MKMarch 17, 2013

What are your experiences with 4in one pear and apple trees? I'd like to espalier one possibly 2 trees on a 6-7' faux stone wall. I am in zone 9 and the wall roughly faces northwest with full afternoon sun. Thanks so much.

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I am not a fan of 4 in 1 fruit trees, to begin with, so would not select one for an espalier. Just looks like too many problems dealing with such a variety in a confined space. Al

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I have grown successful and very fruitful espalier fences in Seattle and San Jose using multi-grafted apple trees. The husband does not like pears and we only do apples. These are trees grafted specially for espalier- they are already in the flat form. I would rather go for the Dutch fence with different varieties but again, the husband is charmed by the grafted trees.

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I would enjoy seeing pictures of your espalier efforts. I have 2 semidwarf Asian pears being trained against a 6 foot wrought iron fence in full sun. The branches are simply being trained horizontally. I like the effect.

I didn't try a multigrafted tree because they're a bit more expensive, and being a beginner, I feared breaking a precious branch and losing that particular variety.

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