when its nice and warm and usually have more time available (at least i do)...and you can do it late into the summer (late Aug/early Sept?).. The downside of course is you are placing dormant buds *at least here in WI* that have to sit until the following spring to grow...but man...if they have good roots under them, those buds can put on an enormous amt of growth in one year.

If you want more info, just check out Youtube...lots of good videos on how to do of course to get yourself a little knife and some tape and some rubber bands and just go at it.
placing a bud

taping/rubber banding

after a few weeks you can see the growth ripping the tape apart...this bud is very nice and should take off this spring


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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Nice job and great pics. Addicting... that's for sure. It all started with some Krymsk1 and I thought it would be okay. but it wasn't the case cause the OHF came a knockin' on my door! Pyrus Betch ya la fool ya can't get away without looking for those pit ya planted and the wild paw paw you wanted to transplant.

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