HAVE: way too many plants!

FrugalFanny(4)March 12, 2013

Hello Gardenweb! As spring is beginning to spring here in the Northeast, I am getting excited to do some exchanging! I haven't ever taken part in an exchange before, just FYI, so I may need some help along the way with the logistics.


I have many too many plants and need to thin down my growing collection. Therefore, I prefer to trade many plants for few or possibly none at all. That means you get a good deal!

The purpose of this posting is to see if there is any interest out there for things I have to offer so I can get an idea of what I need to do to prepare for a trade. Actual timing of the trade will depend on both weather and my current location, as I work seasonally and am currently waiting to see what I'll be up to (and where) for the Spring and Summer. That is why I'm doing this post ahead of time to give myself a chance to pull everything together.

My collection is spread across two locations: Western NY and in Vermont, but I have multiples of many of my plant species at both locations. Others are located only at one or the other location, so I will need a heads up from folks who are interested so I can grab those plants when I travel back and forth.


I am confident in the majority of my IDs, and will let you know otherwise.

I have a lot of:

Chlorophytum comosum aka Spider Plant (both plain green and reg. variegated)

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana cuttings (various colors)

Sansevieria babies (various cultivars and growing habits)

Rhoeo/Tradescantia spathacea (aka Moses in the Cradle) cuttings, most rather etiolated but still viable

Holiday cactus cuttings (rooted and unrooted; these include true Schlumbergera x buckleyi Christmas Cactus)

There are also:

African violets (various)

Agave parryi pups (aka Artichoke agave; a few small ones about 2-4" across)

Crassula ovata (some cuttings, some plantlets from leaves, most very small)

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (purple scallops)

AND MANY MORE! If I find anything else that I have in excess, I will follow up with more posts. Also feel free to view my exchange page for details and many more possibilities, as well as things I am interested in trading for.

Right now, top on my WANTED list are:

Sans. 'gold flame' and 'black star'
Selenicereus anthonyanus (Ric rac cactus)
Chlorophytum x fire flash
Billbergia nutans aka Queen's Tears
Small agaves appropriate for indoor growing (that I do not have)
Gasteria or gasteria-aloe hybrids (small ones) (I do not have any of these yet)
Callisia fragrans (do I really want to get myself into this?? maybe I do...)

More on exchange page.

Please contact me via this post or email with any questions or interest. I am happy to send/post photos if you like.

Sorry this post is so long, but I want to be clear from the get-go.

Happy Spring! (almost...)


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These are the Rhoeo/Tradescantia spathacea (aka Moses in the Cradle) cuttings. The tri-color variety. Very cute with an upright habit when given more light.

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Hi Fannie,

I am collecting Sanseviera, I would love to trade one of your gold hahnii for a Goldflame, if they aren't spoken for. I may have other small varieties in a few months. Thanks, Barb

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Hi! Thanks for your reply! You are the first person to contact me about this trade, so you've got dibs! I would LOVE to trade you a golden hahnii for a gold flame! It's a deal! I have to wait for more reliably warm weather, though. We've had some warm days, but today we've had alternating snow and sun. Crazy Springtime!

I will start a list and put you down for one Golden Hahnii, ok?

Do you have Bantel's Sensation? I have a few I rescued that are still getting established, but once I know for sure they're going to make it you can have one of those as well if you like.

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Hi Fannie,

Okay! Our weather is still cold off and on too. Another month or six weeks will make all the difference. I do have a nice little Bantels. It's funny how we can get crazy over our plants. I will look around and see what else I might have to offer you.

Be sure to save some gold hahnii for Stush, he is crazy about them.

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Lol I got an email from Stush right after you posted here! I've got some for him too:)

What other sans. do you have? It's so funny, Sans. didn't impress me for a long time after I got really into plants, but then I got one poor little bugger that was so sad on sale and that was the end of that! They're so indestructible it's hard not to love them! And once I realized that varieties like 'gold flame' and 'streaker' existed, there was no turning back. I was in deep.

So excited for Spring so we can trade!


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I want to tell you I got your email about the trade, but you didn't include your email address, so I can't reply to you. If you want to email me again with your address, then I will be in touch!


This post was edited by FrugalFanny on Thu, Mar 14, 13 at 14:14

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FF: I sent you a note! Thanks for letting me know!

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Got it! You should have an email from me.


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I didn't get anything! Ugh! We are having issues! I will send you a message confirming my email and providing a second email. :) Thanks for being patient.

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Sent email!

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Rachel: I think we've got the email issues straightened out now? Let me know otherwise.

Wispfox: Got your email, thanks! I just need you to send another containing you email address so I can write back to you, since GW hides them. Then I'll be in touch!

Thanks everybody!

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Yep! I think we are set for now! Thanks!

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I'm interested in some Hoya cuttings, wandering jew, lucky bamboo and what colors do you have for African violets? Check out my list to see if anything interests you.

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I sent you an email. Let me know how that sounds.

For anyone else interested in the African Violets, I don't have many babies right now, but I can always take leaves off of the adult plants to send along for propagation if that is something people want.

I have a few different colors available. They are white, deep red/purple, white with lavender accents, and a frilly pink one.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, I whacked back a couple of jades a few days ago and now have lots of cuttings that need homes.


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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I sent you a response to your email :) I will love to trade with you! Thanks!

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If you see this, will you let me know if you got my reply email please? Not sure it went through. If not, would you email me again with your email address? Then I will just re-send you the same message I already sent.


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An update on what's available still, and what's not anymore:

All spoken for:
Sans. jade hahnii
Sans. black gold
African violets

Still available:
Jade (Crassula ovata, regular green one, LOTS OF CUTTINGS!)
Squill (Leduboria) WARNING POISONOUS!
Spider plants (plain green and variegated)
Wandering Jew (various assortment)
a few Sans. golden hahnii
Sans. moonshine
Sans. hahnii (regular green with silver horizontal banding)
Sans. trifasciata (a couple, futura size)
Agave parryi truncata pups (a few)
TRUE Christmas Cactus (rooted cuttings, blooms bright pink)
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (a few small rooted plants with yellow blooms)
Rhoeo/Tradescantia spathacea (Moses in a Cradle/Oyster Plant)

And more! Please email me or post with any questions.

Still high on my wanted list are:
Ric-rac cactus
Billbergia nutans (queen's tears)
Chlorophytum fire flash
Sansevieria 'streaker'
And any epiphytic cacti or similar plants

Thanks for reading!

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I'm just starting over again. Just me and my two sons. I would love some of your houseplants if you can take paypal or something else. I don't have any plants to trade. Would love the spider plants, jade plant or wandering jew.

If you prefer only an exchange, I understand!

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I would be happy to do that. I can send you an assortment of what's left after my other trades. I think there will be plenty.


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I will message you.


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Hello everybody!

Just an update on these trades. For those of you who asked for plants that I have at my current location (loganandkeegansmom, tamela_star, greengirl2009, and pickleme), it looks like next week will finally be warm enough here, during the day and at night, to start sending some plants out! If I do not have your address yet, please send it along if you still want a trade.

For postage-only trades, has anybody used "Pay on Delivery"? I am thinking of doing that for those, since I wouldn't have to pay up front, and you wouldn't have to send anything. Seems it'd be easier on both ends.

For everybody else, hang in there! I will get your plants to you asap. Right now I'm waiting on some job applications, and the outcome of all that will determine when I can get to your other plants and send them all out. I will wait until I have them all in one place before sending anything, to avoid too much confusion of sending multiple packages to the same people.

Please email me with any questions, changes, etc. I'm looking forward to trading with all of you!


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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

Sent you an e-mail.

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To: loganandkeegansmom and pickleme,

Please email me asap, and include your email addresses. I'm not sure my emails are reaching you.


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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)

I sent you an email :)

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Hey I have some hobbit jade wavy jade some, jade, jade, jade, I need something other than jade ;). Also have a larger violet that I'm thinking of cutting back. She was a very fast grower! Also a couple Christmas cactus. They are both pink. That's pretty much all I have to trade. I could also trade for postage. I'm looking for succulents and cacti. Also something that may grow larger than what I currently have. Hope to hear back from you soon :)

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I have a ric rac cactus if you are still interested.

I will email.


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