Need Some Yarrow for Toothaches

Clotilde_Soupert(z9b/east texas)December 30, 2005

I need to trade or buy some fresh rooted yarrow, or some dried yarrow leaf, or some seeds for planting next season. My son has wisdom teeth coming in, and is often plagued with tooth pains. Yarrow has been my best remedy, but it does not grow well down here (Z9 east texas), and keeps dying out. So here it is best grown as an annual. When I moved recently I lost my stock of it.

I have plenty of things to trade for it, look on my home page to get ideas, or let me know what you need.

Thanks, JM

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I am trying to figure out why yarrow would die in zone 9.... it is deciduous, sometimes, dying BACK. Does it get too much water in the summer?
My second thing is, maybe the poor boy needs to get his teeth pulled?
After all of this, I don't have any fresh yarrow... but you can buy it easily.

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clotilde, let's email privately. I have plenty of dried yarrow harvested from my meadow. Have you also considered oil of clove diluted in olive oil and applied to the wisdom teeth? Or spilanthes?

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spilanthes makes a lot of spit! :o)

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Clotilde_Soupert(z9b/east texas)

I think our summers are too hot for yarrow. There are a lot of prairie and eastern plants that come in here and manage for a while, but the heat gets them after a while. It also rains a lot on occasion, and that does more of them in.

Thanks to both of you for the help. JM

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You might be able to grow it in a pot. I don't think it's the heat, cuz it takes my 110º and above just fine. It might be too much water. If it was in a pot, you could bring it in during a rain... I water mine maybe once or twice a week at that heat. I am hoping that you can grow it. It's a weed here in our hot dry summers.

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herbman(norflk england)

Might I make a suggestion, if it is a tooth breaking through and you can get some root of the common Mallow and chew on that it may be helpfull (it works for teething babies.

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

I have Yarrow and several others from your wish list. In need of Elderberries, drop me a line please. Thanks, Lynn

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oh! how about clove oil? or just putting a clove where the tooth is erupting?

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