Yucca- yucca glauca

oakleif(z6 AR)December 24, 2008

Native Americans used polticed root on inflammations and to stop bleeding:and in steambaths for sprains and broken limbs: hair wash for dandruff and baldness. Leaf juice for poison arrows. Water extracts have shown anti cancer activity against b16 melonoma in mice. Caution-saponins in root have caused death in lower life forms. Of course they also washed their clothes with it.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

The Saponins are the soap component, and they and pounded out of the leaves and roots by pulverizing in water. I am weary of the baldness claim however, I heard about that from a bald guide in Mesa Verde, he mentioned that it did nothing for him as he lost his hair and when he asked a Hopi medicine woman she said it was because you have to start from birth; Well the only ones who would start from birth are a small subsection of the Hopi and well the Hopi don't go bald, I know lots of Native Americans and the only bald Hopi I have ever met have been half or more European, no matter where they grew up or what kind of soap they use.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Did you really follow Hopis around looking into their personal bathing habits? I would'nt go that far. Intresting thought tho. The baldness thing. By the way Native americans love to pull the wool over white eyes. Im so proud of them!!LOL

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I' not sure what you are talking about with puling the wool over the eyes of white people, but I think it would be a rather racist attitude to accuse the Native Americans of being deceptive. I lived in a dorm with communal bathrooms for two years, I could list people by room number and what type of soap shampoo and shaving cream they used, and what color towel they had, and what kind of razor they had, and what kind of music they listened too, and probably 20 or 30 other characteristics. However most of the Data for my anecdote about Hopis is based on the assumption that Hopis who are living semitraditional lifestyles are likely to use the traditional soap and those living modern American lifestyles in large cities in areas where yucca does not grow are unlikely to use yucca soap.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

You know what assume means? Makes an A_s out of u and me as in ass-u-me. It must be nice to compartmentalze a group of people. I've found a wide variation in personalities no matter what group.

My opinion of Native Americans are that they are a very wise and smart group of people who were descended from americans who had a great civilization when europeans were still in caves. And no they were'nt near as deceptive as white eyes. But they learned and did manage to make fools of white eyes a few times. They know more about herbal medicine than you ever have or will know.
Native americans are the people europeans tried to eradicate. Why should they always use western stuff. ever hear of care packages from home?
In your wisdom of Hopi friends, Have you ever had one of those friends home for the weekend or you theirs? Would they fit in your little bubble world?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

If you have a problem with the assumption you should raise that, rather than falling back on coincidental word play to criticize something that you do thousands of times every waking hour in order to function.

Also the Native Americans were not in the Americas when Europeans came out of caves, but ignoring that, do you have any reason for the claim that native americans had a civilization that was advanced long before europeans? Or is that based entirely on your gut feelings? The europeans did try to erradicate the native americans, well not all of them, but most, and you know what the native americans returned the favor, not all of them but most, they just didn't have the technology or the numbers.

I have heard of care packages, are you seriously trying to argue that you are a better judge of the habits of people that I know than I am based on a folk remedy? How many members of the Hopi tribe do you know? Like really know, with names you can list off? Have you Ever been to a Hopi reservation, or a Hopi shrine? Are you speaking from personal experience or are you just trying to prove that its possible that I might maybe be wrong and that makes the claim absolutely true? I gave Anecdotal evidence, you are not in a position to know enough about it to pick it apart, nothing you can say will be more effectively than crossing your arms stamping your feet and yelling. What you can do is find evidence to support the claim, it can be solid evidence like a clinical trial, or it can be somewhat softer evidence like an explanation of the biological plausibility. I lived with several Hopi's, so yes I was home with them and they were home with me for several weekends; and I don't know what bubble world you are talking about, I do make assumptions about people based on the evidence, I am regularly commented on for my ability to perceive things, to take in information and logically deduce other information, Sherlock Holmes was my favorite literary hero growing up.

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