English walnut conundrum

alabamanicole(7b)March 25, 2012

I had no desire to attempt to grow English/Carpathian walnuts here, but I was given two as a gift. They took up the only two remaining spots I had for large trees, even though they don't grow very well here and my topsoil is almost non-existent in that area.

Heaven only knows what the rootstock is, but one is a 'Fatley' which is (surprise!) doing quite well and the other was simply labelled 'Carpathian Walnut.' I did what I could to get it started, but it struggled last year and didn't leaf out this spring. Today I declared it dead.

I could have sworn English walnuts needed a cross pollinator. I was researching online to see if there was any remote chance any of my wild Juglans sp. trees, my black walnut or the neighbor's pecan would pollinize it or if I could let a couple of branches grow out from the rootstock, but deh internets says it's partially self-fruitful.

True or false? If true, a more regionally appropriate large nut tree is going in that spot!

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Walnuts are considered self-fruitful and will do well without a pollinizer. Here in California, Paradox is the rootstock of choice. Al

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