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theherbalistDecember 28, 2010

Now, I'm not criticizing, but rather I find humor in one of the posts which says (in part) . . . "Vitex is also known as chaste tree (to curb sexual urges) and at the same time as monk's pepper (an aphrodisiac)." (

Am I the only one who sees the humor in what it says about "monk's pepper (an aphrodisiac)?" I mean . . . think about all these horny monks running around the monastery/abbey all because they took an aphrodisiac.

Truth is, it was called monk's pepper because it depleted sexual interests. Wheww! Glad we cleared that one up!!!

Thank you for listening. Hope you all found as much humor in the post as I did.


The Herbalist

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A relatively recent explanation has it that Vitex was an anti-aphrodisiac for men*, but an aphrodisiac for women. Though this site says:

"In ancient Greek mythology the Chaste Tree was associated with the Greek goddess Hera who had domain over marital chastity. It is said she was born and nursed beneath a Chaste Tree on the Greek island of Samos.""

Duelling effects are not just postulated for Vitex. Awhile back I posted an online list of things cider vinegar was supposed to accomplish, which included helping just about any condition you could name. The author(s) claimed it was good for both weight loss and weight gain.

Some try to reconcile these contradictions by labeling certain herbs as "adaptogens", which comes across as a more science-y way of saying "Good for what ails you". ;)

*As to the monks, based on reports about what they were up to from ancient times on through Rasputin...if they were taking any anti-aphrodisiacs, they evidently didn't work so well.

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