Blueberry varieties.

pharmachadMarch 26, 2014

I received 10 varieties of blueberry liners
that I didn't have before. Most are SHB, but
A few are low chill rabbiteyes as I live in zone 9.
Misty (which I already have and liked a lot)
New Hanover
Anyone have anything good or bad to
say about these. Let me know. I am trying
to get a feel for what works in my area. Hope
to start a U-pick some day when I retire,but still have
10 plus years to go. I have already ruled out
Jewel in my area as the ones I have get terrible
Leaf spot during the summer and all foliage
Falls out.

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PharmaChad, I'm growing O'Neal and Misty. They are both great. The others I don't see around town for sale locally.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Why no Emerald? If you want them for a upick Emerald would be hard to beat. I agree Jewel is annoying but as they get older the leaf problems are much less of an issue.

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I have about 8 older Emerald already and they
are doing great. I already know they produce
A high yield so they are a shoe-in for a u-pick
down here. Thanks for the advice and all comments
Good or bad are welcome.

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My current berries 3 yr olds, potted year one (wanted to get 9 more varieties potted but time is running out this year):

Blueberries - Southern Highbush** ripen chill notes
ALICE BLUE** early low chill

BECKYBLUE ** early-mid 300 tasty

Biloxi year round Brightwell** mid-season 300 fast growing, 12 ft.,sf, tasty

Cape Fear early mid-season 300 hot summer, 6ft, large, sf

Emerald very early 200 zone 10, PP#12165, very low chill, extended harvest,huge,productive

Georgia Gem mid-season 200 hot summer, 6 ft., sf

Gulf Coast very early low chill hot summer, 6 ft., zone 10

Misty early-mid 150 6 ft, evergreen, hot summer, zone 10, large

O'Neal early 200 hot summer, sf, 6 ft.

Pink Lemonade mid-late 200 pink fruit, Northern HB x rabbiteye but OK for here

PowderBlue** late season 200 fast growing, keeper, productive

Princess early 300 fast growing, aka Primadonna

Sharpblue year round Springhigh early 200 PP#16404, large, juicy

Sweetcrisp early-mid 200 PP#12165, to die for, holds well, zone 10, 6 ft., heat stress, low production

Sunshine Blue** early-mid 150 evergreen, 4ft., pink blossum, sf, zone 10, 5 wk harvest, tasty

TifBlue** late season 200 dwarf

** = rabbiteyes

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