need help picking an apple

curtis(5)March 16, 2014

I have to pick only one new apple variety. I am in zone 5 near Omaha NE. Currently have Fireside, Honeycrisp and Haralson. I'm not worried about pollen matching. lots of crabs around.

What we like so far: Jonsagold is one of my favorites, but have easy access at a local orchard. The Mrs has a fondness for Fuji but that is old grocery store vs other grocery store, so not sure how that translates. She also likes Honey crisp. Honey crisp is sweet and crisp but low on actual flavor in my taste. So I guess she likes sweet and mild and I like some tartness and more flavor.

Here is what is on our short list; Fuji, Cox Orange pippen, Sweet 16, pixie crunch & Karmijn de Sonneville. Mostly based on reading. We are open to suggestions if there is something better.

Also with all the different named Fuji's out there, Is the taste all about the same?

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I would add Gala and pink lady to the list.

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Have you considered Zestar? It's similar to Honeycrisp but earlier. I'd agree with Clark that Gala is very nice too.

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Try spartan...... my favorite. You can try honeygold which is honeycrisps parent. I have also heard great things with sweet sixteen

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I have a fuji that I really like but it took several years for the tree to develop good fruit flavor.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Kidds Orange Red and Sweet 16 were my favorites among the dozen types which I fruited for the first time last year. Both had great flavor. While KOR was higher brix and sharper taste, it also had a relatively narrow window (overripe before I expected in mid Sept). SS took an extra year to start bearing (KOR and many others had apples in year 2), but the unusual flavor (the "cherry Twizzler" flavor description Cummins has is about right) makes it worth it.

Your season may not be long enough for Goldrush, but it is a great apple. Maybe if you have a protected southern exposure site...

Karmijn had problems with cracking/rotting, so the only ones I sampled were a bit under-ripe and very strongly flavored. But, this was its first year, so I look forward to giving it another try.

I've only tried them from farmer's markets, but Zestar are the best thing I've seen at that time of year (mid/late Aug). William's Pride is pretty good and two weeks earlier.

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