blackberry or raspberry? and brandywine raspberry

preppystudMarch 5, 2014

which one tend to produce more fruits, raspberry or blackberry?
and i just bought one brandywine raspberry from walmart, from what what i read, it seems that they are not for eating raw?

i was hoping to buy one that will produce plenty and i can eat them raw. do this particular one taste bad when it is eaten raw?

walmart has black raspberry and red raspberry. and blackberry.

which one should i actually choose? i can just go back and return this one.


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Blackberry plants tend to produce more fruit than raspberry plants. I think brandywine (purple) raspberry tends to be pretty tart, from what I have read. Royalty or Glencoe are less tart (fresh eating) purple raspberries. Most black and red raspberries are sweeter in taste but usually do not produce as many berries as blackberries. You may want to do a little research on your climate to determine which plant variety would grow best there. Wal-mart and other large general retailers often sell plants that are only marginally hardy (adaptable) to your climate.

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if you are not familiar with the taste of black raspberry (that many people do not care for, plus seedy), the blackberry would be a better choice, assuming you are familiar with the flavor of those.

By year two after planting, blackberry plants will handily out-produce raspberries, mostly by weight rather than the number of fruits, per volume of plants.

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OP is Zone 8 I don't think hardiness is a concern. Whatever berries you grow will be far superior to the store bought variety. Plant a mix of berries, have fun with it...

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