acid relux

aterosinDecember 4, 2011

I have been diagnosed with AReflux. Actually I did it myself and my Dr confirmed. I've had symptoms for 3 yers but thought it was a rib misalignment.

My Dr is a homeopath/MD: Her list of guidelines:

Avoid carbonated beverages and foods made of soy

Meal time liquids: no ice, limit to 1/2 c for a full hour around meals

After meals be upright, walk, even chew gum if possible (keeps saliva flowing)

Focus on and savor your meals, chew thoroughly. Turn off the computer, TV and phone.

Keep meals small or mid-sized, finish eating 3 hours before bed

Slant your whole bed: head of bed 1-4" higher than foot.

Minimize sweets, non beyond mid-afternoon

Filter your water to avoid chlorine ingestion.

Non-drug treatment:

First Aid: DGL (deglycerized licorice) gum: chew and swallow OR baking soda in water or liquid antacids (1-2 T at a time (Mylanta)

Lots of Water

2. Prevention: Priobiotics: In a word "LOTS". 3 different kinds, several times daily, between meals. After one week, if no improvement, add:

Digestive enzymes (Multizyme) after meals. After one week add:

Zypan (1-2 before meals)

Priobiotics include things like yogurt (good quality stuff w/0 sugar fruit); acidolphilus, kefir (you can make your own very easily)

BTW: The ACV works for some people due to the type of acid in the vinegar (Malic acid).

Lastly: stay away from processed foods; eat close to the ground (fresh dark greens, fresh fruits and vegies - raw if possible and chew); Local foods, Organic; Grow your own if possible. Meats - rabbit is the best due to the low fat content, high protein and many people can raise rabbits themselves.

AReflux can also be triggered by food allergies such as milk, wheat, sugar so leaving these things out of your diet might be a way to cure yourself as well.

If you are into mind-body connections: Louise Hay is a wonderful source in her book "You can Heal your life"

She mentions that Heartburn is a result of "Fear": clutching fear: REmedy: Put Joy back into your life. Fill your life with Joy and happiness, let go of past limitations from parents, etc, Let joy flow thru your body with ease.

Good luck on your personal quest for healing.

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The above is a mix of good advice, possibly useful items and nonsensical suggestions, as you'd expect from someone who's a "homeopath MD".

Among the suggestions having demonstrated value are eating smaller meals, not eating close to bedtime, elevating the head of the bed and avoiding foods and drinks that are heartburn triggers in many people (such as liquor, wine, caffeinated drinks, dairy products etc.).

A big problem with the list of advice in the opening post (aside from the non-evidence based things like avoiding chlorinated water and soy-based foods) is that you're apparently supposed to follow all these suggestions simultaneously, including going out and buying a bunch of probiotics to take in large quantities. It'd make more sense to follow a few proven suggestions first and see if those help, and only then going on to more radical changes (if eating smaller meals and avoiding liquor does the trick, you won't need to spend $$ for probiotics that may have no effect at all on your problem).

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I get it worst after booze or cheese. I take vinegar in water when I get it and it goes away.

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Foods like honey,almonds,banana,youghurt also help in treating acid reflux.

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cellofool, emailed you privately with some forum advice that will save you much aggravation.

reflux is a symptom of a larger problem, once that crisis heals and passes look at a gut healing protocol, there are several really effective ones being used now.


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There can be an underlying anatomic problem causing acid reflux - hiatal hernia, This occurs when part of the stomach prolapses upward through your diaphragm (a muscular structure which normally has a small gap to allow passage of the esophagus). Hiatal hernias may be asymptomatic, but if large enough tend to cause reflux of acid into the esophagus and symptoms of reflux.

The dietary and lifestyle measures mentioned earlier may be enough to relieve symptoms, but if they or meds don't do the trick, surgery to fix the hiatal hernia may be necessary. Any other underlying G.I. issues would require a good gastroenterology consultation and not a nebulous "gut healing protocol".

Sometimes acid reflux improves whether or not you take steps to reduce risk factors. I used to have a lot of discomfort from it at night some years ago and took medication for a short time. More recently it's only occasionally that I have mild symptoms, and I'm not taking any meds, herbs or special precautions. Sometimes conditions get better on their own and whatever interventions you were trying wrongly get the credit.

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kitteh(6 ohio)

I think there must be several different things that cause it so that'd change which remedy is best. My nausea was probably fungal then helped with probiotics. But ginger is good for after meals that cause it.

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A friend had acid reflux after meals and she said eating a small slice of lemon the size you would add to a glass of iced tea solved he problem. Try eating the lemon slice, peel and all, at the end of your meal. Be sure to rinse your teeth with a little water to remove the acidic lemon juice.

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DGL licorice gives instant relief to many. it's not a cure but does help manage symptoms while you are working on healing it.

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The best remedy for you is to get 8 oz or a regular cup of water 10 minutes before you have a meal, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, do not use regular vinegar as that one is acid, this one is alkaline.
add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder and a teaspoon of honey. mix them all and drink it. that should cure it, as you have too much acid in your system.

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Apple cider vinegar, like all vinegars mostly is composed of acetic acid which is mildly acidic. When you drink it, it will be rapidly swamped by the far more acidic gastric juices and not have any significant effect on stomach pH (since reflux of gastric acid into the esophagus is what causes reflux symptoms, there is no rational explanation as to how drinking ACV could relieve gastric reflux).

There are numerous sources of misinformation online suggesting not only that ACV can alter gastric pH but that it somehow "alkalinizes" systemic (blood) pH, which is physiologically impossible. If we could actually drive our body's pH to a markedly more alkaline level, we'd be dead.

Thankfully there are natural pH balancing systems in the body (pH is largely regulated by the lungs and kidneys) that prevent this from happening through changes in diet.

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