why dont they sell strawberry seeds anymore?

bauerbachMarch 21, 2014

maybe Im crazy, but several years ago, I was able to easily find strawberry seeds. I went looking recently and found them absent. no at local stores, none at the major online seed sellers that I could find.

I see alot of root stuff, 10 plants for 6 bucks, and I guess thats not a bad deal, but Im still perplexed as to why no one would sell the seeds...

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I dont have much of a problem up here in canada..... Could have to do with the fact that many of the desierable varieties are only produced by runners and not from seed

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This should help

Here is a link that might be useful: strawberry seed store

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I've been able to find one company that's on Ebay that sells different seeds including strawberry and blueberry seeds. Your right it is difficult to find suppliers of strawberry seeds.

I've bought from this company and had great results!

Here is the link below to Country Koi Fish Farm a company that's in Canada.


Here is a link that might be useful: Country Koi Fish Farm Ebay Store - Strawberry Seeds

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

The seeds on the Koi site and the strawberry seed store are for Alpine strawberries which are normally increased by seed. As canadianplant said, if you want named stock you need plants. I notice that the blueberries on that site are also just generic 'Northern high bush blueberries.' Growing these plants from seed is a gamble. You won't get named cultivars from seed and if you want serious crops that's what you need.

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I actually am trying to grow some strawberries from seed this spring. Got the seed from Pine Tree Seeds. There were not too many in the package (like 10-12). And so far I have only see 4 germinate, although they did warn that they are slow to germinate so perhaps there will be more. They are supposed to be a variety similar to commercial strawberies in size and taste (as opposed to alpines).

Will hopefully let you know how this works out later in the year. But Pint Tree may still have more of these.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Yes, Steve333, you'reright, Pine Tree has two strawberries from seed in their catalogue which are not Alpines: Temptation and Sarian. The rest of their offer is Fragaria vesca.

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