Too late to prune Asian pear?

bob_linus(9)March 5, 2009

My Asian pear tree has already (March 5) started to bloom.

It's several years old and has always produced very well. It's about 12 feet high and has grown many 2-3 foot long upright shoots at the top. The lowest branches are about deer height. :-)

Is it too late to prune? I'm inclined to do a light pruning, just cutting back the upright shoots.

-- Bob

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


It's never too early or late to prune most things. But I do 95% of my pruning while the trees are growing. There are a few things, like apricots in CA where pruning isn't advised at certain times of the year.

On Asian pears, I usually prune out about 50% of the spurs to make thinning less of a chore.

The Fruitnut

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I am absolutely with the Fruitnut. Prune any time you are out there with your pruner. Summer is better than winter if you want to control your trees. And I concur that thinning Asian pears can be facilitated by removing some fruiting wood, since they routinely overset.

I would take off the upright shoots, right at the base, and whatever else is crowded as well.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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