Maxie Pear

rehabbingisgreenMarch 18, 2013

Anyone have or going to get a maxie pear? I have considered it but am concerned with the possibility of it being susceptible to fireblight.

Love to hear other thoughts on the tree.

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Maxie, or Maxine?

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Maxie Lucky.

Thanks Gator, my biggest worry is fireblight with it. I read that it has a long bloom time so it might have issues with that. It only comes in dwarf and standard so I've sent a message asking about rootstock.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Nice looking round hybrid pear.


Here is a link that might be useful: Maxie Pear

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I ended up getting a couple from Starks and must say they are super vigorous and have absolutely beautiful purple green colored foliage. They have an upright growing tendency so initial branch bending/raining is constant. I'm focusing on scaffolding and maybe I'll see some fruit in a couple years. As far as hybrids I also got some crisp and sweet from HFlds, also nice. more vigorous than the euros.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Remember to update us with the taste down the road.


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I saw Stark's had a nice late season price on them, but I already have a lot of pears and haven't heard much about whether they are worth growing or not.

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I just put in a Maxie pear from Starks, too. Will have a Hosui as a companion to it, but not sure about cross-pollination (opinions seem all over the place). Would very much like to hear flavor comments about the Maxie when/if it produces fruit for anyone. I'm in gopher heaven here, so have to be on guard every day - one (now deceased) got my new Kikusui pear from last year.

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My Maxie is now dropping its second leaf. Maybe next year it fruits.

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I have a Warren pear that i don't spray,it is 9 years old and gives me 4 5gls pails of pear this year.Some of the pears are mishapened. I rate this pear as excellent to say the least. Friends and neighbours told me they have never taste pears that good.This tree takes it time going into fruiting.First pears after 6 years(5 pears) then more.

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