sharpblue blueberry with orange leaves?!

lostlandscapesMarch 11, 2009

hey there, i have a sharpblue in a container that i just received bare-root about a month ago. i potted it in acidic (azalea mix) soil and i'm noticing now that half of the leaves are turning orange. its really hard for me to say if they are the new or old leaves, they're all about the same size. i'm worried that this could be an early sign of a nutrient deficiency already? any ideas?

also, i only have one flower so far. a friend of mine who also has a sharpblue (two years old) is covered in flowers. is mine just a bit behind because it was sent bare root, or does this also point to a deficiency of some kind?

thanks for the help!

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Bareroot blueberry plants normally arrive also bare-leafed. If yours did not, where did you get them, and where, across this big U.S. of A., are you located?

If your bareroot plants arrived with leaves aboard, it is not surprising that they are losing them. Plants that are dug up and shipped bareroot usually lose their leaves. One month in the pots is too early to call 911. Your friend's 2-year plants cannot be compared to yours, which have had scarcely a few weeks to root and adjust.

If there is a deficiency, it is patience. Add that ingredient.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Hi Don, thanks for your response. I'm located in San Francisco, CA. I ordered it from Trees of Antiquity, a nursery located a couple of hours south of here.

The blueberry didn't come with leaves on it, sorry if i confused that. But they began leafing out almost as soon as i potted it.

And i checked my records, it has actually been potted for almost 45 days now.

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One of the most frequent causes of orange leaves or dropping leaves of containerized plants is excess moisture. Check the frequency of watering and/or the drainage of the containers before looking for a chemical imbalance in the soil.

Insufficient acidity in blueberries usually shows up as yellowing leaves, often with prominent green veins. If the leaves that have turned orange grew in during the past 45 days, under your administration, there is clearly something that needs to change, and my guess is excess moisture.

Don Yelllman, Great Falls, VA

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Thanks again Don. That would make sense because since I planted it we've had nothing but rain, literally. Maybe a dry day here and there, but it was a tremendously wet February. Things haven't dried out until this week. I'll keep on eye on this! Thanks.

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Sharpblue is evergreen at temps above about 10F. Mine has had orange/red leaves still hanging as late as mid-January. You are very likely seeing last year's old leaves. Probably nothing to worry about.

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