Heathen1(10a)November 11, 2005

Anyone use nettles for allergies? Did it work? What was the results, failure OR success? Thank you!

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Yes I use it and it is very effective. I have given it to my daughter also and it works well. However, I have heard that some people are allergic to it so try a little at first and look for any symptoms that you may be allergic to it. Try Quercitin complex that helps me a lot.

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OH Thanks! Do you used it "When needed" or continuously throughout the day?

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nettles for allergies, hmm...

well they're full of delicious goodness anyway so they'll help with practically anything i supose

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timprotech(8 PNW)

I've been been eating fresh nettle leaves for several years. Very effective antihistamine for me for about six hours. I eat five or six leaves every morning starting when the plants are tall enough to pluck leaves in the spring. Again later in the day if I develop hay fever symptoms. I continue this from April through May and begin to taper off when the plants get older and the flavor is not as fresh tasting.

Tip: if you pick leaves bare-handed and get stung, chew up a final leaf and rub the juicy pulp on the affected area to quickly relieve the sting.

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