Please help old cherry pruning questions

rehabbingisgreenMarch 28, 2013

This cherry tree, its the tree behind the park bench, is in need of some serious something. We want to prune it severely if we can and get it to grow more branches further down on the tree and maybe just remove the one left side long branch. This tree was like this when we moved in and we are still not sure what all we can do to rejuvenate it and I don't have a lot of experience with cherries and am not sure what time of year is best to prune it.

Please our tree appreciates any help it can get

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greenorchardmom(Ga Mts 7)

check out past pruning threads
there is a wealth of info esp from harvestman fruitnut & olpea
I assume that you have tasted the cherries & they are good quality?
(If not top work it!)
I would start with the 2 or 3 center branches
taking them off at the limbs growing to the right
the low limb growing into the shed cut to waist level
be aware that old cherries are sometimes unforgiving
& pruning severely could kill the tree
I wish you good gardening luck!

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