planter wart removal

goltremareDecember 5, 2002

Is it true you can remove a planters wart by using a potato?

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storey(z8b/9a TX)

Never heard of that one. Raw potatoes have some pretty nasty chemicals in them, but to reach the subdermal virus of a planters wart? Now you've got me interested, where do you hear about this, if you don't mind me being nosey :o)

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That's a new one on me. But I've heard of the inside of banana skins taped to the area, and replaced at least daily, will remove corns and bunions. May be worth a try. Meantime this is a remedy given to me many years ago - I've never tried it myself, but the person who gave it to me swore by the method. (I have other remedies for corns if you want to try them.)

Press your thumbnail or a similarly blunt yet chisled object and press it down firmly into the centre of the wart. Hold it for as long as possible, and repeat as often as possible. Gradually the wart will disappear.

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I also hunted up this old thread for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: plantar warts

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I saw that one about ducttape removing warts on the health section of the news one night.......supposed to work! One of the many uses for duct tape!

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thuja oil is a time old rememdy for the removal of warts, worth a try.
also any herb with phenols should help. garlic, thyme, oregano etc.

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I read somewhere that if you apply the sticky stuff inside of dandelion stems 2-3 times a day to the area and let it dry, the wart will gradually dry up and fall off. I haven't tried it though, and I haven't heard anything about potatoes.

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I know of someone who got rid of his with dandelions. I have written out the recipe and will send it out on request.

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Having had several bouts of plantar warts, I "almost" can't believe that these remedies would work. Not saying they couldn't, I'm just skeptical. They are caused by a virus that lies dormant in the body until times of stress (physical and/or emotional) or all the conditions are right for it to rear its ugly head. Maybe some of the products mentioned deactivate or deprive the virus of something it needs to live, I don't know. In my case, the warts on my feet were nothing like some may get on a finger or hand. They were basically flat although if you rubbed the area you could feel the "seed" underneath. They seem to go as deep under the skin as a wart would grow on the outside on a finger. Those suckers had to be frozen and chopped out...OUCH!! I also suppose that considering the treatment was almost as bad as the problem, something less intrusive may be worth a try. Just keep in mind that those things spread if left untreated or the ones you have get worse. Lori, with no herbal knowledge whatsoever;)

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My husband had plantar warts on the bottom of both feet. He painted them with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and put them as close to the fire in the fireplace as he could stand. They were gone in a week. Yea!I think that putting them on a heating pad as hot as you can stand, would also work.

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when i got them, i was on the state swim team. my sister and brother also got them. we blamed it on the public pool showers and locker rooms.

the only thing that worked for us was to have them burned off. yuk! smelly thing and smoke coming from your foot. certainly not herbal, but worked.

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jane_socal(Sunset 23/z10)

Re the duct tape, I was told to use it by a reputable podiatrist -- apparently the Army did a controlled test in 2002 and it worked. It's been reported in many medical journals as an effective cure.

The theory is that the adhesive irritates the skin in some way that it boosts one's immune system to fight off the virus. He also had me apply Aldara cream under the tape. It's an Rx which is generally prescribed for genital warts but has this "off-use" for plantar warts. I'm happy to report it worked, especially after the first podiatrist I consulted was ready to surgically remove the warts. I'm glad I insisted on a less invasive way to handle the problem.

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After ignoring my planters wart for 30 years, it had spread over my right foot and became 37 instead of one. At the moment I am waiting for my foot to heal from the laser surgery that was preformed this last Friday. The first 24 hours after the surgery my foot was completely numb, never felt a thing. After I had woke up from a nap my foot was killing me and that was with the taking of Rx pain killers. Now it is the second day and my foot is driving me crazy, itch's like mad. I am still unable to walk on it but I will say this. After dealing with this thing for 30 years the 2 or 3 days of discomfort are well worth it. None of the over-the-counter meds worked for me. Three of the warts were visible to my eye, 2 on the ball of the foot and one under my big toe. they were hugh and very deep, the other 34 were not visible to my eye but they were to the foot doctor that was treating me. IMHO, if you have one wart get to the doctor now and have it removed.


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geekbooks(swamps o joisey)

I've never tried it, but the duct tape method sure seems interesting. Hey, you can do *anything* with duct tape ... :) The over-the-counter method worked for me. It took a while but it worked. Man those things hurt!

Here is a link that might be useful: planter wart treatments

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I had some really bad planters warts
on my big toe. Went through all that
freezing stuff and all that did was hurt.
Went to the drug store one day and got
what they call "DuoFilm" put that on it
just like ya would compound w or something.
In a matter a few days the things were gone.
And I had been getting treatments freezing
them for almost a year with no help.
Anyway I reccommend "DOUFILM"

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bekinell(z6 WV)

had a planter's wart cut out when a teen. came back when young adult. tried the banana skin treatment. never got one again! :-)

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

I can't even believe I'm going to say this knowing this is a virus, but I have recently rid the planters warts with clear nail polish. One on the ball on my foot and one on the inside of my little toe. Been there since this summer and thought I've have to have these taken out since they were getting pretty big and really, really starting to hurt!!
Figured I had nothing to lose so painted both with clear nail polish and replaced when needed. After 2 weeks both are gone. Now one may have nothing to do with the other but they are gone!! It's been 2 months now and they haven't come back either.

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Thank God for you all!
I've had this wart between my big toe and my second toe for about 4 or 5 years. those stupid wart removal bandaids won't work cuz it's in a real awkward spot. But thank you! I'll try all these, cuz it's spread from 1 to like 10 over the last 3 years! I REALLY dont want surgery or nething, I'll use these all :)

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Lady_L(z6 NJ)

When I was a kid we tried raw potato with no luck. We also tried to plant potatoes in the garden when the moon was full with no luck.

I would say that if your plantar wart is larger than a quarter, see your doctor.

I never tried clear nail polish, but I have used Dr. Scholl's liquid corn/callus remover and it works. The theory is to smother the virus, I guess.

Anyway, I recently switched to essential oils. Thyme is a good recommendation and it works on warts. It is antifungal and antiviral. I use it neet (straight), but it can burn sensitive skin. Try mixing about 15 drops with 1 ounce of carrier oil (almond, olive or even canola). Be sure you buy pure essentials and not the ones for fragrance. For more information about medicinal herbs check

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Lady_L(z6 NJ)

oops..."neet" is spelled neat

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I know nothing about it but most of the treatments you all mention seem to involve cutting out the air supply to the wart, in other words: smothering it.
I had one on my thumb, many years ago, and I kept it wrapped for about three days, so it stayed constantly moist. At the end of the three days, I scraped out the center (where the little dark roots are) it came off easily. At the end I had,a rather deep "crater" made of thickened skin on my finger, but this dried up and fell off within a week.
I never got another one since

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Anja_zone5(5, NY + MA)

I have heard on more than one occasion that on children, warts can disappear if they are lead to believe that they will. Hmmm...when I was young, I had a bunch of regular warts (and once a plantar, but on my foot) behind my knee, maybe about six...then one day I was on the swingset and jumped off the swing. I felt something sting, and when I looked at the back of my knee, The warts were gone, replaced with little circles of blood. I always believed that the swing "shaved" them off, but really I wonder how they all dissappeared at once....a magic swing? ;)

Thank you for all your tips, if *ever* I am inconvenienced by plantars, I will know just what to do...


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Nasty sounding but nail polish remover works well. Also, moistening the tip of a wooden match and rub it over the wart does the trick (sulfur?). Several applications are necessary but both work.

Neither eliminate the oxygen, which I think is the best way.

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I have been getting treated for planter warts
for nearly a year with nitro treatements and
the warts won't die :( the pain after treatments
is extremely unpleasent have to take either 2 asprins
or a painkiller after I come home from the doctors.
Every night I apply efudux but I don't think that
stuff works :(

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Potatoe Salad, Macaroni Salad, Salad Dressing, Pickles, Planters Warts.
What do they all have in common. Vinegar!

I have been dealing with a planters warts for years. I had a small one removed from the bottom of my foot via freezing, and it came back with a vengence after/during ski season, about the size of a dime. I'm sure 60 days in ski boots did not help - yeah braggin. But it also spread. 7 more small ones and 1 medium on my feet, and 3 on my fingers, in guessing from treating the others.
After the freezing I did the Duraplast (sylic acid?), after 3 months, marginal performance, and raw tender skin.
Then I saw a foot doctor, who used a flat blade and trimmed them, followed by another type of acid. Every 3 weeks all summer, again some progress, but not enough.

He explained that I wanted to create an environment that the wart did not like, and it would fall off. He mentioned bananas, so this ski season I tried that. Marginal again, but it did keep the warts moist, and more comfortable.
Bananas were a pain. You need green ones, and I had to change them about 3 times a day. They also did not fit the boots. IT became an "Inventory" issue, to keep green bananas around.

On April 28th I read a post (elsewhere) about Vinegar and Duct Tape. Tried them booth, but the Vinegar far out performed the Duct Tape, though the Tape was a bit easier to use. Today all but one are gone. And the only reason I have one is I just found it in a hard to find place on the other foot.

I mostly used the cotton balls, wetting them with vinegar, and taping them over the wart. They dry out quickly, so I would change them a few times a day. There is some minor stinging. In 48 hours I brought up dozens of "legs" on the large one (this was my focus, if it worked here I would deal with the small ones after. You can only wear so many cotton balls at once). Every few days I would trim it down with a razor blade, and polish it with a pumice stone.

Watch out for these "legs". I understand that these are the virus, and that the warts spread via these guys. So be careful with the trimmed skin, and make sure to wash out the shower.

Some of the warts were in difficult places, like beteen the toes, and on the end of my thumb. I tried "painting" these with a q-tip every few minutes (while I veged in fromt of the TV). In about 30 minutes you could see a reaction. The thumb I just soaked in a small dish.

6 weeks, 99 cents for the vinegar (save the Basalmic for the salad, plain old white will do), a buck fifty for cotton balls, about $5 for the sports tape to hold the cotton, and some small bandaids (tear off a small piece of cotton and tuck it under). Cheaper than a co-pay!

I'm obviously pleased.

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When I was a teenager, my doctor used peanut butter to remove a wart. I thought he was kidding when he told me what it was---but it worked.
Actually, I think he was embarressed to tell me what it was and only said it looked and smelled like peanut butter.

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I had a planter wart when I was younger and tried the Banana peel remedy and it definately worked.

I've recently had two appear, one on each foot in the exact same spot as each other, and they are so painful so I really need a quick fix. I'm interested in the suggestion about the nail polish so I might give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for all the great ideas :)

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Now they have home wart removers but i have read that the sap from flox gets rid of them if applied every day my or you can disinfectit with hydrogen peroxide and pick at it with a tweezers everyday but make sure to sterolyze anything that come sinto contact with it **you dont want them to spread****

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Greenbelle(z4 NE)

Our general doctor suggested the tape method. Just cover the area, seal it tight for 2 weeks letting no air into the wort. It worked!!!

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Teenage son had them on hands and feet. Tried the duct tape method and it worked but took a long time (something like a month). Also tried GSE (grapefruit seed extract)and it worked much faster (a week). Just one drop twice daily on the wart then cover with a band-aid.

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I rubbed fresh garlic on a wart next to my eye, twice a day, and it went away within days. Viruses are living things that react to unfriendly environments. The banana skin, vinegar, nail polish, all contain things the virus can't grow in.

A friend took 6 alfalfa capsules a day for a month and all her warts on her hands went away. This method was recommended by the health food store owner, and it worked.

So many ideas here!

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Celandine is said to remove warts

Here is a link that might be useful: Celandine

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Most warts will disappear on their own without any treatment, which probably accounts for some of the glowing reports of success with various therapies.

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Get and use Duoplant from a drugstore. It works great. It's unlikely that a Planters wart will just disappear easily.

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I duct taped a penny to mine and they started to go away quickly...but I ran out of duct tape. This at least made them smaller and so less painful to walk on.

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Fingernail polish does not work! However, six weeks of diligently applying duck tape (heated by a match prior to application to get the glue sticky so that it would stay on for several days) after first dabbing ultra colloidal silver spray (can be purchased at whole foods) with a q-tip. Keep the tape on for as long as it will stick. The longer you leave it on, the more progress you will make each time. Soak feet and pumice the wart area each time you have to change the tape. The warts will look like black hard seeds when the get close to the surface. Six weeks of this and I was rid of 15 warts on the left foot, and 5 on the right. I had surgergy to get rid of the first wart. That almost killed me, there was no way I could have 20 warts removed by surgery. This was a much better alternative, and it absolutely worked, but you have to be diligent. Duck tape alone didn't work. The process didn't start working until I added the colloidal silver, and until I heated the tape. The glue from the tape coupled with the silver irritates the wart to the point that it works it's way out of the foot. Hope this helps!

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Hi everyone,
These articles helped me greatly. I suffered for a few months and got it surgically removed but as it did not go away and developed a little ring of spores. I realized that indeed I would have to heal myself. I used a mixture of treatments on myself and not it is gone for a few months. The wart is a viral condition and needs oxygen. I used slivers of garlic overnight repeatedly whenever I felt it acting up. During the day I would prep it with cleaning it first with Alcohol then letting it dry then spraying it with Colloidal Silver, then Let it dry again and put a little bit of Silver masking tape After applying it I would take a lighter and heat the tape to make it air tight. I hope this will help other. Don't get it surgically removed, what severe pain that you can heal yourself.

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hi im 10 years old and i use duct tape but it doesnt work cause it just slips off my foot and i dont want to do somin that will hurt any suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: garden web

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Try a piece of banana peel, cut to fit around the wart, placed flesh-side in on the wart & covered with duct tape. After 24 hours, remove old peel & replace with new one. I have had warts go away or be soft enough to dig out without much pain after three days. This works for hand-warts, too.

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Yes, they absolutely work. My great grandmother told me about it in high school when I got 6 of them from our locker room showers in ROTC. You cut a square of raw potato and put it on with a bandage. Change it daily. Mine were gone in a week. I just got another one on my foot, not sure how considering I'm a stay-at-home mom now, and I'm 2 days into treating a very painful plantar wart. It's already starting to show significant improvement, and it doesn't hurt anymore. I tried every OTC treatment I could find before I remembered the potato thing. Thank goodness I did, because the pain was killing me.

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Hi. I've had the HPV virus 1 (Plantar Warts) for about two years now. My first plantar wart appeared in between my big toe and on the toe next to it. (Making it very hard to keep clean) I'm essentially on step 1... I went to my doctor and he gave me IMIQUIMOD CREAM (5%). So far this has done nothing but spread them... Rather quickly. I went from having four warts to now having eleven. I have a feeling my doctor just gave me the most expensive subscription at his financial benefit. The medication costs $350 and I have to get it refilled two more times. Wasting about 12 weeks of actually finding a cure... Meanwhile the warts are spreading. I live in SC and I really dislike the doctors around here... No matter what I say... I am never right and they tell me that... Straight up. The doctors here will tell you not to diagnose yourself and to stay away from trying to find "natural remedies". Is it just me or am I in a really sticky situation? What should I do?

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

If I was you personally, I would get on a all raw food diet, mainly fruits... At least give it a shot for a few weeks, it can't hurt.. Also get a shower/drinking water filter...

Best of luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Body's simplicity

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What's the rationale behind your suggestion?


    Bookmark   March 26, 2013 at 8:02PM
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