No Fruit from Nectarine Babe Dwarf Tree

usadaytraderMarch 31, 2011

ave had a Homedepot Nectarine Babe dwarf tree for 2 years now and its is doing very well. Looks green, strong with plenty of flowers. Its about 6' tall and kind of bushy. Has a lot of flowers, but never produces any fruit. From what I read, this need to be pollinated with a peach tree (Honey Babe for example).

I cannot find the honey babe peach tree anywhere. I already have a self pollinating peach tree (Babcock peach tree) who has no problems making fruit. Shouldn't the Babcock peach tree pollinate the Nectarine, or I really need to find the Honey Babe peach tree?

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Odd most Nectarines and Peaches are self pollinating. I have a honey babe peach and it is self fertile. In fact I have 10 peaches and nectarines and they are self pollinating. My Honey Babe sets way too many fruit. My honey babe is about 2.5ft and has set upwards of 40 peaches.

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I am trying to find a Honey Babe dwarf peach tree and a Nectar Babe dwarf nectarine tree near Louisville, KY. I would also like to find a 2 in 1 tree that includes both of them, or at least one. Can anyone help?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I've never heard of a "nectarine babe" nectarine. A quick Google search didn't yield anything either. I'm wondering if this is some name concocted by Home Depot. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, just that I've not heard of it.

Either way, if it is self-sterile your Babcock peach should pollinate it just fine (as long as there are pollinating insects at the time of bloom). You don't need a special peach tree to pollinate your nectarine.

My guess is your tree is still too young to hold the fruit. I've no first hand experience with genetic dwarf peach/nect, but peaches in general typically bear very early. Nevertheless, two years is still pretty young. It should certainly produce in it's third season, or something is wrong.

Occasionally peach trees will take a very long time to fruit but this is generally because of the planting location or care. A neighbor down the street claimed his peach tree didn't fruit for the first 17 years. It was planted in a very poor spot in clay excavated for his basement.

I gave a relative a peach tree about 7 years ago. He planted it in the middle of a shady walnut patch with grass sod right up next to the trunk. It's a self-fruitful variety but hasn't borne a single peach yet.

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