Which Mango is most cold hardy?

bananafanMarch 28, 2007

I planted a mango tree in a pot, but it died after some cold spell. It lived to bloom twice, but never fruited. I think it was an ice cream mango. Does any one of you have anything to recommend--like a more cold hardy mango that is also good tasting? Thanks.

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ashok_ncal(CA z9b)


Where do you live? Florida, California, or elsewhere?

In California, I think there's no question that Phillipine-type mangos like "Manila" have proven to be the most adaptable. I know of trees that have actually fruited outdoors in the Sacramento Valley. (Growing up against or between buildings, which does provide some microclimate protection.)

In Florida ... well, I've *heard* that many in Florida tout "Bailey's Marvel" as the cultivar best-suited to surviving in marginal climates. Some say that it really isn't more cold-resistant, but, rather, that it grows so vigorously that it can attain a large size quite rapidly.

Larger plants are better able to survive freezes, of course. Instead of being killed outright by cold-snaps, they often just die back to thicker branches. So great vigor could be an alternative route to surviving in harsher climates, even if the cultivar in question isn't intrinsically exceptionally hardy.

But all my Florida knowledge comes second-hand; so if you live there, or in an adjoining region, you better ask some locals to get the best advice.

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Thanks Ashok, for the info. Yep, I live in Florida. I've read some on Bailey's Marvel--that it will grow to 40-45ft. Not a problem, except the question, how does one harvest the mango on such tall tree? I prefer the semi dwarf ones that grow to 20 ft like Carrie which some said has a very sweet tasting. The one I had was a dwarf one and I planted that in a pot, but with the cold factor, some seem to think that it will survive better in the ground.

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ashok_ncal(CA z9b)


Ah, so you are in Florida -- terra incognita to me, so you'd better take all of my advice with a grain of salt!

Having said that, if you're in a marginal climate for mangos, a "Bailey's Marvel" would probably be limited in size by that factor alone. So my guess would be that you wouldn't have to worry about how to harvest fruit 45' off the ground in any case!

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

With proper pruning management, it can be kept to a reasonable size.


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