Hollytone on Raspberries

mrsg47(7)March 19, 2013

Is it true that raspberries love 'Hollytone' fertilizer? Anyone try it or use it? Thanks, Mrs. G

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I tried it last year, just one application in the spring. My plants did great but I couldn't tell you 100% that it was from the Hollytone because I also put a fair amount of compost around them every winter.


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thanks riverman one! Maybe someone else will reply too.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Espoma is the only fertilizer I buy, and I dont buy fertilizer often! All there products are roughly the same ingredients just slight pH differences.. I would not think twice about putting any espoma fertilizer on any plants, it could only do good! Of course you have to use common sense, espoma seems to favor poultry manure, which is high in nitrogen and in excess, not good for most trees... But in your case raspberries, throw some on! I don't find their ingredients any better than other organics, it's the micro organisms that make them good in my eyes.. I use it just to inoculate my plants.. Personally I mix in some compost and woodash with the fertilizer and just throw it on my plants... Works wonders! Don't be afraid to use it!


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I put a bit of plant-tone or holly-tone on all my fruits. Its hard to say how well things helped without having a "control" that you don't treat, but I have done it for the last ten or so years every year. I view compost as more important than fertilizer, I put a whole lot of that down.


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Thanks Scott, thanks all. I need a 'composter'. Mrs. G

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