in search of everclear

vaherbmomDecember 23, 2009

I've been making my own medicines from wildcrafted and home garden plants for many years. In my state, a permit is required to purchase grain alcohol for making herbal tinctures. The permit requires the holder to be open to random searches of his home at any time, and to keep meticulous records of purchases, uses and consumption. You can imagine how unwieldy it would be to make a note in a permanent record of each time anyone in your family took a drop of a tincture, not to mention the compromise of privacy it would be to have your home routinely searched and "inspected."

Needless to say, I don't want such a permit. What are the laws like in your state? Does anyone have another solution?


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Everclear is sold in the the liquior departments here. Perhaps the difference is that you are trying to buy from a pharmacy? But to do medicines is highly regulated and unless you are licensed as a compounding pharmasist not legal to sell or give away. Look at the laws to see if stuff prepared for family consumption is included.

Sometimes you can skirt the laws by having an area totally separate from your dwelling. But you should for your own safety and those you give the drops to keep a complete record of ingredients, amount there of, bottling information. No doubt others that do this on a regular basis can tell you more on what your records should tell you if there is something you might want to know in a years time such as why one batch is stronger or cloudier than the other.

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Vodka is usually cheaper anyway and makes a good tincture and "no questions asked".

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Maifleur--My state is one of the many that restrict sales of grain alcohol--you can not get it here *anywhere* unless you have a permit, which comes with all the excessive, invasive oversight by the state. All liquor stores in this state are state-run, not owned by people. Apparently I would have to travel to another state (none nearby) to purchase, and for all I know it might be illegal to even bring it back across the state line.

Other states have similar restrictions and in some, including closest neighboring, you cannot buy it *at all.* Here, it probably goes back to trying to fight moonshining, which probably still goes on in Appalachia and other parts of my state. In other states, it has recently been removed from stores due to college students poisoning themselves with it.

rockguy--I have always used vodka in the past but wanted to improve my tinctures and the everclear is much better. Guess I *will* have to stick to the vodka.

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I don't agree that everclear is better. It still contains some water, so if you have a mix of water and alcohol, what difference does it make? Things that are soluble in alc will dissolve in it whether or not water is present. 100-proof vodka is half water, half alcohol. It is good enough for me and has never presented a problem, as in spoilage etc.

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Well, that is encouraging. I'm being told and reading that the stronger solution is much better, but I hope you are right instead. At any rate, I don't have a choice right now!

Thanks for your help.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Unfortunately rokguy is incorrect, the concentration of EtOH can have a huge effect on what dissolves in your tincture. Why not drive across state lines? I doubt that is illegal. buy a jug that will last you for years.

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