Can Raspberries grow in clay?

silent88March 15, 2013

I dug out a sort of small rectangular hole (maybe 4 feet wide, 1.5 feet long, 1 feet deep, and filled it with azalea soil and planted some raspberries and blackberry plants. Well, the raspberries are beginning to send up shoots everywhere. Some have spread out about 6 feet away from the hole growing in the solid clay soil... just wondering if these may actually product anything, lol :)

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S...I think you have done almost everything you can to obtain success. The one thing you may add in the future is gypsum. With avocados now....we attempt to breach/leach through the clay with gypsum. It is probably not a complete answer....but it may help. I recently got into growing blueberries. I decided to grow in pots. I think it should work out fine.

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Thanks for the advice maybe I'll get some gypsum. :) I think the ones in the hole I dug may do okay, but I'm curious if the ones that spread to the clay soil may actually grow and produce?

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Yes the raspberrys will flourish in the clay... You would benefit more from compost,leaves,woodchips,etc applied to the top of your soil as a mulch.. If you truly want to do good for your soil, check this link out below. There is a free video to the right of the page that will answer all your questions. Please take your time and enjoy the video, your soil and plants will thank you..


Here is a link that might be useful: True Sustainable Permaculture

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We grow everbearing raspberries in clay soil, here in Madison. Our soil is not pure clay, however. It is heavy and sticky when wet, but it does drain OK when it rains.

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Why wouldn't they like clay?

The area where I live is a major producer of cane fruits, and is clay soil. My rasps are happy in the clay and they produce heavily. I do give them a top dressing of compost once a year when I cut out the old canes.

You might want to reconsider, in your garden in general, the practice of filling a planting hole with soil that's different from the surrounding soil. Many people report that plants don't do well because the filled-hole acts like a pot, and the roots do not leave it. Topdressing may be more effective. And less work :).

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Gypsum doesn't improve drainage in clay soils unless the problem is due to excess sodium.

SoCal soils don't have excess sodium. So don't waste your time (to obtain & apply gypsum) or your money.

who gardened successfully for 30-some years in Long Beach,CA

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Thanks nila, sadly I planted these when I was less experienced. Luckily, they apparently have spread their roots about 5 feet each way out of the hole! :P

It's so strange that raspberries say will grow in clay soil!! I was under the impression that they needed excellent drainage and a lower soil ph (and also under the impression that clay soil was high pH), but I guess either way ill find out! :p

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Te clay where I live is acidic (low ph). And I think of raspberries as a bit of a swamp plant. That may because I come at gardening from a xeriscape POV, though ;). I water mine once every week or two, in part shade, and that's more often than the rest of the garden in full sun.

I am glad your raspberries are happy :). I think they are pretty tough, adaptable plants, as long as they have water.

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