Blueberry pot size

Lori615(5b (GR, MI))March 6, 2013

I just received my seven blueberry plants (two each Polaris, Chippewa and NorthBlue, and one Patriot). They came in one-gal pots and are 3 or 4 years old. I was planning to pot them in 22" containers (as seen in the photo). But I'm afraid they'll look so dwarfed by the container if I plant one per pot! I know they'll do best in large pots with lots of room, and eventually they will all be in their own 22" pots, but for this year (or two), can I pot two of them in each pot? (Bonus - then I'd have more pots for veggies this year!)

Also, I got lots of pine shavings in the box. Do you recommend I use that as mulch or would it be smart to mix it into my soil mix (I'm planning on using Al's 5-1-1 of pine bark fines, peat and perlite)?

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L...perfect timing! I have just gone through this drill myself, and researched it thoroughly. First: blueberries like acidic soil. The easiest answer is to simply buy a large bag of camelia/azalea potting soil. You can make your own by equal parts of peat moss, potting soi (humous based), and small pathway bark. Secondly: Blueberries grow fantastic in pots. The pot you show (22 inch) is an over-kill. Save money and plant in a smaller pot for a couple of years (keep soil moist). goodluck!

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Lori615(5b (GR, MI))

Thanks, Fire. I have the supplies for acidic soil, so I should be in business soon. I'm hoping I can put two plants in a pot for a year or two before giving them each their own pot. Advice?

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Although I grow blueberries in the ground, and not in pots, I do have an idea of how the roots spread, because I periodically take soil samples for pH testing. I think the 22 inch pot is about right for one shrub, and a 24 inch pot would be OK, as well. I also think that you could put two, or even three, one gallon blueberry shrubs into one 22 inch pot, and grow them for a season. If the pH is right, and they get some fertilizer, they will be ready for a larger pot in 2014. I have never mulched with pine shavings, but I suspect that they would work OK as a mulch. I have been mulching with shredded tree leaves, from a Norway maple in our yard. It would be helpful to find out the pH of your water supply, unless you are using collected rainwater, which should be slightly acidic.

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I'm glad your plants arrived.They look good.
The Northblue stays fairly small,so it should be okay to double them up.The other ones can get bigger,but they should be okay, like Eric wrote,for a year.
Personally,I'd not use the shavings,especially not mixing them because they don't look like they have been composted,too fresh.
I think Al's mix should do fine. Brady

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Lori615(5b (GR, MI))

The shavings are very fresh. I'll skip them and use something better for mulch. I just got a rain barrel that I plan to use for blueberries first, before the veggies, because of the acidic needs of the blueberries, so I should be set for watering. Thank you!

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Where did you order from? The plants look good.

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Lori615(5b (GR, MI)) Yes, they look nice!

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