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OmulnouDecember 18, 2010

I'm looking for herbs that can be taken on a regular basis to improve memory function. This would be for two people. One is a woman who is getting on in years and the other is a man in his twenties.

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Memory loss is a symptom of a few different origins. Example: Poor memory function can be a symptom of candidiasis which would require taking herbs such as myrrh, goldenseal, and echinacea or chaparral. The specific memory dysfunction with candida is "foggy" brain.

Another example: Circulation disorders could be involved creating poor memory. In this case, ginko biloba may be in order.

Given the age variations, it could be that ginko will work for the older person while there's a great possibility that ginko OR candida anti-infection formula could help the younger one.

I've only given you two examples of conditions that may exist causing memory problems. There are others. To apply the right herb requires a complete analysis to determine where the problem originates.

Just my opinion based on my professional experiences.


The Herbalist

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It'd be nice if there was a herbal remedy that really did something to improve memory, but we haven't found an effective one yet.

Ginkgo biloba, the best known of the "memory enhancers", isn't standing up to rigorous testing.

As for "candidiasis", which gets the blame for everything from "brain fog" to cancer, very few people actually have systemic candidiasis, and those are typically folks with severe immune system problems. For most everyone else, Candida is a normal commensal - an organism we co-exist with like the harmless bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tracts. Local infections with Candida are possible but don't produce systemic symptoms.

The herbs promoted by a previous poster for "candidiasis" are not useful against Candida and in the case of chaparral, dangerous (chaparral has been linked to severe liver toxicity and is not recommended by knowledgeable herbalists).

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