Growing kiwi in Az.

captaininsanoMarch 9, 2013

Does any one out there grow kiwi in zone 9b?. I just ordered a "Tomuri" and 2 "Vincent" plants and am planning on pots at first as they will be small and then going more permanant if they survive for a while I know they grow quickly in the right condidtions, but before I go and build an arbor or trellis system, does ayone have experience with them in Arizona, I looked up the best varieties for my area and that is what I ordered. I can shade them, but am concerned that even the ambient temperature in my area may be to much, in the summer reaching upwards of 110 or even more in the glory of it.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd think to have any hope in your heat you'd need at least a 50% shade cloth overheat and on the west. The best shade cloth I've seen is aluminet. It's expensive and not the most durable but is good at heat reduction.

Kiwi isn't the most heat tolerant fruit by any means. Also not tolerant of much wind.

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Thanks, fruitnut.
I know from what I have read that it could be quite a stretch, but I am going to try because the plants are going to be here soon. Do you know how much wind is too much I have a light breeze that blows through regularly but, where I plan to put them is in the southwest corner of my yard that is protected by a brick wall, this helps with the afternoon sun coming in from the west as well.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

A light breeze is OK but they are less tolerant of wind than grapes in case you have experience there. Mainly the wind breaks out the young canes. Later in the year it's less of an issue.

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