American ginseng for tinctures

loess_roots(z4 NE)November 5, 2007

I've got a small batch of freshly harvested American ginseng to share with the community for somebody that wants to make a tincture. Contact me for details, thanks.

Rod A. of Loess Roots

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Are these for sale by your company, trade, or giveaway?

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loess_roots(z4 NE)

The roots that I am offering at this time are giveaways. I've had several people respond, but no takers so far, perhaps I'm offering too small of a quantity (about 2 pounds). All I'm asking for is reimbursement of postage and some feedback on the quality of the tincture.

The roots are giveaways basically because they have been nicked/damaged during harvest and are not of any value to the export market. Although they may be somewhat blemished, they will still make for great tinctures.

Also, I can provide unblemished fresh roots for those that want to purchase them.

The roots are woodsgrown, quite large (several ounces fresh weight), ranging in age from 10-20 years. No chemicals have been applied, i.e., they have been raised in a chemical free environment.

Hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings, for I did not elaborate too much in my earlier posting for fear I would be swamped with requests. Such has not been the case so far. Somebody is going to end up with a sweet deal here!

Rod A.

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