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joebellaMarch 12, 2013

Has anyone used the insecticide Assail. I amazed to find it approved for non- commercial users. Its expensive- $200 for two Lbs. I'm excited because maybe my bug problems are over.
Assail is registered for all the usual trouble makers.

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I've read about Assail, but it was always taboo and way too expensive. What is the ratio of powder to water? Or liquid. I'm asking to see if I can justify the cost for 21 trees. Thanks Mrs. G

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I am not considering cost at all. I have 30 trees and would like to be successful for a change. Wihout Imidan it has become a hopeless battle.

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How much coverage do you get out of the 2#? And how long does it last in storage?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I use it. But it's not really very new. My formulation of Assail does have the "Ag Use Only" restriction (Assail 30SG).

It's a neonic but much safer for bees than some other neonics (like Imidacloprid and clothianidin).

With Assail, I wouldn't say your bug problems are over, but it's good for major lep pests like OFM and CM. Not so good on PC as some other insecticides, but still provides good control. Since it's locally systemic it isn't as prone to cause mite flares for apple growers, as some other products.

I believe it's now offered in a homeowner formulation which would be good for folks who want to try something other than Triazicide. (see link below)

There may be some confusion about formulations approved for non-commercial use. Allow me to summarize:

For our discussion, there are pesticides labeled "For Ag Use Only" and other pesticides without this label restriction. In terms of insecticides relevant to fruit growing, there are quite a number that don't have the ag label restriction. Off the top of my head Intrepid, Actara, Delegate, Belt, ect. don't have an "Ag Use Only" restriction (This is from memory, so if interested, check info. on the label to make sure.)

Other products have an "Ag use only" or "Not for residential use" like Lorsban, Imidan, or Elevate (fungicide). It's been debated extensively on this forum, just exactly what constitutes "Residential Use", so I won't comment on that, suffice to say that using these products for "Residential Use" would be in violation of the label.

Although some products don't have the "Ag Use Only" label restriction, they are packaged for Ag or commercial use. The obvious drawback for commercial packaging is the quantity and cost. Some are very expensive (I think Pristine (WDG) is over $400 for about a gallon size plastic bottle.) Another disadvantage is that the rates of application are given in oz./acre, so it can be tough for someone inexperienced to mix the product for a small area.

Another classification is "Restricted Use Pesticide". This classification basically means only a licensed applicator can purchase and use the product. This classification is completely independent on whether or not the product is "For Ag Use Only". In other words some restricted pesticides can be for "Ag Use Only" and some not.

Assail I use is a water soluble granule, so if kept in a dry environment, it should last a very long time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glenn - Has Purdue been reading your posts?

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Thank you. I buy my supplies at the LI Cauliflower Assn. and will use your facts to buy the best for the buck. I'm at the point where I don't care what it costs. I get a great deal of pleasure giving my fruit to friends and family.
To be honest I have not been very successful in recent years. I'll post when I find the magical elixir.

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I have little comment on Assail except to say some of my
friends here in the commercial orchard industry in WI use
it and like it. However, I too heard it did not perform as well on PC control as some other insecticides do. Not that it did a bad job either.

One issue I have with it is that I thought it has a restriction on it as to how many times a year it can be legally applied? Perhaps Olpea can answer that for us since he has personally used it.

Joebella, contact me direct as I may have some good news for you on your insecticide question.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

"One issue I have with it is that I thought it has a restriction on it as to how many times a year it can be legally applied? Perhaps Olpea can answer that for us since he has personally used it."

You're right Spartan, Assail has a limit of 4 applications per season for pomes and stones.

As far as I know, all commercial products have limitations on either the number of applications or the amount of active ingredient that can be applied per season. I think some of the homeowner general purpose fruit tree sprays don't have the same limitations, or say something like "spray weekly".

Assail also has a limitation of that no more than 2 consecutive applications without rotation of a different class of insecticide. Maybe this is what you were referring to. Many older insecticides don't have this limitation, but it is becoming more common as a resistance management tool.

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lifespeed(9B San Jose)

You can still buy Indian.

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lifespeed(9B San Jose)


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I wish I could. It's restricted in NYS. I would travel to buy some. I wonder if Imidan is available in PA or VA.
Anyway, I could use the Assail early and then switch off to Triazicide in July and early August. Switch back to Assail to finish.

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