My Bella Gold peacotums are trouble setters

itheweathermanMarch 17, 2014

I think that my Bella Gold peacotums are very tricky to pollinate. I have two trees; one aborted 99.99% of its flower buds due to the lack of chill? So it only produced one flower----I pollinated it with flavor delight aprium pollen, and still didn�t set any fruit.

The second one aborted 90% of its flower buds, the rest of the flower buds did opened, however, they didn�t opened at the same time. The first one flowered over a month, then every six to seven days one to two flower buds flower at a time. Thus, I been pollinating them with whatever pollen I have available. I�ve been pollinating it them with
flavor delight aprium, kruater vesuvious myrobalan plum, and flavor king pluot; and so far, all of the pollinated flower have been aborted.

So my conclusion is that the only to pollinators of Bella gold peacotum are flavor grenade pluot and blenheim apricot? I so, I have to buy a flavor grenade pluot this year, so I could have pollen for next year to pollinate my peacotums.

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What's the Peacotum's age?

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When I bought them last year they were two years old.

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Campanula UK Z8

bloody hell, there are some exotic hybrids coming out of the US, Apriums, Pluots....and now Peacotums (had to think long and hard before I could get what crosses were involved) Don't know whether to die of envy....or shake my head as I gaze at the limited but lush array of english fruit available without bizarre crosses. It is beginning to sound a bit 'Island of Dr.Moreau'.......

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