My Fuji apple tree is not doing so well. :(

silent88March 14, 2013

Hey everyone,

My fuji apple tree doesn't seem to be doing too well. It seemed to do this last year as well and then hardly grew. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong, any ideas? It sent out a few groups of leaves and has done nothing for a couple weeks...

Here is the tree:

My anna apple tree however is growing amazingly (guess I'm lucky for now) though so I'm not sure whats wrong with fuji. :( He has the best spot in full sun (Anna is partial sun).

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Fuji is still asleep; it will wake up sporadically like this for about the first five years, then figure out where it's at and start behaving. Anna blossoms two months prior to Fuji and so you're right on time. Relax; everything is happening as it is supposed to.

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Alright, thank you! I'm just worried because last year it didn't grow too much either. It just seems/seemed so unhealthy and non-vigorous. It did make about 4 delicious fuji apples last year.

I'm sad it will take so long! I love the fuji apples much more than anna. :S

I live at home and this is the 5th house I've living in for the 20 years of my life. Hopefully I'll get some apples before then! ;P

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