Peach Tree problems

TWAR1March 11, 2013

Please take a look at the branch form my peach tree. This is a "flat wonderful" peach tree in zone 5.

The first year I thought it was dead as all the buds died back, but then it regrew and shot up nicely.

Year 2 the majority of the year one growth died back in the spring, but again it came back and reached 8 feet tall with a nice spread.

I just went and took a look at it now and the young branches look spotted just as they did last year when they didn't grow back.

Any help? Can it be saved?

Thank you

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

To me that sounds like winter cold injury. There isn't much you can do except prune out the dead wood after it starts to push new growth.

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Make sure you are spraying an anti-fungal agent on your peach tree each spring. They are prone to several diseases that can wipe out and kill the tree. I had an 18-20 ft tall flat peach tree that died due to this.

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