Anyone actually get fruit from 'fruiting size' trees?

johnsalvoMarch 17, 2009

Hi, Just wondering about the 1" fruiting size fruit trees from tytyga and willis orchards, has anyone ever actually had fruit from these trees the first year? Are they worth the 50$? Or should I just buy the usual 2-4' from Gurneys, etc.? Thanks for the help.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You probably won't get fruit from any tree the first yr. In my experience, even if the tree blooms, all the fruit falls off. Apples may be the exception. But even if a first yr tree sets fruit you should thin most if not all off. Plus the big tree can be harder to establish than a younger tree. I'd vote definite no, esp at $50. Check out those nurseries on the garden watchdog. I'd not buy from most of them unless I couldn't find what I wanted elsewhere.

The Fruitnut

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

You need to stay as far away from TyTy as possible. Do a search on the web for "TyTy Ripoff" and you'll see what I mean. This "nursery", if you can call it that, is one of the worst on the net, notorious for their dealings.

I've read mixed opinions on Willis Orchard, though IÂve never ordered from them myself. You can check them out on DaveÂs Garden Watchdog (an online site which rates nurseries) by searching for the nursery name, and then the word "Scoop". So, Google "Willis Orchard Scoop". Or, use ""this link". I guess a rating of 38 positives, 18 negatives means you have a 2/3 chance of being satisfied. Ditto with GurneysÂwhere it seems only about 1/2 the people are satisfied. Note: We're told that TyTy is not on there because they sued to have their name removed.

Why don't you let us know where you are, and someone can let you know of a more reputable nursery near you, or at least more about Willis.

In the meantime, check out places like "Adams County Nursery", "Cummins Nursery", or possibly "Trees of Antiquity".

I'm glad you asked before you spent!

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

johnsalvo, I planted 4 fruiting sized pears and have been very pleased. The nurserymen shaped these trees very good. I figure I saved three seasons over growing from bare root. I got them local and i paid about 40 to 45 each. Stone fruit grow very fast you are better off growing those from bare root.

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Before I found this place and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I once fell for all the hoop la from TY-TY the one question they should ask is WOULD YOU LIKE ROOTS with that order...FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GROWING!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE OR YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE.

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alan haigh

I order a couple hundred trees a year from commercial grower nurseries like C and 0 and Adams. I always ask for the largest trees they have because I get significantly more growth. In Europe it is well understood that larger well branched trees bear more fruit sooner and orchard people pay a premium price there for larger, well branched trees.

The problem is that it is not enough to get a bigger tree, you also need to have bigger roots to compliment that or you may suffer the consequences of low vigor and a bad start.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If the bigger trees are coming out of the same row of the same crop as the smaller ones, then by buying the bigger you are getting the more vigorous and successful specimens. If the bigger ones are merely older, they may not be in any better condition than the smaller, younger ones. And as you go up in size with nursery stock there is a tendency for a smaller proportion of roots to be retained with the transplant. As the roots go, so goes the top.

Less-than-fully-developed, recently planted fruit trees aren't going to give you bushels of fruit whatever the circumstances. And there is a case for preventing newly formed fruits from developing on small specimens so they don't waste energy on fruit production that could instead be spent growing to a larger, far more productive size as quickly as possible.

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I brought an Apricot tree from Willis "fruiting size" it planted and rooted well the leaves are blooming well but not a flower in sight. the tree is supposed to fruit in June..seems that I would have a flower already to meet that deadline huh ? conversely I brought a Ein Shemer Apple Tree from them " instant orchard" it should bloom in Aug. -Sept. Ill let you know the progress

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alan haigh

Of course you can't expect any fruit the first year from any BR tree, I don't care if it is 3" in diameter. You risk runting out the plant when it needs to grow roots. If a tree is sexually mature it will be very stressed by being dug up and as a survival mechanism for its genes it tries to produce seed before it dies instead of conserving energy for its individual survival.

The only trees out of my nursery that I don't insist removing fruit the first year is the Jap plums. Peaches are the most likely to runt out- but these are mature trees. A 1" calibre tree is not bearing size and if it has only been growing a year it is probably not sexually mature.

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WOW ! Harvestman ..that was an authoritive input. You seem to be pain is that if you are right none of my trees will fruit for me this year and the extra money that I spent for "fruiting size" was a sham.
but to be honest NOTHING in my yard except blueberries has EVER fruited for me..that includes my 3 yrd old (even after buying it 6ft tall ) SUPER-BLOOMING Floridaking peach, none of my well blooming plums either ! so I brought an apricot "fruiting size " and an Ein Shemer ..I guess I should lower my hopes

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alan haigh

Raise your hopes and your patience. Plant it and the fruit shall come... then you have to protect the fruit.

For fruit the first year- plant tomatoes!

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it sems I came to this web site tooooooo late. I just recieved my two "INSANT ORCHARD" trees from willis.. One is a 7 ft. stick the other at least has branches. I will plant them today,,,,,,,,but I have to say for spending more than 100$ each I am very embarassed. I will be checking in here from this point on. I also have to add I bought better looking and bigger trees from our local flee market.

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Hi, There
I would like to buy jujube trees and a persimmons tree, could please anybody give me the info of a nursery that is near my location(19086) and has fair reputation? Thanks a lot!


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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I don't have any local nurseries for you, but JustFruitsandExotics sends potted trees for both Persimmons and Jujube. I've ordered both from them before and have been happy with the trees (good size and have grown well). They also do fall shipping. They are pricey, but those 2 types of trees are pretty pricey at most places, so it isn't that much of a difference.

Stark Bros also sends potted persimmons, but they have less selection and the plants were on the small side (though they grew OK). I got a very nice (large at a good price) bare root persimmon this spring from Burnt Ridge.

But, I'm think about one last tree (hah) and will probably got back to JFaE.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Fruits and Exotics

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I went by a neighbor's today who always buys his trees potted from some local place. This spring he got two new apples, quite large and branched out, certainly sold as "fruiting size" trees.

Today I noticed that the better looking tree actually has two good sized apples on it.

Going to make sure to look and see what happens with them next year.

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We live in Swansboro, NC on the InterCoastal Waterway. We have a salt air issue but would really love to have some fruit trees. We tried almost 3 years ago and the deer have killed over 2/3 of our orchard. We have figured out finally how to keep the deer out but are still having no luck. Are there any fruit trees that we can successfully grow and harvest?

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mynxr...I took my family to the outer banks this past summer and as always I look at and mentally study the vegetation / trees etc everywhere I go. While there and being in awe of the amount of salt in the air I got to thinking about fruit trees.
I stayed in Hatteras and no way could I see a fruit tree surviving that environment. Farther up (north) past Buxton a bit where some trees with some size start to show up I began looking for fruit trees...anything. even an old apple. I saw nothing.
When leaving I searched in every yard etc all the way until I deviated west on 64...again...nothing. After just a few miles on 64 though fruit trees started showing up in yards everywhere..the air was now clear too. Didn't have that foggy haze of salt laden air.
I just don't think most fruit trees and especially pommes would survive that salt air. Plus. it seems that coastal soil is pretty devoid of what is necessary to grow a fruit tree.

I could be wrong though and am interested in hearing other answers as it had me curious while there.
On a different note, I bet you guys go through automobiles in a hurry. Every piece of ferrous metal I seen was terribly rusted, even the A/C unit on my rental was nearly eaten away and it was a model designed for coastal enviroments. I couldn't wait to get that crap washed off my car when I got home. Love it down there though.

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Fig trees grow and make fruit one block from the beach in Venice, California, and so I would think they may grow in NC as well.


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