Crimson Rocket peach tree or recommendations for zone 6 KC, MO

ajMilo(6)March 31, 2013

Does anyone here have experience growing peaches in zone 6 near the Kansas City area? I'm thinking about planting a Crimson Rocket peach tree (want a more columnar form) but I'm not sure if it would do well in my area or if peaches in general do well here. I also like the look of the Corinthian peaches even though they don't bear fruit but haven't been able to find much on how they perform here either. Any thoughts on either or recommendations on another variety would be very appreciated. Thank you!

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

" I'm not sure if it would do well in my area or if peaches in general do well here."

Peaches do fine in KC. There are 6 peach or peach/apple orchards in the KC area, including my own. If you get out in the stretch between Lexington and Waverly MO area (along the river) there are a lot more peach orchards.

I've not grown the columnar peaches, but have no reason to believe they would perform differently than traditional peaches (other than their shape).

Same thing with ornamental peach trees. With the right variety, regular fruiting peach trees can be just as beautiful during bloom as ornamental peaches, so unless you don't like the fruit, there's no reason to opt for an ornamental.

The big key to growing peaches in our area is to plant the peach in a raised planting (like the top of a mound). The mound must be sufficiently large (ideally large enough to accompany the root spread of a mature tree, but you can get by with a smaller mound).

Another thing that's necessary is to keep a large mulch ring around the tree (wooded mulches are ideal).

Peach trees generally (but not always) decline fairly rapidly in this area if they aren't planted in a mound, and they won't thrive if grass is allowed to grow under the tree.

Additionally, you will need to spray for peach leaf curl. It only requires one spray per year here, but without it peach trees become weakened making them susceptible to premature decline in this area.

You'll also likely need to spray your tree with insecticide if you want to avoid wormy fruit.

Peaches are excellent fresh picked off the tree, do very well here, and are rewarding to grow, they just take a little work.

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