Rooting hormone to improve grafts?

marc5(6aOH)March 25, 2013

This study indicating that rooting hormone may improve grafting success intrigued me. Has anyone here experimented with it? It might help me with my difficult-to-graft nut trees, and improve the vigor of any grafts.

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It was discussed on some of the nutgrowers lists a number of years ago. I never got around to trying it, but might give it a shot this year - though my successes with pecan/hickory/walnut have regularly been so hit or miss, I can never really figure out why one graft took and another didn't.

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I always dip my tree cuttings in rooting hormone. I don't know if it actually helps, but I figure it can't hurt.

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I do not think at all that I am beyond 'first grade level' in my grafting progress, with only a few hundred grafts. I frequently will let prepared scions stand in a cup with a couple inches of water enhanced with a few drops of Super Thrive for a few hours or even a full day prior to grafting. I want the sticks to be hydrated and nourished additionally before being abandoned on top of a branch that will not nourish it for a while. I let the waterlogged lower area air dry to a 'normal' amount of moisture before actually doing the graft......When the word Super Thrive is typed, I know...,the hair on back of some necks begins to rise....As in Dr. Ignaz Gemmelweis.

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