Avocado Brown Leaf Question

jdsuownerMarch 25, 2012

So we have a Reed avocado tree that currently has a nice crop of reed avocados on it but suddenly we noticed we have lots of yellow leaves fallen off of it and on the tree there are alot of green leaves with brown tips, brown spots on the bottom, and basically brown towards the middle. The whole tree seems a bit wilted if you will. New buds have formed recently in abundance and we had added 4 of those miracle gro fruit plant stakes around the tree. We water the tree deeply once a week and then it just gets some overspray from the lawn sprinklers couple times a week. Any ideas by this and looking at the pictures of the leaves what could be going on? Here is a link to the pictures:

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I would lose the tree spikes; give it a good shot of a well balanced fertilizer at the drip line 3 times per year.
Water well...you say you are already doing that.

When avocados are producing and growing they "drop" leaves, that is they suck the life out of older leaves to produce new leaves and fruits.

I live in Guatemala, the original home of the avocado; we have over 100 varieties here. My favorite of all is the Queen... I have four at my lemon farm and I have at least one Queen in all of my gardens.
I would give it a good application of Bayer Silvacur now and every year at the same time. Apart from that, keep a good thought.

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