Third Season For My Day Neutral Strawberries

obrionusa(5)March 4, 2011

I planted Evie 2 bare root and got the stock from Nourse Farms in Spring 2008. They say to replant every few years. Well, there was some dead in the bed, So I ran a leaf rake over the area quite heavy and got rid of the dead stuff. Now Its looks like thin strawberry patch. I threw some fertilizer on it and it rained real heavy that night. Do you think I should expect a good harvest on this bed or should I think of replanting it?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Just me, but I'd replant in another area. Not good to grow in the same place too long. You might get a decent crop this year but don't get your hopes too high.

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Did you figure out what caused the dead strawberries? Did you cut the dead root to see if there are any bugs inside? Root weevils have destroyed most of my mature strawberries. That's why people tend to clean up entire patches after a couple of years.

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It looked like the harsh winter killed them, But I dont know for sure. They had a lot of leaves laying on top of them.

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Along the California coast where most of the US strawberries are grown, before the use of sterilizing gas was used, strawberries were not replanted in the same soil. Most of the strawberry land was rented and after four years the ground was dry farmed for five years before it was again used for strawberries. The use of methyl bromide gas as a fumigant has allowed the land to used continuous for strawberries, usually replanting every 3 or 4 years. For the home gardener I would suggest moving the strawberry patch to new soil. Al

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I've been thinking about having 2 raised beds approximately 3ft X 12ft. One for strawberries and the other for rhubarb. Could these two be successfully rotated every 4 years? I know the rhubarb doesn't need it, but I want to find something to rotate with the strawberries to get a new bed for them. Any other ideas?

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I am in zone 5. I have planted around 5-6 different kinds of day neutrals, and never seen much in the way of loss due to winter, even this year. They say that the younger plants are more productive than the plants over 3 years old. For that reason some suggest replanting every three years. I just thin out the numbers instead of relocating or starting over. Works for me. Most day neutrals I tried hardly produced any runners, so that might not work for your type. I only grow day neutrals, as I like fruit from spring to October, and have found a favorite. FYI I have found the "Fern" variety to produce the most fruit, and by far the most runners. Some had flowers two weeks ago. I estimate that Fern produces three runners every 2 months, so with a growing season of 4 months, one Fern strawberry will produce 9 more by the end of the season! Good luck.

Always an...Angel

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Rhubarb shouldn't be moved. It takes a few years to get established and be big enough to harvest, especially if you've got a red variety rather than the older green varieties. I'd recommend doing vegetables instead like tomatoes or potatoes that ought to be rotated every few years too.

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I live in Montana and have planted fer n strawberries plants for years. Now for some reason for the last two years I can't find them. Does any one know where I can buy them.

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