Rosanna raspberries

robert_2007(5b/6a)March 3, 2009

Is there any one out there who is growing Rosanna raspberries, with success? This raspberry does truely taste like candy. But it is the worst raspberry in the world when it comes to Orange Rust. Looking to exchange notes with any one who has figured out how to grow it under organic means. So far I have only been able to find plants at Raintree nursery. Thanks Bob Harper

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Can some one explain the difinition of a cold hardy fig. Some thirty years ago I noticed three figs planted up against a south facing building in Connecticut. Had a chance to visit the area yesterday. Found the figs still there after some thirty years, and they were totaly unprotected. But, instead of there being three fig plants there must be at least 20 or more plants. They have created a colony of figs about 4 feet by 10 feet. The colony appears to have been able to be larger. But some one turned the back yard were the figs were into a parking area for cars. So the figs could not spread any further. The colony appears to be about 8 feet tall. I took about five cuttings. After getting them home I noticed that some of the cuttings had any where from 12" to 16" of die back. But even the ones with die back where at least 6' tall. The cuttings with no die back came from plants that were around 8 feet tall I intend to go back and get more cuttings to start here. Take ruler and camera to record them. My question is would all three be considered cold hardy since they are 6' feet. Or only the ones that had no winter kill. I'm going to try start cuttings But,I only want to start the most cold hardy It got as low as minus 10 degrees here last winter and as low as minus 20 degrees within the last 30 years. Thanks for your input. Bob Harper

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