cure for geographic tongue!!! hooooray!!! i found it!!!!!!

jtranokDecember 6, 2007

What we all have is also known as a "fungus infection of the mouth" and the cure is "NYSTATIN" (google it) and it can only be prescript by your Dr. I know many of you have suffered like I have. Spread the word I know many others would like to know this info. ;)

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Unfortunately it's not that simple.

An oral fungal infection can simulate the appearance of geographic tongue and be cured by the appropriate drug, but geographic tongue itself has not been linked to any organisms. More info here.

There are probably more treatments touted for this condition than for any other discussed in the forum. Some seem to work for some people, but since geographic tongue naturally goes through cycles of improvement and worsening over time, the "cures" often end up being disappointing.

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Many disorders of the mouth (and skin and bowel, too) can be related to overgrowth of intestinal "candida albicans" yeast. This yeast occurs normally in a healthy digestive tract, but can become a problem when the probiotic bacteria with which it coexists, and which keeps it in balance, become depleted (such as from overuse of antibiotics, the birth-control pill, and other "safe" prescription medicines).

Nystatin is a good choice, because it doesn't get into the bloodstream. Whether applied topically for rashes, or taken internally, it isn't systemically absorbed. In my case, my doctor recommended that I swish it around in my mouth first, then swallow it. It did help my systemic yeast condition. And it's safe for the liver, which stronger antifungals like Diflucan can be harmful to.

But there is another component to yeast treatment. Yeast feeds on sugars and refined carbohydrates. An antifungal will do far more for you if while you're taking it, you eliminate all sugars from your diet, and stick with whole grains in your foods (no more white flour--sorry!). Without this, what the drug can accomplish is substantially limited. I would also strongly recommend a probiotic bacteria supplement, containing acidophilus, bifidus and others, available at any health food store, taken according to label directions. That will help to repopulate the healthy, necessary bacteria that have usually been depleted in a system where candida has overgrown. In a normal digestive tract, those bacteria will keep the yeast in check, and by taking them now and after the Nystatin is finished, you will help your system to stay in balance after the drug course is completed.

Good luck! Please let us know how you make out.


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Since Candida doesn't cause geographic tongue, taking antifungal medications will not help this condition. Side effects of such drugs (such as irritation and burning) may worsen the symptoms of GT.

A number of misinformed authors have made Candida a bogeyman supposedly responsible for a wide variety of illnesses and vague symptoms. These claims are vastly overstated (systemic candidiasis is uncommon, and typically occurs in patients with severe immunosuppression, not otherwise healthy people on oral contraceptives or who take antibiotics for an infection).

buddingherbalist is correct that Nystatin as typically used is not absorbed systemically. Thus, it will not be effective against a systemic fungal infection.

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Systemic yeast begins in the digestive tract, and colonizes the rest of the body from there. Control it in the G.I. with Nystatin, and your immunity has a fighting chance at getting the rest of it under control.

Many references, including the Mayo Clinic article *you* cited, clearly state that "Why the tongue loses papillae isn't known. ", yet you're perfectly willing to say what it absolutely can't be. You know better than they?

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This sounds a lot like the defense offered when many other dubious claims are questioned - "You can't prove it isn't so!"

The way science and medicine work (including evidence-based herbalism) is that claims need to be backed by convincing evidence. No such evidence exists for "systemic candidiasis" as a vague multi-system disorder in otherwise healthy people.

The fact that we don't know the cause of geographic tongue is no reason to blame Candida...or other pathogens...or certain foods...or environmental agents...or any of the myriad culprits that have been singled out in threads on GT in this forum.

I'll rephrase my answer for you: There's no evidence that Candida causes geographic tongue. It's not a good idea to take Nystatin or any other antifungal drug if you don't have a fungal infection. The "cure" could be worse than the problem you started with.

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Please someone help me with my gt. NOTHING is working.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Sadly there is no cure for you here.

As for the rest of the thread, we can know if a factor causes a problem, and we can know if a factor does not cause a problem, or we can not know if a factor does or does not. Just because we do not know what factor causes GT to flair up does not mean we do not know that it is not Candida.

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Wanna rephrase that, brendan? ;)

"Cures" for GT are hard to evaluate in part because of the disorder's relapsing and remitting nature. Other conditions whose symptoms come and go, and for which treatments are similarly hard to gauge include arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Things that are claimed to work for some of those afflicted just seem that way because they are used when the disorder is coincidentally entering a quiet phase.

For problems that do not have effective treatments yet (like GT) any alternative therapies should be a) cheap, and b) safe. Some lifstyle changes fit that description; nystatin doesn't.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Not what I meant. dededede was searching for a cure, she was the intended recipient, not the condition to be treated.

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My GT was diagnosed by a has been 24/7 for 3 months of burning.Is this normal? I see where people talk in episodes as if it goes away and returns.I would love for this to just go away for 1 day!Mine does not.It is not burning mouth syndrome either as I asked the dermotologist.Thoughts?

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I tried it it doesn't work sorry

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multivitamins worked for me!

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My son has had this since birth... he is now 17 months... Nothing seems to help him. His tongue is constantly going through this cycle. Dr's can't treat him and he can't speak yet to tell me if he is in pain!!! so any suggestion would be wonderful!

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Don't babies have a pretty good way of expressing discomfort?

It's probably best not to treat this if it isn't symptomatic.

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I've had geographic tongue for many years and I was desperate for a cure. I saw this website and thought I had finally found a cure. I went to my doctor and got 10 days supply of "NYSTATIN" thinking it would return my tongue tp normal again.

It didn't, in fact everything just got worse! It made the symptoms at least twice as bad as before and the additional damage is irreversible.

Why do people insist on giving out advice which they are not qualified to give. Desperate people will take note and may have to live with terrible consequences.

I think this thread should be removed and I am considering legal action against the hosts of this website as they are solely responsible for publishing bad advice.


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You should probably reread your terms and conditions. You should also stop making idle threats, as it is YOUR responsibility to determine what works for you. If your physician is uneducated enough to prescribe antibiotics for your conditions, then it is the physicians fault, not someone who posted what cured their condition. Get real, and get wise.

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geographic tongue treatments:

First of all I should mention I have had geographic tongue for about 22 years. I talked to three MDs over a 5 year period, was tested and diagnosed to be healthy and only have geographic tongue. (Brush my tongue... That's it)

They say, Geographic tongue naturally goes through cycles of improvement and worsening over time. A simple head cold can cause it to flare up.
Even on an average day it's so obvious to other people, embarrassing is an understatement.

One day I tried ECHINACEA for a head cold, I average one head cold a year, and seasonal allergies. This treatment not only helped with head colds, it also lowered my geographic tongue symptoms. on an average of 1 to 10. I was about a 4 to 8. Now I'm a 0 to 2. It's been about 8 years now, no side effects...

To be on the safe side I go off this Herb ones a month for a couple of days. the geographic tongue always comes back and then I go back on and it go's away... takes a few days to work.

For me this works great. I star off with 3 a day for 2 days, then 2 a day for 2 days, then 1 in the morning with my multi vid. Again this works for me. Please check with your MD, be safe and let me know how this works for you?
take care,

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I've been studying geographic tongue from a Chinese herbology perspective. If you understand these principles, I'll say that this condition reflects a Stomach Yin Deficiency.

If you don't mind me asking, do you experience low appetite? Excessive feeling of fullness when you eat? (Possibly, but not necessarily, do you need to drink lots of water, eat often through the day to satisfy inordinate amount of frequency of hunger pains? Are you a worrier? Dream a lot?)
Do you have a past history of auto-immune illness, in which case, it's understandable why echinacea would definitely have good affect on you? Also, do you have any history of eczema? Sometimes, a yin deficiency of the Stomach may show as constipation with dry stools.

I'm only asking these questions to see how accurate my education is. You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable posting this on a public forum.

I should add that when someone has this yin deficiency of the Stomach, there may be other systems of the body involved. For instance, the Spleen system may likewise be involved. It's not the final analysis of your situation, but it's certainly a large part of it.



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Hey everyone. I just signing in to say that I've seen a HUGE improvement in my geographic tongue ever since quitting soy. I was drinking a lot of soy milk, pretty much 1/2 a litre per day on average. I now suspect that I developed a soy allergy or that the soy interfered with my zinc absorption. If you're getting geographic tongue, I strongly recommend you look at your diet very carefully. Good luck to everyone

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From what you're saying, excess soy milk caused your GT? Then why do some people have it but do not take soy products? I mean taking soy products isn't a pre-requisite, is it?


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want to make just one point in response to a comment posted above re echinacea and auto immunity. echinacea often triggers episodes in those with auto immune disorders.

this is a well documented phenomena so if you have an auto immune disorder, beware. echinacea is probably not the best herb for you. astragalus herb would likely be a much better choice for boosting immunity without side effects, its a mild food type herb yet very effective, use it to make stocks, soups, tea.

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Based on a lot of looking around and many discussions with several dentists it pretty clear there is no single root cause to GT. So I think it may help people to recognize that GT is really more of a symptom of probably many different root causes.

That said I have had GT for at least a decade. I find that acidic foods, especially Kiwi are very hard on me. To the point that my tongue will bleed. Over the last few years I've had more acidic foods do this. So I've been a bit more aggressive in my search for something that will alleviate my symptoms.

In my case I finally found something that appears to be helping. Biotene mouthwash seems to be doing the trick. I've tried other mouthwashes but the alcohol content in the mouthwash just burned so bad I couldn't use them. I've also tried salt washes, gargling with baking soda, brushing my tongue, scraping my tongue, pretty much every over the counter measure I can find.

My nephew happens to have GT as well. I told him that Biotene was helping me and he might want to give it a try. After about a month he is also finding some relief.

Just to be clear I still have GT. Biotene is not a cure but it is helping me deal with the more severe issues my GT is creating. I'm finally starting to be able to taste foods instead of many food flavors being ruined by a burning sensation.

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I was hoping to find some help for this ailment from this site. I have had GT for maybe 15 years now. i went to a doc to find out exactly what it was and he did a biopsy and it came back as psoriasis of the tongue! That blew me away and i could not find anything related to it on the internet. the doc had never even heard of it. But i have recently read that it can be similar to a psoriasis. i think i know exactly what caused mine. A long time ago they had a diet drink called the Hollywood diet drink. For a whole weekend that is all you ingest. It tasted good and was very citrusy!! On Monday when i put the first bite of food in my mouth i thought someone took a blowtorch to it. it was so inflamed. From that point on, i got the patches and the pain. I believe that citrus drink burned off some of the pappilae. So I learned to live with it and went through lots of flare ups. But a couple of months ago i thought, gee i havent had a flare up in a while. Well i spoke too soon cuz i went to Mexico a few weeks ago and although i really didnt eat spicy mexican food, i think the change in food and location aggravated it. it is now about as bad as it has ever been. I am going to try some of the mouthwashes suggested on this site and also try some zinc pills and see what happens. Good luck everyone.

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Hey all!

I have found out what has been causing my geographic tongue, and how to make my tongue perfect again! I've tried just about everything you can think of to help cure it, and nothing did until I kept myself on a strict diet.I'D LOVE TO HELP YOU OR ANYONE with this problem, so reply/email me if you have questions. Please read below:

This is the worst for my tongue (In order of MOST irritation/white rings/numbness/pain on tongue).

1. Sugar/sucralose/aspertame - I'm not sure about stevia, but I'm guessing it would do the same thing as other sweeteners, and irritate my tongue. I used to use honey with my breakfast and when I cut out honey+all sugar...the white rings,pain, and numbness on my tongue dissapered within a week or so.
2. Alcohol. Beer, whiskey, vodka and beer really affect my tongue. I can now tolerate a beer/shot/or glass of wine or two with a meal now IF I am perfectly strict with no sugar or anything else listed below for the day.
3. Yeast, gluten, wheat. Every once in a while I can have a piece of Ezekiel bread. I would avoid ANYTHING with yeast, gluten or wheat starting off...introduce whatever you'd like when you have the rest of your diet secured. (I am still testing this, and you can too. I might or might not be intolerant to wheat bread and other healthy breads, but I have some testing to do with that still).
4. Spicy foods. I stay away from, spicy salsa, pepper. Salsa with just tomatoes or non-spicy ingredients have been fine for me).
5. Toothpaste with whitening agents, or extreme flavors such as mint, or cinnamon. ( I have used Therabreath original toothpaste, and Biotene toothpaste with great success. Although I prefer Biotene because of the cost and taste.)

I have gotten into a strict diet, and have taken up fitness and working out since it has great benefits when doing so along with working out. My diet is;

Breakfast: 10 oz. sweet potato, 1 cup of spinach, 8 oz chicken breast or turkey from deli, and 2 tablespoons of creamy raw almond butter (The Maranatha almond butter has 3 grams of sugar per serving, and I tolerate one serving fine, but if I go too much over irritates my tongue just a little). IF I have fruit, I will have 1/2 banana or 1/2 an apple at a time. Remember, eat low sugar.

Lunch: 2 Eggs+4 egg whites, 1 cup of quinoa, 1 cup of spinach or celery with carrots.
Tips; If you eat anything with sugar in it, eat with some protein like chicken, steak, turkey or things like that to slow down the process of digesting the sugar too quickly.

Dinner: 1 cup of quinoa OR 1/2 cup (dry) oatmeal, Steak/chicken 8 oz, celery.
Follow the 5 things I listed above, follow them strictly.. and after you've done that and healed your tongue back to normal, start re-introducing foods you once loved ONE AT A TIME so you know what has caused your geographic tongue. Pay attention to what has worked, and what doesn't, monitor your results and keep a log of what day you ate a certain food, and what day your tongue got worse. (Example; When I eat spicy foods/drink alcohol/eat too much sugar, the very next day-2 days later my tongue will be worse, so then I write it down and know that might have caused an irritation. So wait until your tongue has completely cleared up until you re-introduce another food item to base your food irritants on, and monitor your serving size to see if it agrees with your tongue).

I usually add a half of a tablespoon of Himalayan crystal salt to some of my meals to give a little flavor, (you could do the same if this is too bland for your taste).

I have been eating raw foods as much as possible now. Processed foods have preservatives that do not agree with my tongue, so I stay far away from them and I'm so much better off for doing that. I've been trying to stick to organic foods, because of the pesticides and chemicals used on foods that I honestly thing has been bothering my tongue. If you buy fresh lettuce..wash it off with water before eating... brush/scrub off sweet potatoes, carrots, celery etc.. GET THOSE CHEMICALS/DIRT OFF BEFORE YOU EAT IT.

My email is . I'll respond as quick as I can to your questions if you have any. Take care.

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Dear Paul, you mentioned that you treated your geographic tongue with nystatin and had a horrific response. This is very telling. What you probably experienced is a yeast die-off reaction. These can be extreme, painful, and temporarily debilitating regardless of the area of the body that is manifesting symptoms. What this tells me is that the cause of your case of g.t. (and many, but certainly not all, others) actually is, most likely, a symptom of yeast overgrowth.

Perhaps you have to prep your body before reintroducing a systemic anti fungal. You can do this by sloooowly incorporating coconut oil (a natural antibacterial and anti fungal) into your diet, by substituting xylitol for sugar (from coffee to baking -- xylitol kills bad bugs and preserves good bugs, and WILL not feed yeast as sugars do), and certainly, take probiotics religiously. I would remove all refined sugars from your diet. Give yourself a trial of one month with these modifications. I expect you will experience a mild to moderate die off reaction just from these changes.

Expect stinky and smushy poo, perhaps a couple of days of increased fatigue, headaches, and tongue irritation, and keep on trucking. These discomforts are a temporary speed bump you must endure to get you to a place where you can begin to knock down your yeast burden at a rate that your body can tolerate.

Of course, for so many of you, yeast reduction does not seem to solve the problem, but if you skim through these threads and read about skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema which are often associated with g.t., it becomes clear that the common denominator is some sort of overgrowth or deficiency.

An immune compromised person may find relief with echinacea, elderberry, oregano oil, thyme oil, high doses of vitamin C, or another immune boosting agent.

An individual with a particular deficiency will find resolution with adequate supplementation.

Nearly all cases of g.t. are also related to one intolerance or another -- usually a food intolerance that could well be under the radar and unknown to the sufferer.

In the case of an intolerance (for so many the common offender(s) include dairy, soy, wheat, sugars, etc.), an exposure can provoke a g.t. flare-up. In the case of constant exposure to an intolerance or allergen (perhaps a staple in the diet or a common irritant in one's immediate environment -- an allergen), the result can be a chronically hyper responsive immune system that leaves an individual suffering with g.t. for years.

G.t., of course, is only one such indicator. For others it is chronic skin infections, bowel disturbances, cognitive changes, etc. It is always the best route to treat one's gut -- never hurts, usually helps, and can really unmuddy the waters if what we are taking in does not leak from our intestines into our bloodstream.

I wish you the very best, Paul. Don't lose hope. Search for info on die-off reactions and strategies to minimize suffering and maximize healing.

God bless you.

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