Herbal baths for hard dry cracking feet?

centaurfeedDecember 31, 2009

I have really hard dry cracking skin and have been covering my feet in lotion and then rapping my feet in plastic and waiting 2 hours or go to sleep with it on. Please HELP. I have gone to a doctor and thatÂs what I was told to do but it isnÂt working. Please HELP. I don't won't to go and spend more money on doctors that can't help my feet. So can anyone help me?

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I used to have that problem until I started using Burt's Bees coconut foot creme. It's in a tube. That and sometimes using shea butter, helped me solve the cracked heal problem. I put either one on at bedtime so that it's on my heals all night. I've used the knit foot socks over my feet after applying the creme or shea butter at times too. I don't think plastic wrap is a good idea. Hope this helps-btw I don't work for Burt's Bees.

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Use Aloe Vera on your feet. Go to the library and search herbal books that aren't to showy. If a book is showy then the author knows nothing in the subject and wants you to just by a useless book.

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I put Gold Bond Ultimate healing aloe lotion (from Wal Mart) on my husbands feet, that helps him, but what he likes best is when I use massage oil & a little lavender essential oil & massage his feet, Sometimes when his feet are really bad I mix all 3 together. I just use vegetable oil for the massage oil, but lately I bought some jojoba oil, it is alot less greasy then the veggie oil. I usually do this right before bed & he wears an old pair of socks to sleep in.

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This could be a relatively simple problem of dry skin altho could also signal other problems. Have you been checked for diabetes and hypothyroidism? Other factors which can exacerbate cracks in feet are obesity, standing for long periods, wearing non-supportive shoes, improper diet and lack of nutrients such as omega-3, zinc, and vitamin C.

You should use a pumice stone and gently and gradually work at removing the calluses after soaking in warm water. Add some soda bicarb to the soak water. Dry your feet well, apply petroleum jelly, and wear socks to bed.

Never try to remove calluses by cutting. If the callus is too thick for you to remove with a pumice you should see a Podiatrist.

This is a problem which has occurred gradually thru neglect and may take awhile to improve. Work at it gradually and never neglect daily foot care.

I rarely have problems with dry skin but know people who use this cream for various skin problems. I have no interests in this company but this product is well-known and liked by many.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardener's Dream Cream

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