Received my bare-root strawberries...when to plant?

Lori615(5b (GR, MI))March 22, 2013

I received my bare-root strawberries yesterday from Gurney's (25 each Jewel, Ozark Beauty and Fort Laramie). I am supposed to plant ASAP once received. My weather is in the teens at night and mid- to upper-30's for highs now. In the next two weeks, the temps are supposed to be mid-20's for lows and mid- to upper 30's for highs.

I will be planting these in pots that will go on my second-story deck. I called Gurney's and they tell me (after a long time on hold trying to find the answer) that I should plant them right away because the roots are genetically programmed to grow only when conditions are right, and the freezing temps won't hurt them.

I have them in my un-heated garage now. Should I leave them there for a while or should I really go ahead and plant them in these cold temps?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Plant them, they know what they are talking about. Strawberries will take your temperatures much better than they'll take setting in your garage.

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Lori615(5b (GR, MI))

Thank you! I now have a weekend project!

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Ha ha...... I planted a nice sized strawberry patch in November last fall 2012. So they have stood up to all sorts of nasty winter conditions here in Wisconsin all winter long, without very well established root systems -- I mean they all had a few roots on them, but nowhere near ideal. Time will tell whether this was a good idea. Right now they are still buried under a foot of straw and snow in my garden. I'll keep you posted. If I remember maybe I'll update this thread in a couple months. My guess is that maybe 25-50% of them will survive. If they all survive, I will be singing the praises of how hardy strawberries really can be. Fun little experiment, as I don't really mind that much if they all died -- I got them all for free from runners off other plants.

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now. they'll break dormancy when mother nature tells them to

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