Anyone try this v/s Triazicide?

mrsg47(7)March 7, 2013

The Borer-Miner Insect Killer concentrate is an 8 oz container that makes up to 32 gallons of spray. The spray can be used to control for a large number of insects including aphids, bagworms, cicadas, exposed thrips, fall cankerworms, inchworms, leaf miners, leaf rollers, mealy bugs, spider mites, whiteflies, gypsy moth, tent caterpillars, Japanese beetles, webworms, budworms, Elm leaf beetles, Elm Spanworms, Tussock moths, Citrus black flies, Oak worms, Pine Beetles, Pine moths, needle scale, Pine needle miners, Navel Orange worm, Peach twig borers, Plum Curculio, Oriental fruit moths, Pear psylia, green fruitworms and codling moths. When applying this product is best to apply a thorough spray, wetting leaves, needles and branches to the dripping point, including the top and underside of leaves. The active ingredient is Permethrin at a concentration of 2.5%.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)


I use 38% a teaspoon to gallon water it kill every thing out there Permethrin. 2.5% is weak concentration of Permethrin close to household spray like bug bombs. It done it thing and gone in 4 hours degrades fast. its use all pet products wal-marts has all there sprays.
Triazicide last for 2 months that longer coverage than 4 hours of Permethrin.

At first sign insect I use Permethrin that day next day Triazicide then I take few days brake from scouting for insects about week.

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Thanks Gator, another step I can forget. I'll just stick with my Triaz. combo. MrsG

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