Orient pear fruit

john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)March 10, 2013

I have 2 Orient pear trees that are approx 6 years old.I still don't get any fruit.How old do the trees need to be to fruit.Last year they put blooms on in the fall is this normal.I am beginning to think they will never make fruit.If this is the case I need to pull them out and replace with something that will fruit before I die of old age.Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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A lot of people say they have had to wait up to 7-8 years for their pears to produce. I planted mine last year and I had a couple pears on them last year already. I'm waiting to see how many they will make this year. Last time I was up to my property they were still dormant this year.

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dan8_gw (Northern California Zone 9A)

Did you get your pear trees from a reputable source? If they are planted by seed they may not have fruit.

There's also a possibility that they are not cross pollinating each other because they bloom at different times. Interesting..I've never had a fruit tree that bloomed in the fall.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

I'd wait a couple more years. My keiffers took 4 years; my leconte hasn't blossomed yet, it's in its 4th leaf. Once in a while I get blossoms in the fall. My orient took 5-6 years, but it only gets 4 hours of sun a day.

Where did you buy the trees? Where in ms are you? Do the trees get full sun? Are there any other pears, even Bradford pears, anywhere close?

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

My trees came from local co op.They are in an orchard with keffer within 20 feet that are starting to bloom.full sun all day.The Orient have not started coming out yet.They don't look like they were grafted.I don't remember when i planted them if they had grafts.I was not sure how long it takes for Orient to start producing.My keffer started 2 years after planting and have produced every year since.I even thought the Orient weren't getting enough chill.I live 40 miles from the gulf of Mexico.I think Orient pears are low chill.The Orients leaf out different time from Keffer the Keffer evidently dose not need pollinator it makes pears by it's self.The Orient pears just don't bloom when they first come out.I just don't know may be I havent waited long enough.Just hate to be wasting time if the Orient should be making pears.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

I see your concern. The Orient is supposedly about like a Keiffer in terms of chill hours. You've got polination. Tree could be mislabeled, or maybe Orients just don't like your location.

I'd probably give up after this year. Or maybe I'd replace one now, perhaps with a Pineapple or Baldwin

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Just the fact that they aren't grafted lends me to believe you have junk. Do you know how to graft? You could easily switch varieties by grafting low chill varieties on it. Tennessee, hood, acres, pineapple. Let me know if your open to grafting.

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

This year if they don't make fruit I will pull one out and replace with new tree.I do graft on my trees but instead spending the time I might as well replace with new tree and new verity.Thanks for the thoughts.

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