gold plum the same as gulf gold plum?

nirvanamike06March 9, 2011

Last year I bought several fruit trees for around the house and bought a gulf ruby plum tree thinking it was self pollinating. well i found out it wasnt so this year I went back to the same store looking for a gulf gold which ive read is the other half of the gulf ruby i have now. well they had the gulf blaze, gulf ruby, and gold plum all next to each other and I went ahead and bought the gold plum figuring it was the same thing as the gulf gold but now im not sure.... I tried to ask the people at the store but finding someone who speeks english is a bit of a challenge there.... ive looked around town and noone carries the gulf gold plum. On the card it does say that it needs a pollinator so i thought maybe it is the gulf gold. Also my plum is just barely starting to bud and this one must have been grown further south in texas or something because it is already covered in leaves, does this mean im not going to get any blooms or chance for pollination this year? thanks.

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